title: Isolation Exercises - Second Set
fandom: Free!
characters/pairings: Makoto/Haru/Rin
rating: Mature
warnings: sex
summary: It starts when Makoto has to take a business trip...
notes: another part of the Happy Household Club, a part with plot!! yay!

Rin was doing something strange with his toes.

It was Makoto's night to do dinner, so he was in the kitchen, getting things ready. Rin was sitting at the table, keeping Makoto company, but... he had his foot up on the table, and he was definitely doing something strange with his toes. Makoto was trying not to pay too much attention, because that was definitely what Rin wanted. Actually, as Makoto took furtive looks... Rin had really long toes, didn't he? Makoto knew that was a trait a lot of top swimmers had, and Rin was definitely a top swimmer but...

Weren't they too long?

The front door opened, and Haru called out, "I'm home!" He sounded a lot more chipper than he usually did, which was enough of a surprise that Rin put his foot - with its unusually long toes - back down on the floor.

"Welcome back," Makoto called out. "We're in the kitchen!"

Haru came in, and he looked... well, awake. "Good news," he said calmly.

Rin and Makoto shared a look. That was really expressive, coming from Haru. Makoto took his pan off the fire, and smiled. "What is it, Haru?"

"I'm going on a trip to collect green sea turtles!" he puffed up with pride.

Makoto and Rin just stared at him, slack-jawed.

"We'll be going to the Indian Ocean, to collect a pair who have finished the breeding cycle. They're being monitored by a conservation group, but they need someone to dive and recover them. They were injured by boats..." Haru sighed. "A group from Kyoto University was supposed to go, but their only deep sea diver has a cold, so he can't dive."

Makoto's eyes widened. "Deep... sea..."

"The turtles will actually be going to an aquarium in Tokyo, but we'll be the first place they'll be taken. And I'm going to dive to collect them." He looked at them both with such happiness in his eyes.

Makoto felt his stomach lurch. "When... when do you...?"


"Wha..." Rin stood up.

"Yeah, it's last minute. I have to fly to Indonesia, and then the group will have a helicopter to take me out to the boat. Ah... I've got to pack... Makoto... do we have enough canned mackerel for me to take some? I don't know what kind of food they'll have on the boat..." Haru looked concerned, and glanced at the shelf.

"Ah... yeah, I think you can take whatever we have..." Makoto stuttered. But...

"What the hell? You're leaving tomorrow? Indonesia... a helicopter... when was all this decided?" Rin demanded.

"Today," Haru said, as if it was a pain to have to get Rin up to speed. "It was last minute. But, I'm going to help save threatened sea turtles."

Obviously... that was something that would make Haru happy, but... "You said... deep sea diving? But, is that something you really should be doing? I mean, since this is so important, experience..." Makoto struggled.

"I've dived a few times before," Haru shrugged.

Makoto's shoulders sagged.

"I have to leave really early. I think I should take as little as possible. I'll start packing." He went to the shelf and grabbed the cans of mackerel that were there.

Makoto opened his mouth to say something, but he just couldn't, not with Haru looking so pleased with himself.

He left to go pack, presumably. Rin and Makoto looked at each other.

Haru... was going... diving...

It was just after five when they were all standing in the genkan. Makoto and Rin didn't sleep much the night before, but Haru had sensibly gotten rest to prepare for his trip. It was possible he was even whistling as he was putting on his shoes.

"So... uh, will we be able to contact you at all while you're... you're..." Makoto started.

"Mm, well, probably not while I'm on the boat, I mean... I doubt they have reception..." Haru straightened up and smiled at them. "Depending on how long it takes to get the turtles, it should only be about a week. I'll call you when I can."

Makoto forced himself to smile, but Rin just scowled. Makoto leaned down and kissed Haru, and then Haru kissed Rin, though Rin didn't seem to want to. Haru looked at Rin, and then Makoto, and then Rin again.

"I... I have a really important favor to ask you..." Haru bit his lip, looking at Rin. Then, he half-shook his head, and turned to Makoto. He grabbed the front of Makoto's shirt, and pulled him down so they were eye-to-eye. "While I'm gone, I need you to promise me something," Haru asked sincerely.

"O-of course, Haru. Anything," Makoto smiled.

"No sex until I'm back," Haru said plainly.

