title: Kissing the Sun
fandom: Prince of Tennis
characters/pairings: Shinji/Akira
rating: G
warnings: kissing
summary: Akira and Shinji, talking.
notes: i do all sorts of strange things for lethy... she has weird lethy powers. *nodsnods*

"We haven't been here since we were kids."

Remarkably little had changed. There was still the same old tire swing, hanging from the same old tree. It was the same sun in the sky, too, and the same grass beneath their feet, only maybe the grass had died, and left behind offspring. Same sun, same tree, same tire, but generations of grass leaves had come and gone, all reaching up to the same sun, which looked down on them with the same blank heat, and so on and so forth, generation after generation, until the great great great great grandchildren of the grass they used to know poked their way up to meet their feet today.

Except there was no grass around the tire swing, because of the feet. Feet must be the natural enemy of grass.

"You're quiet today."

That might be true. He let his fingers trail over the old chain that the tire hung from, his eyes lifting up to the big hook that had been jammed into the tree. Stabbed, right in its arm, and made to entertain children with their savage feet which kept the grass at bay.

This was the life of a tree.

"We used to swing in this together. Remember? Your mum would give us pushes, when we were really young."

He wanted to turn around and look, see the other boy. This was unusual. He was usually talking, and Akira was usually listening to his music, or ranting about something. He knew they came here for a reason. No one else would understand, not even Tachibana, though Tachibana was like God or something, so he probably would understand, but that was ok, but it was just them, and anyway, Tachibana couldn't come out to play with them today, so it was just as well, because it was nice to be just them again for a while.

This was how they conversed.

"I bet we could still fit in this together. What do you think? Remember how we used to swing... You said you could have kissed the sun if you could have just reached another inch..."

He slipped his leg into the tire, one leg at a time, because that's how you got on a tire swing like this. Akira got in the other side, and there were four chains leading up to the big stabby hook, and that was because there were two of them and four hands, so one chain for each hand. Akira's hair glistened in the sun, and he was looking right at Shinji.

He liked it when Akira was looking right at him.

"I wanted to win, too. I'm sorry. But we'll get them at Nationals, no worries. We'll get those bastards back."

Of course they would, because Tachibana was hurt, and they couldn't just leave it like that, but now they got to play Seigaku, and Shinji wanted to play that little brat, Echizen, he would have won the second go around, too, but now they just had to wait.

He kicked off, and if there were any seedlings trying to make a go of it in the barren territory under the swing, well, there weren't now.

Akira laughed, and the sound of his voice swung around with them as they spun up and down and up again, the clouds and the sky and the tree and the grass kaleidoscoping around them wildly.

Their feet scuffed on the ground as they slowed down, and Shinji let go of his chains to hold onto Akira, because he could kiss the sun now, he was old enough, he could cross the inch barrier, he just had to reach out and take it.

Akira put his hands on Shinji's neck, and they nearly fell out of the tire, but they held onto each other, and as long as they held onto each other, they were ok.

"You're quiet today." Akira put his forehead on Shinji's, and that was good, because it fit there, and Akira was warm, so it felt good.

"Never quiet in my head." Shinji spoke softly and slowly, so Akira would actually hear what he had to say. Most of the time, Akira didn't really hear him, but then, most of the time, he wasn't trying to be heard.

Akira smiled, and kissed his nose. His nose! "I'm glad we came here today."

Shinji sighed, and rubbed his nose. "I have good ideas, too, you know."

"Wanna kiss the sun, Shinji?" Akira leaned back, holding onto his chains, grinning like the mad fool who ran off with the spoon only to find that the hill had spun around and was backwards now.

Shinji grabbed Akira's shirt. "Yeah."

He liked kissing the sun.