title: Just a Name/Not Just a Name
fandom: Cowboy Bebop
characters/pairings: Spike/Vicious
rating: Teen
warnings: Vicious and mutual masturbation
summary: Spike and Vicious, their first mission.
notes: for my darling minion, Sue, for mother's day. *cuddles*

They'd all said the same thing, before he left. "You're partnering with Vicious? Good luck."

He didn't think anything of it. Just a name, he thought. His name was Spike. What did it mean?

He needed luck, but he always needed luck, and he always found it. And the day he lacked it, he wouldn't be around to care about it anymore, so fuck all. Didn't matter.

Vicious had a fast blade, and sharp eye. When he needed to, he was a damned good shot. These things weren't important. Spike was an even better shot, and he was as tough as hell. Plus, he had that luck thing.

Vicious tried to start a fight with him. He laughed. He got the impression Vicious wasn't used to being laughed at. They must have been drinking. Nothing like a few whiskeys when you had blood under your fingernails. They probably started out arm wrestling. Vicious grinned as he looked murderously into Spike's eyes.

Sometimes, there was nothing more arousing than someone who lusted for blood licking their lips as you tried to pin their arm down.

One thing leads to another. Time passes; it's life. Neither of them wanted to let the other inside, so they ended up just jerking each other off. Vicious grunted at him, but Spike just pushed him aside.

When he got back, Lin told him that Vicious requested to work with him again. He sounded jealous. Spike just winked.

He sure as hell wouldn't mind a second round.