"What the... No, we're not going to promise that!" Rin replied, outraged.

"I'm not asking you," Haru glared at Rin.

"H-Haru..." Makoto started.

"We had sex while Makoto was gone!" Rin pointed, making his statement more emphatic, or erratic.

"Rin..." Makoto sighed. Not like he didn't already know that, but...

"This is different. And I'm asking Makoto." Haru turned to look Makoto straight in the eye, their noses nearly touching. "Please. Makoto... this is really important to me..." Haru pled.

Makoto's heart sank. Frantically, he tried to think of a way out of this, but... Haru was begging him for something that was within Makoto's power to give...

"Makoto! Don't agree to anything! This guy's the one leaving, after all!" Rin reasoned, but.

Haru was still looking at him.

"F-fine..." Makoto's shoulders slumped. Damn it... "I promise."

Haru looked ecstatically relieved. "Thank you, Makoto." He kissed Makoto again, deeply, lovingly...

"DAMN IT!" Rin pulled at his hair. "What the hell, Makoto!"

Looking pleased with himself, Haru picked up his pack, and opened the door. "See you in a week or so!"

They watched the door close, and Makoto was afraid to turn to look at Rin.

"I can't believe you agreed to that! Or maybe I should, after all, Haru asked, and you'd do anything for him! Che. I shoulda known better than to think you'd care about my feelings..." Rin fumed.

"Rin! It's not like that!" Makoto tried to assure him. He put his hands on Rin's arms, but Rin was turning his face away from him. "I know it was stupid to promise that... but what choice did I have? He was just about to leave, and... " Makoto squeezed Rin's arms.

"It was his own choice to go," Rin muttered, sounding... resentful. "We're still here together. What the hell? Don't you love me, too?"

"Rin... yes, I do! Of course I do!" Makoto cried.

Rin sighed heavily. "What the fuck ever. Stupid-ass promise... It's so fuckin' early. Let's get a little sleep, anyway. That bastard..." Rin sighed, heading back to bed.

This was going to be a very... very long week.

"I'm home," Makoto called out wearily. It had felt like the day would never end. Haru had called them from Indonesia, but he'd been in a hurry to get to the helicopter. All day, then, Makoto had been checking weather reports for the area Haru would be, and seeing if he could pull up any sites for maritime reports from that part of the Indian Ocean. He couldn't help but think about it... and when he thought about Haru diving...

"I'm in the kitchen," Rin called back.

Makoto came in, and stopped dead in his tracks as soon as he saw Rin.

Cooking, which wasn't too surprising.

In an apron, which was unheard of.

It wasn't Haru's practical apron, either. It had ruffles. It was pink.

It was all Rin was wearing.

Makoto might have started to drool a little bit, which Rin definitely noticed. Grinning like the cat that ate the canary, Rin wiggled his adorable ass at Makoto. "I was making fried rice. ...I think something went wrong, though."

"Yes, I think so," Makoto swallowed hard and took a few steps closer to Rin...

And then the smell from whatever excuse for fried rice that was made him stop.

Rin put his hand on his waist, and tilted his hips a bit. If Makoto peeked between Rin's legs, he could see... "Something is wrong with this rice, I think. Wait, was I supposed to cook the rice separately? Damn, that's annoying..."

Makoto blinked. A few times. The pink bow over Rin's ass was really... very cute...

"I don't think I did the eggs right, either. Actually, I might have benefited from reading a recipe. But, fried rice. That should be obvious, right?"

"It... well.. recipes are good..." Makoto was looking down Rin's back. Actually, his ass wasn't the only tasty-looking treat in front of Makoto...

"Yeah, this isn't edible. We're going to have to order in." Rin turned to Makoto. Rin was... he was wiping his hands on the hem of his apron...

Makoto tried to close his eyes, but...!

Rin saw Makoto's pinked cheeks and dilated pupils, and smirked. He threw his arms around Makoto, and snuggled up close. "What are you in the mood for... darling?"

"Rin..." Makoto exhaled. Rin was hanging all of his weight off of Makoto, so... so Makoto had no choice except to put his arms around Rin! Really!

"Is there... something you're hungry for?" Rin huskily asked.

Makoto tried to look away, but it was too late, since Rin was rubbing his whole body against Makoto. And breathing on Makoto's neck. And being Rin.

