title: Kifu
fandom: Hikaru no Go
characters/pairings: Mitani/Tsutsui
rating: G
warnings: pizza
summary: Mitani and Tsutsui meet over Kifu, still.
notes: for ee970, for this request on fic on demand.

Just meet me at my apartment this time.

Tsutsui had directions he had printed off the net in one hand, and he loosened his school tie with the other. The building Mitani was living in was actually a lot nicer than he had thought it would be. He swallowed hard.

This seemed like an escalation. He stuffed the directions into his pocket, and knocked on the door, swallowing his trepidation.

There was a rustle of a chain being unhooked, and the door opened a fraction. He pushed it open a bit more, and Mitani called out, "C'mon in. Just gotta get a shirt."

Tsutsui stood in the doorway, uncertain. It was a studio, with just enough room for a futon, and a small kitchen to the side, and an even smaller bathroom next to it. Mitani looked up him, still ruffling through his big laundry bag. "C'mon. I pulled out the goban. Make yourself at home."

"A-ah, thanks," Tsutsui nodded to Mitani, and closed the door behind him, relocking it. The board was a small one, but Tsutsui didn't care, as long as he could play go. He pulled the kifu out of his bag, noting that Mitani already had his copy next to the board.

"Can I get you anything?" Mitani offered, seating himself across from Tsutsui anyway. He was wearing a thin, worn out looking tank top.

Tsutsui smiled. Of course, it would be wrong to eat or drink while playing. It would get the stones too dirty, even if they were just plastic. "No, thanks. How's school?"

Mitani shrugged, and handed Tsutsui his plastic baggie of stones. "You be Touya, ok? Nah, I quit school. I'm working now, and taking some classes at night. 'Scool. I like the freedom." He placed the first stone. Each of them had already pored over this kifu on their own, so the opening game would go pretty quickly.

"Yeah?" Tsutsui kept his eyes on the kifu, playing out Touya Akira's hand. "Where are you working?"

Mitani furrowed his brow. "It's no place special. But it's a start. I'm a messenger for this big law firm. The people are nice enough. I really can't figure out what this guy is thinking with this move." He placed the stone, but he clearly wanted it to go someplace else.

"But he won," Tsutsui reminded, a bit in awe. "We used to be able to beat him regularly, remember?"

"Well, yeah," Mitani sighed. "But he didn't pull stuff like this back then."

"No," Tsutsui agreed, smiling. Shindou really was something.

Once they got to the middle game, they went slower, and talked out the moves more. They played out various situations, trying to see the logic behind each move, though sometimes, it was just beyond their level.

This was the longest match of Shindou's they had ever played. The first match of the Honinbou league finals. Touya had gotten the title just last year, but Shindou was going to get it this year, they were sure. Still, he had to beat Touya a few more times.

It was late by the time they were half done, and Mitani ordered a pizza, without even asking Tsutsui what he wanted. Tsutsui left the goban, and went to sit on Mitani's futon. Mitani tossed the phone down, and plopped down onto the futon next to Tsutsui, putting his head on Tsutsui's shoulder, and his hand on Tsutsui's thigh.

Tsutsui felt his heart thump.

"I like the weekends," Mitani yawned. "'Snice to relax, isn't it?"

Tsutsui's hand was shaking, but he covered Mitani's hand, anyway. "Yes, it is."

"So. You're almost done with school, aren't you?"

"Yes." Mitani was squeezing his thigh a bit. Tsutsui's heart was pumping.

"What'll you do after?"

"College. I'll probably study to be a doctor."

"Yeah, really?" Mitani smiled. "You've always been really determined. You'll get what you want."

"Will I?" It wasn't all up to him, though. He wanted to tell Mitani that.

"Yeah." Mitani snuggled closer to Tsutsui. "You will. ...We should contact Shindou. I still don't get how that game wasn't dumb luck."

Tsutsui gently rested his cheek on Mitani's head, still nervous, but happy. "He's probably busy. But it would be fun. Just think, if he gets a title..."

Mitani shifted, and slid his hand between Tsutsui's legs. "I don't get that guy at all," he grumbled.

Tsutsui really thought his heart might just leap out of his chest. The doorbell rang, and he almost sighed with relief as Mitani stood up to get it. He was too slow to get to his bag to offer to pay, but Mitani wouldn't accept his money, anyhow. He shoved a fat, greasy slice at Tsutsui, and told him he could start paying when he was a rich doctor.

Smiling, Tsutsui ignored the fact that they were now eating and playing go at the same time. He would stay late, and help Mitani wash the stones. And if Mitani offered to let him spend the night, he just might. In the morning, he might even make breakfast for Mitani.

And they could play their own go together, and not just trace the go of Shindou and Touya.