title: Leaving Scars
fandom: Loveless
characters/pairings: Seimei/Soubi, Kio
rating: Mature
warnings: bloodplay
summary: Sometimes, Soubi disobeys on purpose
notes: for 900_0001, for this request on fic on demand. this fic is just waiting to be jossed, i can feel it. *laughs* *sheepish* based on the supposition that the markings on soubi's neck were carved, they did not just 'appear.'

Seimei's fingers pulled roughly through his hair, tipping his head back so he could see Seimei's smirk. He smiled, too, because his master was being playful, and that was a good thing. "Sou~bi," Seimei sighed, clutching Soubi's hair, "you are so beautiful, Soubi. So beautiful."

This pleased Soubi no end, with the deep, abiding pleasure that could only come from his master's approval. He wished he could get up onto the bed with Seimei, wished he could show Seimei the pleasure of an obedient and loving servant. Or perhaps the pleasure of disciplining a disobedient servant. He remained seated on the ground, next to the bed, and kept his hands to his side, just as Seimei had placed him.

"Sou~bi. Where were you last night?" Seimei affected a slight pout, and his eyes were slightly narrowed, watching Soubi with critical glee.

Soubi made a choice. "I had to stay late at school, for a project."

Seimei smiled. He grabbed Soubi's hair by the fistful, and pulled Soubi's head back roughly. "That's a lie, Soubi. I called you and you didn't answer. And now you are lying to me. Naughty, naughty... You were with that Kio, weren't you?"

Soubi said nothing, and he schooled his expression into a blank mask.

"I don't like Kio, Soubi," Seimei reminded. "I don't like it when you spend time with him. And why didn't you answer your phone?"

"I didn't have it with me," Soubi baldly replied, controlling himself so he didn't wince.

Seimei growled, and threw Soubi to the ground by his hair. He slid down on top of Soubi, and grabbed at Soubi's hair. "Lie, lie... you're telling me lies. You were with that Kio, admit it. You were letting him touch my property. Are you so hard up that you need him to get you off? You didn't answer my call because you knew I wasn't in trouble. Were you in bed with Kio? Was he inside of you? You are mine, Soubi. Don't ever, ever forget that."

Excitement raced through Soubi's body, his heart pumping, a wild beast inside his chest. "Yes, master."

Seimei grinned, crookedly, wickedly. He put his hand on Soubi's face, drawing it down over Soubi's perfect neck, his chest... "You are mine. And I want everyone to know it." He pulled it out of his back pocket, and pulled out the blade, holding in front of Soubi's face.

Soubi swallowed hard. Excitement, panic, fear, anticipation, hope, joy. This was what his master did to him.

"You are mine, Sou~bi. Your body is mine," he drew the blade over Soubi's neck, lightly, just a kiss of the metal, parting his skin, a taste, a preview. "Your blood is mine, your bones are mine," he laid his hand over Soubi's heart and leaned down to lap up the blood welling at Soubi's neck. "Don't ever forget this. You belong to me, you are my possession, my tool. I am your will."

Soubi squirmed, too excited. He was sweating, his body too sensitive, too aware. Pain and pleasure, these were side effects of choice. His master's hands were shaping his flesh. He wanted more, he wanted to get free.

Seimei slapped him. "Don't move! Don't move a single muscle, or I'll mess up, and have to start over again. Do you understand? Don't move."

"Yes, beloved." It was a hard order to follow, so hard. He had to stop heaving for air, had to stifle the shiver that was running down his skin. Silently, he ordered himself in control of his body. His master had ordered him to be still. He would be still.

Seimei petted him, smiling. "Good. Good. So beautiful... Soubi, you do this to me. Make me possessive." Another touch of the blade to his neck, and this time, it wasn't a kiss. This time, it was a penetration. "You want to be mine, don't you, Soubi? You must. You give yourself to me. That's what I want. I want all of you, Soubi."

The pain burned, it seared. He couldn't distinguish the fine motions of the blade as it marked his skin, though naturally, he knew what Seimei was doing. He had to know. There was no mistaking it.

"There." Seimei leaned down, and kissed the bleeding wounds, covered his lips with the blood of his servant, and then pressed his lips to Soubi's lips. "You are mine. Say it."

"I am yours, beloved," Soubi rasped, surprised at the sound of his voice, surprised at the excitement in his body. Seimei was such a harsh master. Soubi wanted to kiss him, but he wouldn't presume.

Seimei got up, and walked to Soubi's bathroom to get a towel. He turned on the cold water, and soaked the towel before bringing it to Soubi, and placing it over his throat. "You must not let these wounds heal, Soubi. I will be very angry if my mark on you does not leave a permanent scar. Do you understand?"

"Yes, beloved," Soubi answered, begging for more of his master's touch.

Seimei picked up some of Soubi's hair, and leaned down to kiss it. "You are so beautiful to me, Soubi. My beautiful possession."

Soubi closed his eyes. "Thank you, beloved."

Kio furrowed his brow. That damned Soubi... he walked right past without even looking at him! Kio stormed off to Soubi, grabbing him by the elbow. "Sou-chan! How can you be so cruel to me?"

Soubi's eyes looked a bit glassy and unfocused. "Ah. Kio. I didn't see you there."

Kio's eyes widened. He touched the bandage around Soubi's neck. "Wh-what happened, Sou-chan? Are you hurt?"

Soubi pushed Kio's hand away, smiling, looking distant, shaky. "Kio. It's none of your business."

Bile rose in Kio's throat, and he pushed Soubi into the men's room, and locked the door. Something had to be wrong, because Soubi didn't resist. "It's that damned Seimei again, isn't it!? What did he do to you, Sou-chan?"

Soubi wasn't going to answer, so Kio took the initiative, and unbound Soubi's neck. Soubi's fingers were too weak and clumsy to stop him. He was getting more and more nervous... and then he saw the wound.

He stepped back, as if he could deny its presence by not being so close to it. "So-Soubi... you let him do this to you? Why? Why?"

Tiredly, Soubi started to rewrap his neck. "Because.

"It pleased him to do so."