"I'm fine with an~y~thing, Mako-chan. Just tell me... what you... want..." Rin blew into Makoto's ear.

"I THINK I SHOULD TAKE A SHOWER," Makoto took a deep breath, and tried to extricate himself from Rin.

"Ooh! Good idea, darling. I think the stink of whatever that was that I made is probably in my hair..." Rin idly played with his hair, making a good show of his body.

And Rin had quite a body to make a show of... Makoto no longer had to worry about drooling, because his mouth was dry, and he couldn't help but think about lifting that apron and... "I-in that case, y-y-you go ahead and go f-first and I'll... I'll clean up the kitchen..."

Rin pouted, and with the way he was undressed, he looked super cute like that. It reminded Makoto of when Rin was in a maid uniform in high school... which sent Makoto's mind down an entirely new train of naughty thoughts... "No, I can't have you cleaning up after me... We'll clean up together, and then we'll bathe... and then maybe order a pizza... and we can eat it in bed..." Rin licked his lips slowly.

Makoto was sunk and he knew it. "Rin. We can't... I mean, it's not like... obviously, I want, but..."

"You can have anything you want, baby," Rin purred, digging his fingers into Makoto's hair.

Makoto closed his eyes and about ten different, sexy scenarios played out in his mind. He knew he was getting hard, and Rin could feel it, and Makoto... he really... he wanted...

He put his hands on Rin's arms and took Rin off of him, getting a bit of space. "Rin. I promised him."

"I didn't promise him anything," Rin pouted. "Do you honestly expect to spend the whole damned week in this apartment and not do anything?"

Makoto stared at Rin... oh, crap, the apron had shifted a bit and Rin's nipple was exposed. That was... oh... that... Makoto licked his lips, and stared at the floor. "But. I promised him... and yes, it was selfish of him to ask and I can't really fathom what he was thinking, but... but..."

Rin scowled. He took off the apron and shoved it at Makoto. "Fine. Fine! You clean up in here. I'm taking a shower."

Makoto watched Rin stalk off huffily... while naked... and sighed. Haru... why the hell had he made Makoto make that promise?! Makoto did his best to think of unsexy things, and after a minute of thinking about Haru diving into ocean waters... He scrapped clean the pan Rin was cooking in and put away all the assorted - and odd - ingredients Rin apparently pretended went into fried rice, and he wiped down the counters. Then, he called, and ordered Rin's favorite pizza.

When he went into the bedroom, Rin was just coming out of the bath. Rin aggressively pouted at Makoto, and Makoto sheepishly blushed. "I, uh, ordered the pizza."

"Yeah, whatever," Rin sighed, trying not to look at Makoto.

"Rin... I'm really sorry I made that promise," Makoto tried to apologize.

"Right, because my sweet little ass is super tempting," Rin snapped back.

"No," Makoto shook his head. "Because Haru shouldn't have asked us that. And. Because I shouldn't have given in... It's really not that I... that my feelings for him are... In a similar situation, if you'd been the one asking, I would have done the same thing, and it would have been just as wrong."

"Yeah, well, there's several things going on there, but mainly... I would not have asked you that." Rin stared pointedly at Makoto.

Makoto had to lower his head. "I know, Rin."

Sighing, Rin tossed his towel at Makoto. "Get washed up. You reek of guilt, and the pizza is coming."

Makoto nodded, and trudged to the bathroom.

This was going to be a very long week.

Makoto opened the weather app, and adjusted to follow the doppler radar... over the Indian Ocean. Where, exactly, was Haru? Near Indonesia, apparently, but...

Rin peeked over Makoto's shoulder. "You're going to drive yourself crazy with that shit."

"I know," Makoto sighed, serious.

Rin was quiet for a moment. "You know... when Haru's here, we basically go swimming nearly everyday."

Makoto smiled a bit, peeking up at his lover. "Yes... that was actually a fairly decent imitation of Haru there, stating something tangentially obvious."

Rin stuck his tongue out at Makoto. "I just mean, we ought to get some exercise while he's gone. Don't wanna get flabby and all... but, since he's not here, it doesn't have to be swimming..."

Makoto's spine tingled, and he kept himself completely still. He could think... of a few ways to get exercise with Rin... actually, he could think of about thirty ways to get exercise with Rin, right off the top of his head, but...

