title: Isolation Exercises - First Set
fandom: Free!
characters/pairings: Makoto/Haruka/Rin
rating: Mature
warnings: sex
summary: It starts when Makoto has to take a business trip...
notes: another part of the Happy Household Club, a part with plot!! yay!

He had the overwhelming feeling of I should not feel this way.

As logical as that might be, as true, it changed nothing, because he did feel the way he felt. Like his feet were suddenly made of lead, like his heart had slipped down to the middle of his belly, and it was thudding away down there, making him feel seasick, like his head was going to explode...

Makoto looked forlornly at their apartment building, and wished like hell he could change... everything about what was going on, what he had to do. It was just.

I should not feel this way, he told himself as he checked the mail.

I should not feel this way, he told himself as he made friendly chatter with the woman from the second floor who had lots of windowbox flowers.

I should not feel this way, he told himself as he trudged up the stairs.

I should not feel this way, he told himself as his fingers shook unlocking his door. And when he opened the door... He felt like he might choke.

He could tell by the shoes in the genkan that Rin and Haru were already home, so he called out "I'm home," but it was a lot weaker than his normal voice. At least his voice hadn't cracked.

The problem was, he'd spent too much time thinking about it, and that was always bad. Nagisa wasn't right about... quite a lot of things, but he was right about how overthinking something ruined it. Because, he knew, he should not feel the way he did. Like.

He was preparing for his funeral.

"What's wrong?" Rin frowned at him. And Haru was watching from the kitchen.

Makoto forced himself to smile, but he knew his lovers could tell, so he didn't overdo it. "Oh, no, nothing's wrong." He had to believe that... "Just a long day."

Both of them visibly relaxed, but they were still watching him.

"Ah... I'm going to have to go to a conference next week," he told them, and even though he felt like he was falling apart, he managed to say it lightly. Mostly.

Haru stepped out of the kitchen, and Rin frowned.


"Yeah," Makoto took a deep breath, focusing on letting the air go all the way down, expanding his diaphragm, letting the mechanical action calm him. "It was supposed to be my senpai at work, but... his daughter got pneumonia or something? He and his wife are really worried, so... he asked me to go for him. It's... it's a good thing, really, I mean, professionally... It's an annual conference with lots of... you know, medical equipment vendors and researchers and everything, presenting the latest techniques and developments for physical therapy..." It was a good thing. It was just. "I'll have to leave Sunday afternoon because the first panel is on Monday morning. The last one is Friday afternoon, but it looks like I won't be home until Saturday, about noon."

A whole week. Since they'd all moved in together, the longest they'd been separated was four days, when Rin took his team to Nationals. And that was Rin. Makoto... had never gone on his own somewhere.

For a whole week.

"Where is the conference?" Haru asked quietly, moving closer.

"Oh... Sapporo..." Makoto smiled weakly. He'd left out an important part.

"Bring back Sapporo beer!" Rin immediately requested, nudging Makoto. "And one of those shirts with the bear on it! Kuma shirt!"

"Marimo!" Haru insisted, kneeling close to Makoto to nudge him harder. "A big one!"

"Shiroi Koibito chocolates!" Rin added, grasping at Makoto's jacket. "And those corn treats!"

"Potato treats, too. And I meant a really big marimo, you can get those there," Haru pled, using his neediest expression.

Makoto would have to be dead not to be grinning. "I got it, I got it," he laughed. "I'll pack an extra bag so I can bring you brats back lots of souvenirs."

He smiled, and let Rin pick him up onto his feet. "Sapporo is nice this time of year," Rin grinned, kissing Makoto. Haru squeezed Makoto's ass, possibly in competition, possibly just in agreement. "And it's only a week." Rin looked Makoto in the eye, and Makoto felt naked, so he had to smile brighter.

"Of course. It'll be over before I know it," he brightly agreed.

Rin and Haru were still watching him.

