title: Learning Curve
fandom: Prince of Tennis
characters/pairings: Tezuka/Fuji
rating: G/Teen
warnings: kissing, touching
summary: Tezuka and Fuji get away.
notes: ah. just a bit of fluff, because tezzie/fuji snuggling is always good. because i've been bitten by the rpg bug, and it's nice to get in the mood. just because. ^_^ takes place summer before series.

It was like a change in the wind. One moment, he was fast asleep, and the next, he was awake. It had always been like that for him. His sleep cycles were very regular.

Waking up in a tent, wrapped up in a sleeping bag with his best friend, was not regular, but he liked it. Last night, they'd fooled around a little, giggling and rough housing in turns. His Fuji got a mad gleam in his eyes when he saw something he wanted, and it brought out all the best competitive zeal that Tezuka had.

Right now, though, he wasn't concerned with any level of competition. He was entirely consumed with the feeling of Fuji's naked skin against his own. It was paradise. He ran his hands over Fuji, half afraid of waking him up, and half uncertain that he was even real.

Tezuka was unaccustomed to uncertainty. Ever since he was very small, and he first picked up a racket, determined to hit the ball over the fence, he had known what he was doing. Of course, he had had to learn a great deal, like, for instance, that the point of tennis was to get the ball into the other court, not out of the neighborhood. But he learned with determination, too.

Fuji was not swayed by determination. The greater the force applied to him, the greater the resistance he applied. Tezuka was half certain that Fuji could beat him, easily, he just didn't want to badly enough. Considering that it was Fuji, and Fuji did not lose, he was honored, but he was also fascinated. Such limitless potential...

He had spent the better part of the last two years trying to figure Fuji out, but in the pre-dawn light that filtered through the tent, he could see more of who Fuji really was than he had in all that time. Asleep, Fuji let his guard down, and he looked like an entirely different person. It was hard to believe that this sweet-faced boy with wispy hair could produce a glare that would level an army. It was hard to believe that these slim arms and almost delicate body could smash a tennis ball into dust, almost. It was hard to believe that he was there, touching Fuji, kissing his shoulder, tracing the top of his boxers with sinful curiosity. Tezuka loved the thrill of adrenaline as it just spilled into his bloodstream. It made him focus harder, and it made him perform better.

What he was feeling now was like adrenaline and endorphins all blissed into each pounding heartbeat. He tentatively reached out with his tongue, just barely touching the dip of Fuji's earlobe. "Fuji?" He whispered. He tasted him again. "We have to get up in ten minutes."

"No we don't," Fuji responded calmly, even though he was still asleep.

Tezuka smiled. "Yes, we do. Don't you want to photograph the sunrise from the peak? We have to get dressed, and it's a fifteen minute climb, at least, and sunrise is in..."

"You're a sadist," Fuji stated clearly.

"No, darling, that's you, remember?" Tezuka placed his hand over Fuji's flat stomach, and rubbed just a little.

Fuji opened his eyes. He looked over his shoulder at Tezuka. "What did you just call me?"

Tezuka blushed bright red. He opened his mouth to answer, or to retract, or to apologize, but he couldn't decide which, and he ended up not making any noise.

Fuji laughed, rolling over to face Tezuka. "I'm teasing you! Mm, but you turn a pretty color when you're embarrassed."

Tezuka muttered something, but even he didn't know what. He was never embarrassed.

Fuji smiled, his eyes wide open, and he was utterly beautiful. "Darling. That's so sweet. Isn't this nice?" He ran his hands up Tezuka's arms, sending chills down Tezuka's spine. "We don't have to get up, do we? Can't we stay in bed... a bit longer?"

Tezuka was confused. Yes, staying in bed seemed like a perfectly logical and proper thing to do. Naturally, they wanted to stay in bed. Forever, possibly. But there was a reason... "Don't you need sunrise pictures? I thought the whole reason we took this camping trip was so you could photograph the view for your summer project."

"No. Don't be ridiculous. Silly captain." Fuji grinned. "The whole reason we took this camping trip... alone... was so we could share a two-man tent and sleep together and fool around with no distractions. No parents. No annoying teammates that cling to your elbows."

"No brothers barging in without knocking," Tezuka reminded.

Fuji pouted. "That only happened once. Ok, twice. Oh, three times, you're right. See? We needed the time alone."

Tezuka smiled, brushing the wisps out of Fuji's eyes. "You're absolutely right." He leaned down slowly, lowering his whole body onto Fuji's gently. He felt a burning and a fire in his belly, and lower. His thoughts narrowed down to a slim thread of concentration. His lips were poised just above Fuji's mouth.

Fuji rolled out from under him and slipped away. "Ah, ah, ah, morning breath. We should wash up first. Oh, and take those pictures. I'm hungry, too. Don't worry, we'll have all day."

Tezuka growled. "You. Are a tease."

Fuji beamed.

Tezuka sighed, and followed Fuji into the real world, watching Fuji's small little rear as he walked. It was worth the occasional bout of evil and manipulation. Later, they would wash up their dishes and clean up camp, and take a quick power climb. Fair was fair, after all.

An even trade for being able to hold Fuji in his arms all night long.