title: Links of the Chain
fandom: Meine Liebe
characters/pairings: Lui/Naoji, Camus
rating: G
warnings: none
summary: Ludwig claims his property
notes: for chez_maltesers, for this request for fic on demand.

Naoji never wore his hair down. It was a nuisance. The only reason he didn't cut it was because he hadn't earned it, yet. But he hated his hair, even the front of it. He heard the girls complaining about their etiquette classes, the books they had to keep balanced on their heads. His hair was like that. Even the smallest errors in his posture or hygiene were immediately evidenced in his long, perfectly straight, shining black hair.

On the contrary, Ludwig wore his hair like a badge of his nobility. Ludwig's hair was purely about excess and luxury. The long, wavy strands of gorgeous hair flowed past Ludwig like a mane. Girls in the hallway would hold out their hands surreptitiously to catch a trace of the feel of Ludwig's hair, but anyone who actually tried to touch his hair would be frozen by the iciest of glares.

Naoji actually lusted for Ludwig's hair. Meeting him for the first time, being penetrated by that serious gaze, Naoji felt like he was trapped by a spell, and each strand of that wild, glorious hair was a link in the chain that held Naoji so steadfastly by Ludwig's side.

He admired Orpheus, but he knew better than to say so in front of Ludwig. He had seen Ludwig's jealousy and possession rear itself when he let Camus comb out his hair. It was a whim on Camus' part, and Naoji indulged him because it was hard not to indulge Camus. Ludwig's eye twitched, however, and Camus just smiled, and retreated. Ludwig had then finished the job that Camus had started with his fingers, kneeling behind Naoji on the ground of Camus' greenhouse, his legs against Naoji's bottom, his breath on Naoji's neck. When he had tied off the ribbon, he put his hand on Naoji's chin to turn his face, and he placed his lips against Naoji's.

A single, fleeting, branding kiss, the heat of which burned Ludwig's mark on Naoji's soul forever.

Someday, Naoji would run his fingers through Ludwig's hair. When he was able to claim Ludwig as his the way Ludwig had claimed him.