title: last
fandom: Prince of Tennis
characters/pairings: Tezuka/Fuji
rating: Teen
warnings: talk of sex, mild groping
summary: Fuji gets ready to leave.
notes: for sarcasticcinder, for this request on fic on demand.
to peta and nana, two of the best reasons for loving tennis fandom for me. ♥

Fuji picked up the racquet and turned it around in his hands. The tape was a little bit loose... he didn't have to care about it anymore, though. Yuuta would have to redo it. He twirled it a bit... and then shook his head at it. "I wish I could quit you, Ennis," he drawled. He looked across the room at the only other senior who was still dragging his feet, grinning expectantly...

Tezuka, of course, was ignoring him as he was organizing the paperwork. It was the sort of thing that Fuji was sure Oishi would have done for Tezuka, so Tezuka must have insisted that he do it himself, either because it mattered to him or because he wanted to linger here.

Fuji smiled gently.

He stuffed his... Yuuta's new racquet in the bag. He wasn't going to need any of these things anymore. He might borrow them back from time to time. Well. Maybe. He zipped up the bag slowly, enjoying the sound of the zipper... he hadn't anticipated the bittersweetness of this. He hadn't really thought about it at all. He wondered how much Tezuka had considered this. He'd been working for three years for the finals, right? Had he ever thought about after the finals? They'd never talked about it.

They should have, maybe.

He came up behind Tezuka, standing close enough that he could lean in and put his nose in Tezuka's messy hair. He just stood there for a moment... and then he pushed his hand down the back of Tezuka's shorts, into his underwear... his rear was nice and soft, unlike just about any other part of his body. He put his chin on Tezuka's shoulder, and dug it in, hard. "What d'you say? One last time for old time's sake?" He grinned. It wasn't like they'd covered every surface with their sweat or anything, but. He had lost his virginity in this clubhouse. And, despite the fact that it was at the same time, he'd stolen Tezuka's virginity here.

Those were good memories.

Fuji's hand moved in deeper, making sure to make his meaning clear by pressing his fingers to Tezuka's hole, massaging a bit. Tezuka's body stiffened gloriously, and he was utterly still and quiet for a moment. His head turned, just a fraction. Just enough for his hair to brush across Fuji's cheek, just enough so Fuji could see the corner of his eye.

"No," Tezuka said quietly, firmly. His voice sounded... strange, and Fuji's stomach dropped. It never occurred to him that he might be dumped. It still didn't. But the sound of his voice shocked Fuji. "Not one last time... surely."

He blinked. He almost started to laugh. He wanted to kiss Tezuka desperately. Tezuka's voice sounded so emotional there...

He licked his lips slowly...

"Well. Last time here," Fuji purred.

And then, Tezuka smiled.