"How about we go for a run?" Rin suggested.

Makoto blinked. Oh, he meant... exercise, not exercise. Makoto smiled, and looked at Rin. "You expect me to be able to keep up with you?"

"Aw, I'll hold back a bit. So, I'll jog and you can run," Rin winked at Makoto.

Laughing, Makoto closed down his app. "Fine, fine, since you're being so generous. Let's go for a run."

Makoto didn't have proper running shorts clean, so he pulled a Haru and wore his swim suit with a tank. Rin, of course, had running shorts. Tight, short running shorts. and a tank that clung to his chest...

Smirking, Rin led the way out. They went to the beach, and then Rin started to run. Makoto felt pity for the Samezuka Academy swim team, because Rin's idea of holding back wasn't really Makoto's, and his idea of encouragement would make a drill sergeant proud, but after about twenty minutes, Makoto was either in a groove or in a fugue state, and Rin was running backwards in front of him making weird faces at him. Makoto was able to leap forward and catch Rin as he nearly tripped over a rock, but Rin still managed to pull them both down into the sand, and then they rolled around a bit. Makoto pulled himself up, grinning, and looking down at Rin, he had a visceral memory of their first time together... out on a beach... just after dusk, like it was then... but Haru had been watching them, then...

They went up to the road, and Rin let Makoto stop in a convenience store to get a drink, even though he laughed at Makoto. And then swiped his drink and chugged nearly half of it. When they got close to their apartment, Rin complained that his foot hurt, and made Makoto carry him on his back. Even up the stairs. But they were laughing when they got inside their apartment... and Makoto dumped Rin inside the genkan. Rin jumped back up, though, and leaned over Makoto to bite his ear.

"Hey... Let's me wash your back," Rin purred.

Even if he'd wanted to, Makoto couldn't resist.

Through the washcloth, Makoto could feel Rin's fingers, probing his muscles as he made Makoto's back slick with soap. Makoto hadn't bothered with a towel at his waist, and neither had Rin, and even if they had, they knew each other's bodies well enough to know. Makoto turned and put his hands on Rin's waist, and they looked each other in the eye... Rin turned and let Makoto wash him down... Rin's strong, enticing back...

They stood up and got into the shower, rinsing each other off. Makoto ran his hands down Rin's body, sluicing the soapy water off of Rin's muscles... Rin shuddered, and he looked at Makoto with such need...

"Makoto," Rin uttered, and it was a plea and an order, and... Makoto's whole body shook from it.

Rin slid up right into Makoto's arms, which enclosed Rin without Makoto even realizing it, and Rin bit his collarbone... Makoto had a feeling that if he bled for Rin, it would feel so good...

"Makoto... just... if we don't tell him..." Rin whispered...

"He'd still know," Makoto sighed, knowing that he couldn't lie to his best friend and lover. But. He put his forehead down on Rin's shoulder. "Stupid Haru... why did he make me promise that?" Makoto lamented.

"You really don't know?" Rin's hand was moving up and down Makoto's chest, and then Rin's fingers found his nipple... "C'mon. What do you think?"

Makoto lifted his head and looked into Rin's eyes, and he thought about Rin's question, but he was also thinking about other things, lots of other things... He pulled Rin up to his body and kissed him savagely, clinging to Rin, his fingertips trying to dig into Rin's flesh...

It would be easy, so easy, to just let go, forget everything, stupid promises that he shouldn't have made, forget everything, forget... his worry...

He broke off the kiss, and Rin tried to follow him, hold onto it... He looked Rin in the eye...

This was...

Makoto let go of Rin entirely, and stepped out of the bath. "I'll... I'll go ahead first..." he sighed, his breath, his mind ragged.

He toweled off quickly and went into the bedroom. His thoughts were scattered and broken. He...

He wanted Rin. On the beach, in the shower, in the kitchen... he just... he needed Rin... He rubbed his hands through his hair and tried to make sense of anything...

Over the bed, there was a stylized plaque of a dolphin that was Haru's sole contribution to the decor of the room, and Makoto's heart fell.

He had gotten on some boxers and was stretched out on the bed when Rin came out of the shower. Makoto studiously did not look at Rin's crotch, and he didn't imagine Rin beating off in the shower... he tried to concentrate on the book he was reading, but since he'd picked it up, he couldn't really focus on any of the words...

