title: king alone at the table
fandom: Prince of Tennis
characters/pairings: Tezuka/Fuji, vague Atobe/Tezuka, slight Atobe/Fuji
rating: Teen
warnings: groping
summary: Atobe's in the background with Tezuka and Fuji.
notes: for peta-love, for... er, Christmas... in... july. yay! i'm early! ^_^

The bar had horrible music. Their drinks were nothing to sing about. The décor was possibly the worst part. There was only one reason why he was there, sitting at a table on the edge of the dance floor, sipping a dirty martini.

His reason was at the bar, chatting. It might well have been a casual conversation. Except, in this place, in this environment, there was no conversation. They couldn't hear each other. What they were doing was flirting, at best, and foreplay, at worst.

The other man leaned in, brushing his lips against the shell of Fuji's ear. Atobe finished his drink, and stood up. He threaded his way through the crowd, and over to the bar. The other man had his hand in Fuji's back pocket now.

He slipped in right behind Fuji, and nuzzled his neck from the back. He slipped his hand around Fuji's torso, fitting his fingers in between the buttons on Fuji's tight shirt. "He's going to be home in two days. And you'll confess as soon as he gets home that you fooled around with some stranger from a bar just to make him jealous. And he'll walk out on you, and come to me, and spend a few nights on my... couch. Aren't you tired of this dance, Syuusuke?"

Fuji's victim protested, but Fuji chuckled, leaning back against Atobe. He rubbed his nose against Atobe's chin. "Do you like to watch me, Keigo?"

"I like... many things. Let's get out of here." He pulled Fuji forcefully away from the other man, and led him out the back, past the dirty bathrooms, which were just as loud as the dance floor, only brighter, and to the alley behind the bar.

Fuji laughed, pulling away from Atobe. "You... I would have thought that you would have had better things to do with yourself on a Friday night."

Smirking, Atobe followed Fuji. "I could say the same for you. Nice pants, by the way. Are they his? They're practically falling off your hips."

"Would you like me to take my pants off?" Fuji returned quickly.

His tennis was always fast, too.

Atobe pressed Fuji up against the brick wall, and toyed with the button on Tezuka's pants. "Do you ever get tired of playing these games, Syuusuke? You have arguably one of the sexiest men alive completely wrapped around your finger. Why do you keep trying to fuck it up?"

"Such crude language," Fuji sighed. "Why does it matter to you so much? Don't you enjoy it when he comes to you? You should be grateful that I give you chances with him at all. Who appointed you our guardian, anyway?"

Smirking, Atobe leaned over Fuji, putting his arm on the wall above Fuji's head. "He asked me to keep an eye on you while he was gone. 'Mitsu. Of course... it's true, I'm not terribly motivated to follow through. Sure, he'll be upset with me... but you're so slippery." He undid the button on Tezuka's jeans. "And when he comes to me on Monday, broken-hearted, vulnerable, wondering why this is happening..." He ran his hand over Fuji's hip, slipping it into Fuji's pants easily. "Being in the middle of you two isn't a bad place to be at all."

"Who said you're in the middle?" Fuji spat out, pushing Atobe's hand away. He turned away from Atobe, and buttoned his jeans again. "There's no way in hell you're getting anywhere with Kunimitsu. You're just deluding yourself. How pathetic." He started to walk off, but Atobe grabbed his hand.

"Let me give you a ride home. Don't want you getting waylaid on the way back, right?" He winked. "My driver is already pulling up..."

Fuji pulled his hand away. "I can get home on my own. I don't need a babysitter, so you can just go fuck yourself."

Atobe leaned against the wall casually, watching Fuji walk away. "Now who's being crude, Syuusuke?" Fuji didn't turn around, though. Atobe watched his ass moving all the way down the alley, until Fuji turned the corner.

Really, he had to get himself some new hobbies...