He'd packed Saturday during the day so he'd be ready. Rin kept unpacking him, just to be bratty, but Haru helped. His bag was by the door by nighttime. After that, Rin insisted that they all get naked and spend the rest of the time in bed. Makoto didn't need to object. He didn't want to... Rin was feeling playful, Haru was clinging. They had sex, Makoto inside of Haru, Rin inside Makoto, they showered together, and took turns kissing in the tub, they dried each other off, and toyed with each other, they lounged on the bed, teasing each other and playing games. Makoto even let Rin and Haru put him in the middle, but when it was finally time to sleep, he rolled over Haru to get on the end. Though, he wasn't sure he would sleep, anyway, so he didn't think he'd have to worry too much about getting overheated in bed between them.

He worried.

When Rin woke up, he crawled over Haru, who was still sleeping cutely, to lay on top of Makoto and make out for a bit. Which led to doing more than making out, which led to Haru waking up. Simultaneously, Haru entered Makoto and Makoto sucked off Rin. Makoto insisted on showering alone, since, well... he had a schedule. Haru had breakfast ready, and Rin sat in Makoto's lap for most of the meal.

Makoto wished it didn't all feel like a last meal to him.

He picked up his bag as he stood in the genkan. Haru and Rin were both standing right behind him, so he... had to turn around to say farewell. Not... not goodbye. Haru's brow was furrowed. "We can see you off... at the airport."

Makoto smiled brightly. Maybe too brightly, from how they reacted. "Don't be silly. It's a long trip, and then you'd just have to come back home... It's fine. It's only... it's only for a week, anyway. I'll see you Saturday."

"Don't worry, I'll send you tons of texts and pics. You won't even have time to miss us," Rin winked at him.

Haru reached out and put his arms around Makoto's neck, pulling him closer and kissing him. Makoto put his hands on Haru's hips, being careful not to get too involved in the kiss. He was already on his way out... Rin just leaned over and squeezed his ass.

"I am going to miss that big thing of yours," Rin sighed.

Makoto broke off the kiss, laughing. He winked at Rin. "You've always known just how to make me feel special. Thanks, Rin."

Rin gave him a quick kiss. "You gotta get going, don't wanna mess up your schedule."

"Yes, yes," Makoto grinned.

Haru touched Makoto's chest. "See you Saturday," he said, and his voice sounded...


Makoto smiled at Haru, getting lost in his eyes like he... well, sometimes did. Rin cleared his throat, and Makoto blushed, backing up. "See you guys Saturday. Love you..." Makoto choked up. He looked at Rin and Haru...

His vision got hazy. They'd have a whole week alone... and with Rin's sex drive and Haru's tendency to communicate be better with his body than his words...

Makoto opened his mouth. He wanted to say something... wanted to beg them... just for a week... it wasn't like they weren't used to doing things in pairs, that was fine, but they didn't usually separate for such a long time, and Makoto had never been apart, and... he was...


He could face anything as long as he was with the people that were important to him. Alone...

Alone, he couldn't do a damned thing.

He wanted to ask them... ...What? Please hold off until I'm back. Please don't forget about me in a week. Please don't exclude me. That was ridiculous. He couldn't say anything, could he?

Damn it...

"Makoto?" Haru asked.

Makoto forced himself to smile. He was being stupid, he knew it. He just couldn't stop himself from being stupid by knowing it. "No, it's nothing... I'm going to miss you guys. Try not to burn down the apartment," he teased.

"No promises," Rin sighed, but after rolling his eyes, he winked at Makoto.

That was it. He had to turn around and leave.

For most of the train ride to Osaka and then Kankuu, he did a good job of convincing himself that he was being stupid and he had nothing to worry about and everything would be fine when he got home in a week. Rin had even started sending him messages before he boarded the plane. But on the plane, he had his phone turned off, and the family in the row in front of him couldn't really handle their two kids, and the old lady next to him kept talking about her granddaughter who was just finishing college and she was so pretty...

Makoto kept thinking. And overthinking.

He got to his hotel after dinner, but he had picked up a bento at the airport. He thought about calling home... but just left a message. Which prompted Rin to send him ten more. Including a picture.

Of Haru in bed... looking like he was naked...