"Hey." Rin got on top of Makoto and settled himself on Makoto's waist. He took away Makoto's book, putting it aside. "Are you afraid that Haru's never coming back to us?"

Makoto's eyes widened. "Rin, don't say something like that!"

"I don't mean... I'm not trying to tempt fate, I just mean... you're still afraid, right? Of the ocean, especially, open water? That something is in it..." Rin narrowed his eyes, watching Makoto analytically.

Makoto bit his lip. That demon... was one Makoto couldn't entirely shake, but...

"When my father was... when I was little, and my father was going away on a fishing expedition... I don't really remember him, you know? But I remember... him standing in the doorway... I can't even see his face, just, like his profile... and how the light outside would be shining around him, and he seemed huge to little me. And he'd say... Be back soon! as he left. And I know he was smiling. But. Gou was crying and holding onto me... and... it was a lie, because sometimes, he'd be gone for a month or more at a time." Rin closed his eyes.

Makoto tried to straighten up some, and put his hands on Rin's waist.

"And I resented it, terribly. I remember that, perfectly. That he'd be gone... when important things were happening in my life. Kindergarten graduation... I remember specifically that he'd said he be back before then, but he wasn't. And even though he wasn't back that morning, during our little song thing, I kept looking for him in the audience... because he said he'd be back..." Rin's voice was strangled, ragged. Makoto squeezed his waist. "And I remember thinking, after he'd go, Gou would be crying and crying, and I'd hold onto her until she stopped, and I would tell her that it was fine, that I was there, and I'd be papa for her while he was gone... and I'd think to myself... Who cares if he ever comes back?

"And then... he didn't come back. And he'd never come back. And I cared. A lot."

Makoto sat up, holding onto Rin so he didn't fall off or fall over. "Rin..." Makoto sighed, touching Rin's face, his neck...

Rin looked right into Makoto's eyes. "So I always understood, you know. How you felt, even if I didn't feel the same, but I. And right now. I'm scared, too. He might never..." And Rin couldn't choke out any more words.

Makoto did the only thing he could. He kissed Rin, hard, holding him.

The kiss broke, their noses touched, Rin looked him right in the eye. "I get why he did what he did but do you really think he should have cut us off from being able to comfort each other?"

Makoto wavered. "I know. I agree, I just... He is coming back to us. I refuse to accept that he isn't. And. When he does..." Makoto sighed. They couldn't lie to him. And he was the one who promised, so. What would Haru feel if Makoto hadn't kept his promise?

But Rin needed him, too.

The wheels in his brain started to turn. "I promised him no sex. If I promised you something, I'd definitely have to follow through, too. But. I only promised no sex. Sex is intercourse. So..."

Rin gave him a funny look, and then his expression brightened. "Ah, you're looking for a loophole in your promise!"

"Well," Makoto looked at Rin sheepishly, "I'm trying to find a way to make us all happy."

"Blow jobs, then? That's not intercourse. A little sexy sixty-nine action," Rin grinned, wiggling on Makoto's crotch.

Damn it. "Oral sex actually has the word sex in the title, so I don't think that qualifies," Makoto sighed.

Rin pouted. Damn cutely.

"Masturbation... isn't sex..." Makoto considered it. No, there was no way masturbation was sex... right?

"Well, of course not, it's masturbation..." Rin furrowed his brow. "You mean, like, us watching each other beat off?"

"I was thinking more along the line of a... mutual experience," Makoto licked his lips, sliding his hand down Rin's chest to play with the hair at Rin's groin.

Rin groaned, and his whole body undulated beautifully. "Ooh... I see... yeah... Mutual... that's good..." Rin grinned widely enough to bare his teeth. It was damned sexual and damned enticing. "What about fingers in the back? Is that sex?"

Makoto shuddered a bit, thinking about Rin using his fingers... that could be a dangerous road... if fingers were ok, was a vibrator ok? ...Wait, was a vibrator ok? Rin could put it in him, and then he could put it in Rin... Makoto tightened his arms around Rin. "I guess... that's not truly... intercourse... probably..." It was a thin line, but that was exactly what they were looking for, that thin line that allowed them to hold each other without breaking his promise.

