title: Lies, Lies
fandom: Prince of Tennis
characters/pairings: Yuushi/Gakuto
rating: Teen
warnings: severe angst, language
summary: Gakuto confronts Yuushi.
notes: for ozsaur, for this request on fic on demand.

He must not have even thought he would get caught. Or maybe he didn't care. It wasn't that anyone in the school was surprised. Oshitari was always the center of some round of gossip or another. Anyone could tell he was a player. He liked the rumors, even. He always strut the halls of Hyotei with his head a bit higher when everyone was watching him and whispering behind their hands.

This time, though, there were pictures.

It didn't really matter where they came from, or who took them. There were plenty of people who were jealous of both of them. Oshitari was on the tennis team, and at the top of the class in school. Plus, he flirted with everyone; male, female, signpost... anyone or thing he could subject his charm on, he would. Aki was overly endowed, both financially and physically, the editor of the school paper, and she loved to use her editorials to cut her classmates to ribbons.

None of that mattered to Gakuto.

For the first time, ever, he skipped tennis practice after school. He didn't know if Yuushi was planning on going to practice or not, but he knew that if he went, he'd be too easy to find. He wasn't precisely sure where he was going. Just getting away from school was his main objective.

It wasn't quite like he had ended up someplace without knowing where he was going. He just didn't know anyplace else to go. Yuushi had brought him here on their first 'date.' Actually, they just came here to fuck in one of those little photo booths that made the tiny sticker pictures. That had been an interesting roll of stickers.

He wandered around the rows of games, angry with himself for being upset, and angry at Aki for being a slut, and angry at whoever took the pictures for not letting him just ignore it, and most of all, angry as fuck at Yuushi for being so damned Yuushi all the time.

His phone kept ringing, but he never even took it out of his bag. It would be Yuushi, or Jirou, or maybe even that pretentious fuck Atobe, and Yuushi had probably slept with Atobe, too. Everyone loved that rumor, especially the girls. There was a big reward for pictures of the two of them together from the Pretty Boy Club.

Gakuto couldn't help but notice that there was never a rumor about him and Yuushi.

Someone grabbed his arm, and started to drag him along. He yelped, but the person's hand was strong, and he was walking fast, and then Gakuto realized it was Yuushi, and he started kicking, screaming, and biting. Yuushi shoved him inside a photo booth, and slammed the tiny folding door shut.

"God damn it, you fucking prick, what the fuck do you think you are doing?!" Gakuto always came out fighting, the best way he knew how.

Yuushi grabbed his wrists, and shoved him against the wall. "What the fuck are you so mad about, baby? What, exactly, did I do wrong?"

"You asshole," Gakuto shoved his knee up, but Yuushi sideswiped him, and pressed his whole body against Gakuto's. "What the fuck do you think?"

"What, are you jealous?" Yuushi sneered.

Gakuto spit in Yuushi's face. "Oh, go fuck yourself, you cheating prick! You've got no fucking right to be mad at me! You should be begging for my forgiveness!"

"Cheating?" Yuushi leaned in, and licked the spit off his cheek. "Cheating? How can I cheat on you, Gakuto? 'This doesn't mean anything,' you said. 'Just because I like a good roll in the sack, doesn't mean I give a fuck about you,' you said. 'We're not a couple, so don't get any ideas,' you said. Did I misunderstand you?"

Gakuto turned his face away, his eyes burning. He was so angry, he could spit nails, but he couldn't make anything get past then lump in his throat, and if he opened his mouth to speak, he was sure to start bawling or some such shit, so he might as well just keep it to himself.

"You don't love me. You don't even like me. Aren't I right? You don't care what I do, so why shouldn't I do whatever I want?" Yuushi pressed himself a bit closer, his lips moving over Gakuto's cheek as he spoke.

"Shut up," Gakuto mumbled. "You know what you did."

"Do you know what you did, Gakuto?" Yuushi's voice was breaking, and Gakuto shut his eyes so there was no chance he'd see Yuushi's expression. "You told me again and again and again that I meant nothing to you. So I got it, all right? But if I mean nothing to you, then what the fuck do you care who else I'm screwing?"

"Shut up!" Gakuto bit his lip, but a small sob still got out before he could catch it.

Yuushi licked the tears falling down his cheek. "Baby, tell me it was a lie. Tell me you love me. And I'll tell you how sorry I am. I'll tell you how much I hate that I hurt you, and I'll promise never to touch anyone else, ever. Baby, c'mon, please, just... just tell me you need me. Please. Baby."

An apology from Yuushi and a promise he was sure to break were worth just about anything, but they sure as hell weren't worth his pride. "Fuck off, you slut. Go fuck your cheerleaders, and leave me alone."

He slid down, and his feet hit the ground. He looked up, and saw Yuushi, his hands at his side, his arms looking limp, his face blank. "That's... you can't... fine. Fine. I'll give you anything you want, Gakuto. If this is what you want... then... fine."

He stormed off, and it took Gakuto a moment to figure out what was happening. "Wait!" He ran off, but he had no way to tell which direction Yuushi had gone, or where. He tried calling him, but his cell went straight to voice mail.

Gakuto sat on the bench in the subway, watching the trains whiz by, his cell phone in his hand, waiting for Yuushi to reply to him, shaking from the cold, and so tired, he just wanted to throw himself in front of a train, except he'd never give Yuushi the satisfaction.