Makoto took a shower, and turned in early. Or tried to. He had to figure out how to make his mind stop working. How to stop remembering... how good Haru and Rin were together... how they enticed and enthralled each other... inspired each other...drove each other... Back in the day, they might have had difficulty maintaining a lasting relationship. They... could be just as destructive to each other as they were constructive. But now... they were already in a committed relationship. Makoto was like... their training wheels. And for the first time since they'd all moved in together, they were getting a taste of having the training wheels off.

They would be fine without him.

It was a bit of a relief to focus on work and the conference. The first day was pretty hectic, meeting new people, going to seminars and presentations, keeping track of all the pamphlets and trinkets he was given... He was talking to his work, too, so even though Rin was sending him messages, he didn't have a lot of time to think about it. At the end of the first day, there was a dinner party that went late into the night with the drinks flowing. It was for work, so he had every reason to just go with it and enjoy himself. He ended up becoming friendly with a diverse group from all over the country, most of whom knew his senpai. He didn't get back to his room until well after midnight, and he was pleasantly buzzed enough that he didn't think he'd have any trouble sleeping. He took a quick shower and checked his phone only as he was getting under the covers. Rin sent another picture, but it was of Haru reading a book on coral reefs.

Tuesday offered a bit more free time, which he used to make more connections with other attendees. He had lunch with two ladies from Tokyo and a man from Nagasaki, and they talked shop the whole time. It was surprisingly enjoyable, and they all went to the same presentation afterward. Makoto spent a few hours with a vendor for some new equipment his boss was interested in, and with some jockeying back and forth with the vendor and his boss on the phone, Makoto actually bought the device for his clinic. That was something he'd never done before, so he was feeling pretty good after that. He met his lunch partners and another man from Osaka for dinner. He and the man from Osaka spent most of the time talking, since they lived in fairly close proximity, and the man knew Makoto's boss. He didn't notice one of the ladies from lunch watching him during dinner. They went out for drinks afterward, and Makoto had a few hours when he was able to completely forget his worries. He went to the bathroom and checked his phone, feeling pretty good.

Rin had sent him another photo. Haru was... obviously... Rin must have taken this... during... the look on Haru's face... and then Rin's message was just, You wish you were here, right?

It was like getting stabbed.

Someone touched his arm and he jumped half a meter. He quickly closed his phone down, and then had to stutter some excuses to one of the ladies from Tokyo. He was so preoccupied, he didn't even notice the way she was leaning against him. She asked him if he had a girlfriend, and when he said no, she said that it was impossible.

By the time he realized what was going on, she was already hanging off of him. Her friend came by, and it was clearly all scripted. Her friend got Makoto to agree to escort her back to the hotel. It was a short walk, made longer by the fact that she made him half carry her while her attention was on trying to map out his chest. She tried to pull him down for a kiss when they got to her room. He considered, for a moment, telling her that he was gay, but it just seemed like it was too forced a situation. He managed to extricate himself from her and leave her in her room. He went to his own room, and sat down on the bed, just feeling tired.

Masochistically, he opened the photo from Rin, and just stared at it, feeling like Rin had been taunting him (which he knew, in some rational part of his brain that no other part of his brain was listening to, was not true) and that he'd never see Haru make this face in person again.

He spent the morning on Wednesday in training seminars, the first of which was endlessly boring. The second one offered hands-on training, and Makoto found that to be a lot more useful. His training partner was from Chiba, and they went to lunch together. She was an older lady that reminded Makoto of one of his professors from college. He spent most of the afternoon with vendors again, but he knew his boss wasn't interested in any more spending, so it wasn't too exciting. He did get some cute mascot promos.

He went off on his own for dinner, walking. It was the first time he really spent alone since the conference began save for sleeping time. He gave in to the urge, and called Rin's cell. He spent about an hour chatting with his lovers while wandering around the downtown. Both Rin and Haru made sure to remind him of all the souvenirs they had requested. The last thing he heard was Haru telling him that they were looking forward to Saturday. He ate alone at a small restaurant, enjoying local crab. It was a bit of a splurge, but.