Rin leaned in and licked Makoto's neck, and then kissed him. Rin's hand pushed Makoto's boxers down, and roughly grabbed Makoto's cock. Makoto moaned into Rin's mouth, and Rin rolled Makoto's balls around in his hand. Makoto's hands moved up and down Rin's back. Rin scooted closer, so much closer, and he put his hand around both of their cocks, squeezing them together gently. He looked into Makoto's eyes, grinning.

"Mutually, right?"

Makoto could only smile back, and he wrapped his hand around Rin's. Rin set the pace. Slow, fast, slow, slow, squeezing the tip, slow, Rin was chewing on Makoto's neck, Makoto was squeezing Rin's side hard, hard, faster, tighter, Rin's thumb brushed over their tips, Makoto shuddered, he groaned, Rin bit his lip, he sucked on Rin's neck, Rin was chewing on his ear, faster now, and faster, long strokes, base to tip, and then fast, half-strokes, and then faster, longer strokes, faster, faster, Rin was moving his hips, Makoto was squeezing Rin...

Ribbons of ejaculate decorated their chests. Rin brushed his fingers through both, mixing them up, and then he painted Makoto's lips with their come, and then he kissed Makoto's lips. A hot, sweet kiss, dissolving into tender nibbles.

Makoto turned them so they were on their sides, and he looked into Rin's eyes lovingly. "I think... we'll need to shower again."

"You won't run away from me again?" Rin teased him, but he was only half-joking, and Makoto knew it.

"I promise," Makoto smiled, and he kissed Rin again. And again.

Their hearts were beating in unison.

In the shower, Rin played with Makoto's genitals, and then his fingers slipped back to toy with Makoto's entrance. He wasn't about to deny Rin anything at that point, so Makoto leaned over, holding onto the wall of the shower. Rin smirked, and put some bath oil on his fingers, and then he started to work at Makoto's entrance. Makoto subtly pushed his rear back against Rin's fingers.

This pleased Rin.

Still working Makoto's ass, Rin reached around to fondle Makoto's limp cock. Makoto wasn't sure he could get it up again so quickly, but he knew Rin was going to try. Rin toyed with his tip, and his balls, and sank his fingers into Makoto's hair down there...

"Hey, Mako-chan," Rin purred, rubbing his chin over Makoto's shoulder.

"Mm?" Makoto heatedly looked at Rin.

"Would you let me... shave you?" he sinuously suggested, sliding his fingers over Makoto's sweet spot.

Makoto groaned, and then he thought about what Rin was asking. And then his eyes widened. "You mean... shave... there?" he asked, aghast.

Rin smirked. "Yeah! I think it would be... mm, really sexy..."

"Rin!" Makoto complained, but, oh, fuck, Rin's fingers were swirling inside of him...

"I used to shave myself all the time, I just... really find smooth, hairless skin sensual..." Rin whispered into Makoto's ear.

First, Makoto wanted to point out the naked narcissism of what Rin just said. Second, he wanted to... no, he needed to... he pushed back against Rin's fingers, rolling his hips. Oh, fuck... "Rin... you didn't... competitive swimmers don't shave areas covered by their suits!" He gave Rin a sad look.

"True," Rin snickered. He was enjoying toying with Makoto's body! He brushed his thumbnail down the length of Makoto's cock, making Makoto shudder. "Like I said... I just think it'd be sexy... and... I think it would be fun. Doing it. What do you think?" Rin swirled his fingers around, adding a fourth finger.

Fuck! "Rin..." Makoto couldn't form thoughts. He couldn't... he was hard again. And. He wished Rin could just shove him down and fuck him senseless...

"I'd get a straight edged razor..." Rin sighed.

"Straight...!" Makoto gasped, but Rin's fingers were in control. Makoto's cock was practically bobbing with need.

"I've used one before!" Rin laughed.

Makoto just looked at him.

"Ok, not for this, but..." Rin pressed down, hard with his fingers, and he squeezed Makoto's tip.

Helpless, Makoto cried out as he came, hard, his come splashing messily against the wall tiles.

Breathing heavily, Makoto tried to compose himself, but Rin was relentless. While his poor cock was still recovering, Rin started to toy with his nipples, and Rin's fingers in his ass were still moving lazily. "I'd take really good care of you, Mako-chan," he promised. "Of course I would."

Makoto pouted, and looked at Rin. He felt gorgeously used. He considered it... Rin, using a straight edged razor on his... on... even his balls...

