title: Lingers
fandom: Prince of Tennis
characters/pairings: implied Tezuka/Fuji, implied Oishi/Eiji
rating: G
warnings: none
summary: Oishi notices something about Fuji
notes: takes place right after ep 98, Prince of Billiards.

"Fuji!" Oishi jogged away from Eiji, chasing after his teammate. "Thank you for setting this up. It was fun." Oishi was still a little peaked from the juice, but his smile was just as genuine, if tired.

Fuji smiled his genial smile. "You don't have to thank me, Oishi. If you had a good time, you should thank Inui for providing the juice."

"Eh..." Oishi paled. "Well... actually, I was going to ask you how Tezuka was doing."

Fuji's smiled faded. "What... do you mean? You talk to him, don't you? You should tell me how he is."

Oishi blushed. "I email Tezuka probably too much. I'm sure he's annoyed by all my questions. His responses are... sparse. He never tells me how he's doing."

Fuji smiled, a sharp edge to his good humor. "That's Tezuka for you."

Oishi let Fuji turn to walk away. "His shirt looks good on you. And his tie."

Fuji stopped, turning to look over his shoulder at Oishi with cold eyes.

"I recognize them," Oishi offered softly. "I'm sure no one else did, but... It's ok, you know. I miss him a lot, too. If you ever need to talk about anything..."

"Don't worry about me, Oishi. But if you are feeling insecure trying to fill Tezuka's shoes, I'm always willing to listen." Fuji turned away, and walked with a rather purposeful stride.

Eiji came up behind Oishi quietly. "He's like that, Oishi. Let him be."

Oishi jumped a little at the sound of his partner's voice. "Eiji! I... I know, but... he doesn't have to be so... alone."

"Don't worry, Oishi," Eiji cheerfully assured. "He won't be.

"As soon as Tezuka comes back."