title: keep sake
fandom: Prince of Tennis
characters/pairings: Tezuka/Fuji
rating: G
warnings: none
summary: Fuji has a habit of borrowing things from Tezuka...
notes: for telephonedeath, for Christmas, by way of wax_feathers. ^_^

Tezuka didn't eat lunch in his classroom, nor did he eat in the small cafeteria. The few times that Eiji became occupied with something during lunch, Fuji would go in search of Tezuka. It was unusual, he thought, for someone who so rigidly abided by the rules to have such unusual lunch habits.

Fuji had previously checked the library, and the grounds outside. Today, while Eiji showed off his burping powers to some of the girls in their class, Fuji went looking on the roof. It was against the rules for students to be on the roof, technically, but it was a rule that was never enforced, and if they really didn't want anyone up there, they wouldn't have put a fence around it for security.

Tezuka was up there, sitting in lotus position, calmly eating his bento.

Fuji beamed. "Tezuka-kun, so this is where you go for lunch."

Tezuka looked up, and for a moment, Fuji had the sickening sense that Tezuka was trying to remember his name. "Fuji. Were you looking for me?"

"I was," Fuji announced proudly, boldly sitting down knee to knee with Tezuka.

Tezuka blankly regarded him. "Is there something I can do for you?"

"Oh," Fuji chuckled. "I was going to return the pencil you lent me yesterday." Tezuka nodded, and then looked at Fuji's empty hands. "But I forgot it downstairs."

If Tezuka found that perplexing, he didn't say so, at least. "Keep it."

Fuji beamed.

Fuji rubbed his hands together, standing next to the door in the clubhouse. "It's so cold out! I hate winter practices. It's already dark. It's not going to be a fun walk home!" Still, he was smiling broadly. There was only Tezuka and himself left, as Tezuka was locking up, as always.

Tezuka was finishing dressing, buttoning his shirt carefully, in a manner that Fuji imagined that salarymen buttoned their shirts in the morning. The line of Tezuka's back was so beautiful like this, with his shirt untucked, and not fully buttoned yet. Though, it was nice, too, when his shirt was tucked in, and the curve of his ass was plainly visible.

"I think I might freeze to death walking home," he cheerfully suggested. "I wish sis was driving me. Maybe if I called her... oh, damn, she's working late today. You take the train, so at least you get some time out of the wind. It's freezing out there, you know!"

Tezuka pulled on his uniform jacket, straightening it out before buttoning it up. The best part about after practice was that Tezuka often left the top button of his shirt and jacket undone, because he was still a bit sweaty. Tezuka had a damned sexy neck. Fuji wondered what it tasted like.

"Tezuka, do you feel sorry for me? I feel sorry for me. It's a long walk home. Maybe I should stay here tonight. What do you think? If you brought me breakfast in the morning, I'd be fine." He smiled as Tezuka continued to ignore him.

Tezuka was now putting on his coat. Fuji hated this part, even though Tezuka looked so good in his coat. It was almost time to leave.

"I can't believe it got this cold already. It's not even December! Oh, well. Maybe we'll have a white Christmas. What do you think, Tezuka, will it snow..."

Tezuka silenced Fuji as he wrapped his scarf around Fuji's neck. "You don't dress properly for the cold. That's why it bothers you so."

Fuji couldn't help smiling. Tezuka's scarf was so warm, and it smelled like him... "You're lending me your scarf, now? You lent me your mittens on Monday, remember? I have them at home in my room, still."

Tezuka shrugged, and buttoned up Fuji's top button on his coat. "Keep them." He pulled his own collar up, and then held the door for Fuji. As they walked to the main gate, Tezuka stuffed his hands in his pockets, hunching his shoulders a bit to hunker behind his coat's collar.

Fuji pressed the scarf to his lips.

The graduation ceremony took too long, as far as Fuji was concerned. Way too long. But, when it ended, he almost felt panicked.

They were leaving Seigaku forever.

In the melee afterward, he pulled Tezuka aside, behind the tennis clubhouse. His hands hooked behind Tezuka's neck, dragging Tezuka's lips down so he could kiss them. There just wasn't enough time. It wasn't like everything was ending right there, right then, but it felt like it.

Fuji didn't want to let go, and it was an uncomfortable feeling.

"By the way," he breathlessly said, "I have your regular's jacket in my room. I'm keeping it for now. If you want it back, you'll have to come find me." He stared into Tezuka's eyes, searching...

Tezuka leaned in, running his nose along the shell of Fuji's ear. "When I come to find you, Syuusuke, it won't be to get a jacket."

Fuji whimpered. First time for everything...

He threw his backpack into the corner, and he sat down on the floor, under the window. He grabbed the phone off the bedside table, and dialed. It always took forever. There were too many numbers, and the ring was unfamiliar... was that because of the system where he was, or where Tezuka was? His head was too foggy from traveling for forty-one hours to know for sure.

Wherever Tezuka was, it must have been the middle of the night. What time was it where Fuji was? It looked like the sun was still shining. "Morning, sleepyhead."

"Syuusuke," Tezuka yawned. "Where are you?"

He looked around. "Ah, I think it's Budapest? I'm not sure. I'm glad I'm traveling with Sensei. He speaks every language known to man. It's pretty here . The people are nice. It smells... sort of like rotting garbage and wine. Maybe that's just the alley behind me, though." He laughed quietly.

"Ah. Miss you."

Fuji smiled. Tezuka used so few words, but he always used them to great effect. "Yeah. I wanted to tell you, I borrowed your hoodie. The one from the American baseball team. The grey one? Just wanted you to know, so you didn't think you'd lost it."

"Syuusuke..." Tezuka sighed. "Keep it."

"Yeah," Fuji wistfully replied. He shifted a bit, unable to get comfortable. "Well, I'm really tired, so. Go back to sleep. I'll go to sleep, too." Wherever Tezuka was, and Fuji wasn't even sure he knew where he was... "Night, 'Mitsu."

"Night, love."

Fuji had to restrain himself from slamming the phone down. He hated the way Tezuka made it so he couldn't help but feel.

Fuji leaned over the table, and put his fingers on Tezuka's English muffin. "Can I borrow this?" he asked, fluttering his eyelashes at Tezuka.

Tezuka pushed his plate closer to Fuji. "Keep it."

Fuji beamed, and took the plate. He liked the way that Tezuka made his English muffins for himself, which he resolutely insisted was different from the way he made them for anyone else. "Thank you."

Their son shook his head at them. "You two are so weird sometimes..."

little nod to my darling Bryan there at the end... ^_~