Makoto thought about it. And thought about it.

"Would you... have to tie me up?" Makoto asked honestly.

Rin's whole body tensed up, and Makoto could swear he was starting to drool. "I'll get a razor tomorrow. We're fucking doing this."

Makoto smiled, and straightened up, putting his arms around Rin to kiss him.

He brought a charger to work so he could keep his weather app open all day long. There was a storm near Sri Lanka that he was watching. He didn't think it was anywhere near Haru, but...

Haru had been gone for nine days now. Makoto didn't know what to think, but storms moved fast over water, right? So a storm in Sri Lanka... it could move toward Indonesia faster than expected, right? And Haru was out there... somewhere...

His boss was short-tempered, his senpai was distracted, the patients seemed a bit whinier than normal, which was terrible of him to even think, because most of them were there because they were in pain all the time, and... Makoto kept checking, and checking. The storm has passed Sri Lanka and was heading east.

Makoto's head was hurting.

Just before he started a new patient, his phone rang. His boss gave him a sharp look, but Makoto knew that ringtone. He waved off his boss and took his phone out the back door.


"Hey, Makoto... we just landed in Osaka."

Haru sounded exhausted. And.

"Osaka?" Makoto squeaked. "You're in Japan? You're home?!"

"Yeah," Haru sighed. He sounded happy, though. It was hard to tell. Makoto was so happy. "Sorry, once we got onshore in Indonesia, we didn't have a single moment, we had to get on the plane, and the turtles needed attention... we're arranging transport now for them. It'll be a few hours before I can get home." He really did sound happy. And the way he said home...

"We'll be waiting for you. Haru. I love you. I... We've both... missed you. So much." Makoto coughed, trying to keep his voice steady.

"Makoto," Haru said, and it wasn't just Makoto's imagination that there was a lot of emotion. "I'll see you later."

"Looking forward to it," Makoto said warmly. As soon as he hung up, he found Rin's contact info, and called him. He had no idea what time it was, or whether or not Rin could answer the phone... After four rings, though, he heard Rin's voice.

"Is everything ok?"

"Haru's home. He's in Osaka. He'll be home tonight," Makoto told him, and the joy was just bubbling out of Makoto.

"Well, shit," Rin laughed, but Makoto could hear it. The relief. "For a second there I thought... that storm... Ok. Hey, you're not crying, are you?" Rin teased him.

Makoto laughed, and brushed at his eyes. Well, maybe they were a little wet... "Shut up, brat. I am not. I'll pick up some celebratory sushi on the way home, though."

"Ok. I won't let these damned kids keep me," Rin promised. "Crybaby. Hey, Mako-chan..."

Rin took a moment, and then he spoke quieter.

"What do you think Haru will think of your crotch?"

Makoto just laughed, and laughed, and laughed.

Haru came in about a half hour after Rin got home. Makoto had kept the sushi chilled, and Rin brought some nice liquor to go with it, and that was also being chilled... So Makoto and Rin decided to wait in the genkan for Haru. He'd just started to say I'm home when he saw them, and stopped, smiling gently.

Makoto and Rin got up simultaneously, hugging Haru.

"We're so glad you're back," Makoto murmured.

Rin just squeezed Haru's ass.

Haru squeezed them both the best he could. "It's good to be home. You have to come to the aquarium tomorrow... the turtles are really cute, and we won't have them long."

Both Rin and Makoto were grinning. "Fine, fine, we'll go," Rin sighed, not really managing to pull off his Like I really care attitude.

Haru smiled at them, and then he looked Makoto in the eye, pulling him down by his collar so they were nose-to-nose. "And you kept your promise?"

"I did, we absolutely did not have any sexual intercourse," Makoto patiently replied.

Haru looked satisfied, and then he looked like he was overthinking Makoto's answer, so Rin grabbed him by his face and kissed him, hard. "It's time for dinner. We're gonna eat and drink and then fuck like savages!"

Haru smiled sheepishly. "I'm hungry, and thirsty. But I don't know if I'm up for savaging... I don't mind watching, though." He grabbed onto Rin and Makoto's shirttails.

They both looked at Haru's hands, and then each other. And they then leaned down to kiss Haru's cheeks.

"Anything you want, Haru," Makoto vowed.

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