He went to sleep early, but he ended up waking up early, having a nightmare... He took advantage of the hotel's facilities and hit the workout room. He met with another conference-goer there, and they went to breakfast together. It was a bit intimidating, since he was a professor at Tokyo University, but Makoto was fairly sure he'd managed not to embarrass himself. He was proved right when, after hearing the same man lecture that afternoon, he got invited to a dinner with the professor. It was a group of about ten people, half of whom were actually doctors, all of whom were older than him. Makoto felt nervous, and outclassed, but he was able to hold his own in the conversations, and even related some pertinent details of an interesting case study that he'd been working on, which seemed to add to the conversation. He ignored his phone during the dinner. Toward the end, when the drinks were flowing pretty freely, one of the older doctors teased Makoto about being unmarried, and what an opportunity a conference like this could be. The old doctor got teased, in turn, about his multiple failed marriages. Makoto kept a sunny expression on his face, but the last thing he wanted to hear about was failed relationships and their correlation with conferences.

When he got back to his room, he checked his phone. Rin had sent him no less than fifteen messages, the last of which was a selfie with Haru. Rin was smiling brightly, and Haru looked serious, but he'd clearly been instructed to hold up a peace sign. For no reason that Makoto could fathom, he burst into tears upon seeing it, completely unable to bring his emotions or his tears in check.

Friday was unbearable. The conference was wrapping up, so there wasn't much to do. He'd gotten cornered by the lady from Tokyo again, and she was still working him over, this time putting on a weepy expression as she apologized for her behavior earlier in the week. She wouldn't let him go with brushing it off, so once again he considered coming out to her. He decided, though, that it would just be embarrassing for her, so he told her that he was already in love with someone... It got messy, though, when he had to say that his love was involved with someone else. It was true, but it hurt. Whether he was talking about Rin being involved with Haru, or Haru with Rin, either way... He was on the outside, wasn't he?

Friday night, he really regretted his itinerary. Most of the conference goers were gone, and all he could think about was his lovers. He went shopping, picking up the souvenirs. With all they had requested, and all the stuff he'd picked up from the conference, he was glad he'd packed an empty duffle. He ended up moving all his clothes and things into the duffle so he could put the souvenirs and pamphlets into the more structured suitcase. The marimo he'd gotten was... well, it was huge, and expensive, and though it was in a box, it was a large, water-filled glass bowl, so... he'd have to just carry that in his lap. His flight was very early, so after he'd packed and showered, he went to bed, but he just ended up laying there and staring at the ceiling. And visualizing Rin and Haru together... forever.

Ten minutes before he'd set the alarm on his phone, he gave up and got up. He was at the airport early, just randomly poking at his phone while waiting for his flight. It was too early to send a message to Rin, so he ended up looking through their conversation... being careful not to let anyone passing by see that picture of Haru.

The closer he got to home, the heavier he felt. The flight was uneventful, and quiet. Getting from the airport to the train home was more aggravating, but at least the train was nearly empty, so he could set the marimo box next to him.

And he could think.

Too much, he could think... so that... by the time he got off the train, and was walking home... finally, going home...

He wanted to believe it wouldn't be true. He was just being paranoid, he knew, but somehow... he didn't believe it. It was silly to think that Rin and Haru would have moved out on him, or would have packed him up so they could ask him to move out, or... would be waiting for him to have that talk.

No, none of that would happen... it would just be... a slow, interminable process. Watching Rin and Haru with this new dynamic, a new closeness. Makoto would become more and more the third wheel, until he couldn't take it anymore. And they would be able to say, all along, that it was just him. He was being paranoid. But honestly...

Who expected a relationship between three people to last? It couldn't, right? That was why... people paired off. Threesomes were for sex. Relationships between three people were unbalanced. Eventually, it would become a pair and a spare.

Makoto had no doubt who the spare was.

With these dark, dejected thoughts bearing down on him, Makoto turned, and approached their building. He didn't notice until Haru stood up.

Haru had been out there... waiting for him...

Half feeling like this might be the death knell, and half just thrilled to see his lover and lifelong friend again, Makoto broke out into a huge smile.

"Welcome home," Haru said before Makoto could speak up.

