title: Just Wrong
fandom: Prince of Tennis
characters/pairings: Sakaki/Hanamura, Tezuka, Atobe, training camp
rating: G/Teen
warnings: suggestive sexiness
summary: Hanamura has her eye on more than just the students at the training camp.
notes: for array_of_colors, for this request on fic on demand. really. i wouldn't do this on my own. ha. ^_~ ahh, i guess this is kinda a crack fic...

She tapped her pen on the side of her clipboard, and wiggled her foot. There were times when Hanamura loved her job (like when Kajimoto actually believed her when she suggested that he take off his shirt to get the motion of the serve down), and there were times when she really loved her job.

With complete disdain, Sakaki-sensei was ignoring the squabble that was breaking out between some of the students in her group so that he could devote himself more fully to his manicure. He was such a refined, beautiful man. And he loved tennis. It was logical to her that he should fall in love with her, especially once she proved herself as a master of their craft at this camp. It was even more logical to her that she should be very excited about this development. After all, the rumor was that Sakaki was at least as rich as his students.

She chuckled to herself. This was going to be a productive camp.

Behind her, the Kisarazu twins were taking advantage of her distracted state of mind to sneak away, hand in hand.

She fluffed up her hair, and pushed her cleavage up a bit. She adored these little coach meetings. Now that Ryuzaki-sensei was gone (pity that, but it did make for some interesting opportunities), she was the only female in a room with two incredibly sexy men. Granted, technically, Tezuka was underaged, though he certainly didn't look it. And she'd caught Sakaki checking Seigaku's captain out a few times, which meant they had another thing in common.

She made brilliant comments, and witty remarks, and she tittered coquettishly whenever Sakaki said something of interest. Tezuka rolled his eyes at her once, but he was still a child, and quite unaware of the glorious dance of seduction, and the power it had over even the most dignified and upstanding soul. (She had heard rumors about Tezuka and Fuji, and about half a dozen other players and their crushes on the stolid captain, but she had a hard time visualizing him being anything but stiff, and she had tried, very hard.)

She held back after Tezuka left to go back to the dorm, and she fanned herself lightly, to draw Sakaki's eye down to her ample bosoms. "Ah, Sakaki-sensei, I hope you don't think I'm forward, but... I would absolutely hate myself if I didn't take the opportunity to tell you how much I admire you and your methods. You must be so proud of your students."

He raised an eyebrow at her, but he remained seated, regally. "Indeed. However, my students failed to live up to their potential. Arrogance is a dangerous thing."

"Well," she seated herself next to him, crossing her legs in what would have been a sexy pose were she wearing a skirt. "Boys at this age can be so difficult. There is only so much we, as teachers, can do." She bit her lip, but nothing ventured, after all. She put her hand on Sakaki's thigh. "Even my own boys did not, I'm afraid, quite meet up to the standards I had expected of them. Still, we can be proud of what they did accomplish."

He looked down at the hand on his thigh, and he looked up at her eyes, and he looked at the hand again, and then he looked at her breasts, peaking out of shirt because she was squeezing them together. He smirked.


Sakaki was never late for anything, but he did firmly believe that nothing of value could start without him, and therefore it was impossible for him to be late.

For instance, a catered breakfast in his own room should have been an affair that was entirely dependent upon his presence, but as usual, his most irritatingly promising student had his own way of changing the rules.

Atobe sniffed dismissively, pushing away his plate of half-eaten cherry blintzes. He apparently needed to take all the cherry blintzes, even though he could not finish them.

Sakaki was above sighing. He filled his plate with blueberry, and sat down.

"So," Atobe sighed, "the latest rumor is that you spent the night at that Hanamura person's room. I thought you had better taste than that."

Sakaki shrugged. "She was available. And willing. Can you say the same of your prey?"

Atobe rolled his eyes, and stood up. "You shouldn't hire Yuy catering. Their sauces are always too sweet. I gave you Hojo's card, didn't I?" He stretched out, and scooped up a bit of blueberry filling from Sakaki's plate. "I'm starting to think you have no taste at all."

"Must be the company I keep," Sakaki replied blandly. "Shouldn't you be warming up?"

"Yes, yes," Atobe smirked. "Enjoy your breakfast, sensei."

"Hmph," Sakaki sniffed. That brat took too many liberties. Too bad he didn't get any further with Tezuka. That was something Sakaki would definitely like to see.