title: just one of those
fandom: DC Comics
characters/pairings: Dinah, Johnny
rating: G
warnings: spilled coffee, cursed fishnets
summary: It hasn't been one of Dinah's best days.
notes: for illmantrim, for this request on fic on demand. ah, i'm not overly familiar with Pre-WWII era JSA/Black Canary, so i hope this is ok. ^_^;;;;;;;;

Dinah Drake had had better days.

In fact, she'd had bad days that seemed like heaven to her now.

The first thing was, she'd gotten a tear in her fishnets. That had been an omen if anything had been. She'd been snippy with Johnny, and he'd misunderstood her (or understood, she was never quite sure of herself...). They'd had 'words,' as the euphemism went. She took the call about the Fifth National Bank because knocking the heads together of bank robbers should have been relaxing. But, instead, it was a heist by the Brain Wave. Normally, she'd have that whipped up and gift wrapped by the time the boys in blue came running.

She slipped on some spilled coffee.




Which reminded her... she never had any coffee that morning.

The worst part was being saved from an illusionary squid by an elderly woman who was depositing her son's service check. No, wait, the worst part was that she'd gotten a tear in her fishnets! She'd paid $1.75 for those, just two days before. They were silk, and they were supposed to be strong, and she'd gotten a tear before she'd even left home!

How could the day possibly go right after that?

She caught the Brain Wave using a pen from the bank's counter (she had to pull twice before the chain broke, and naturally, she was expecting a bill from Fifth National for the pen and the chain), gum from a toddler (who gave a toddler gum? Really, there should be a test before people were allowed to become parents...), and her right shoe.

The heel broke, of course.

When the police came, she had to credit the old lady with the whole thing, and everyone had a good laugh about it, but she just wanted to cry. She went back to headquarters, dreading seeing Johnny. Dreading finding out what else the day might have in store for her.

Dreading everyone else laughing about the old lady saving her.

There was a cup of hot, steamy coffee on the counter. A brown paper bag with a pair of brand new fishnets inside. And a note, telling her to go home and put her feet up, job well done.

Signed Johnny.

She turned it over, kissing the note, leaving a bright red lipstick kiss. She scribbled on it quickly, You're a prince among men, Johnny. Love, Canary. Taking the coffee and the stockings, she went up to change, feeling a million times lighter in her heart.

It was just, as soon as she got these cursed stockings off, she knew things would take a turn for the better.