Makoto grinned. "I'm back..." He felt awkward and stupid. Haru was smiling at him, and it was just... gorgeous. Haru was always unbelievably beautiful when he smiled.

Haru reached out and took the marimo box from Makoto. He touched Makoto's arms and hands as he did. Haru was looking up at him, looking contented...

Taking a deep breath, Makoto looked around. "Rin is upstairs?"

Haru's expression clouded momentarily. "He came out with me to wait for you... but then he suddenly said he was taking Kou out for lunch, so he'd meet up with us later." As always, it seemed like there was more Haru wasn't saying.

"Everything's ok, right?" Makoto asked, holding the door for Haru.

"...Felt like he thought... we'd want some time alone, or maybe..." he trailed off.

Makoto considered. "Did he think I'd be happier to see you than him?" he pondered.

Haru gave him a look that spoke volumes.

He put down his duffle to open the door to the apartment, and once they were all safely inside, and he was home, and nothing much had changed, and he could take a deep breath and Haru was watching him...

Makoto smiled at Haru. "I am happy to see you. Really happy. Felt like... such a long week. But now I'm thinking... it won't quite feel like home until we're all together again."

Haru watched him as he sat down to open his marimo. "You should message him and tell him that. Kou will understand. Ooh... it's big!" Haru picked up the marimo bowl, smiling sweetly at his latest watery acquisition.

Makoto ruffled Haru's hair affectionately, and pulled out his phone. Rin hadn't sent him any messages that morning... He typed quickly.

I'm back. Don't you want to welcome me home properly?

Haru was happily turning the large glass bowl around and around. Makoto didn't really understand the attraction, but that was fine, as long as Haru was happy. He leaned over, and kissed under Haru's ear. "I missed you," he whispered softly.

Haru smiled at him, and Makoto's heart skipped a beat. Haru looked like he was on the verge of saying something, but Makoto's phone buzzed. He looked at it, and then he showed Haru.

Aw, you missed me that much, huh? Well, I guess it can't be helped...

Haru shook his head. "That guy is so dishonest..."

"Good thing we understand him," Makoto agreed. "I think I better take a shower. I've been traveling since early this morning..."

Haru touched Makoto's cheek, and kissed him, and Makoto let Haru deepen the kiss until he felt like maybe he'd just sit on the couch and kiss Haru... "Missed you, too," Haru whispered, their lips just barely parted.

A thrill that was both hot and cold at the same time ripped through Makoto's body, and rather than push Haru down on the couch, he stood up. "Shower. I gotta shower..." He winked at Haru, and took off his shirt.

Haru was watching him with heated eyes.

Makoto didn't linger in the bathroom. He also didn't bother dressing more than wrapping a towel around his waist. He had barely dried his hair enough so it wasn't dripping when he went back out to the bedroom. Rin was just coming in the bedroom, too, with Haru trailing behind him. Rin looked him up and down like he was meat, and then he licked his lips.

One week... was apparently far too long.

"Mm, looks good to me... So, tell me how much you missed me, babe," Rin purred.

Makoto smirked, and took a deep breath. It was somewhat embarrassing, since Haru and Rin were still fully clothed, but he took off his towel and tossed it aside. "Just look for yourself," he taunted, straightening out his shoulders.

Displaying his body for his lovers.

Rin inhaled sharply, and after looking Makoto over, he looked at Haru, who was staring at Makoto's cock. Rin grinned, and sidled up to Makoto, his hands going everywhere. His right hand came up Makoto's flank to circle and tease Makoto's nipple. Rin leaned up and nipped at Makoto's neck. "I gotta say... you look good enough to eat."

Haru came up to stand in front of Makoto, and ghosted his fingertips over Makoto's hips. "You can't eat him. Then, there won't be any left."

Rin chewed a bit on Makoto's shoulder, smirking at Haru from behind Makoto. "So? What cut do you want?"

Haru looked at Makoto's groin, and then up to look Makoto in the eye. "I want to be in him."

Makoto shuddered. Rin sighed behind Makoto. "Aw, I wanted to be in him, too. Mm," Rin's hands moved freely over Makoto's chest. "Say, Haru. Feel like sharing?"

Makoto's eyes widened in time with Haru's grin. "Wai... guys..."

Rin massaged Makoto's ass. "Relax, gorgeous. We'll take our time getting you ready." Rin licked Makoto's shoulder kittenishly.

It was a trap.

Haru moved even closer to him, and smiled that smile, rubbing his hands over Makoto's chest. "It's good, isn't it?"

Like Makoto could resist that! "Well... of course..."

Rin wrapped an arm around Makoto's waist. "Mm... Haru~u-chan! I think... if we're going to do this properly..." He dipped his hand down to fondle Makoto's groin. "We're going to need a little... help. Otherwise, he won't last long enough."

"Hey!" Makoto objected.

"I just want us all to come together! Or, you know, close... Do you mind?" Rin nipped at Makoto's earlobe.

"Well... it's not that..." Makoto hedged. He didn't mind, it was just... he was already half-hard and feeling overwhelmed... going from being completely alone to having both of them lavishing attention on him... and he was still naked and they were still fully clothed...

"Do whatever," Haru sighed, putting his arms around Makoto's neck. "I'll entertain him while you get ready." Haru pulled Makoto down to kiss him.

"You should take your clothes off, Haru," Rin sighed. He got the box out from under the bed, and took out two items, and then grabbed the lube. "Makoto, undress that guy!"

Makoto grinned, and he put one knee down on the bed. "Haru, should I undress you?"

Haru half-pouted at him, and lifted his arms over his head.

Cute! Makoto pulled Haru's shirt off, and then kissed Haru's neck, his collarbone, nipped at his nipple, let his hands roam, all the way down to Haru's waistband.

Rin came up behind him, and squeezed Makoto's ass hard. "Too slow," Rin complained in a low, seductive voice. And then his fingers were pressing to Makoto's entrance. He moved his hand away, and then the fingers came back, this time covered in lube.

Makoto looked over his shoulder at Rin, but Rin just grinned toothily at him. "C'mon, you only half finished your task. Get to it!"

Whimpering, Makoto turned his attention back to Haru. That was all Haru needed. He pushed Makoto down, and they were kissing again, but Makoto had to move his leg so Rin's fingers could still...! Haru's tongue pushed into his mouth almost roughly, and between that and Rin's fingers, Makoto was almost rendered entirely stupid. Clumsily, he fumbled with Haru's pants. The one time he wasn't just wearing track pants...! He opened Haru's jeans, finally, and Rin's fingers were pressing down hard on Makoto's sweet spot, and Haru was making a feast of his lips and he only managed to push Haru's pants and... that was a swim suit, wasn't it... down a few centimeters... Rin had three fingers in him, and Makoto heard the sound of the vibrator being turned on.

His cock was quivering with need, so he wasn't too surprised, but the rough contact from Rin as he put the cock ring in place was still a shock to Makoto's frayed system. He dug his fingers into Haru's hips. Haru touched his face and neck gently. Rin shoved the vibrator into Makoto's ass, and slapped Makoto's cheeks. "C'mon. Get his pants off." Rin's voice was thready with lust.

Makoto shifted a bit, but his insides were being melted. He tugged down Haru's pants, baring him, and he couldn't resist. He swiped his tongue over the end of Haru's cock.

"That's gorgeous," Rin purred. He pressed his thumb to the dildo inside of Makoto, swirling it around a bit. Makoto jerked with need. "C'mon, c'mon. I'm gettin' impatient here. Don't leave him with his pants at his knees."

Makoto glared at Rin, but he shifted his body, doing as Rin asked. When he finally, finally had Haru naked, Haru slithered until their bodies were fully pressed together and kissed Makoto passionately.

"You two are so fucking gorgeous," Rin sighed happily. "I'm so lucky. I've missed this gorgeous sight... Haru, you enter him first." Rin pulled out the dildo quickly, and Makoto cried out for its loss. Haru was making preparations, though, to fill the void. He turned Makoto fully on his side and lifted Makoto's leg. Haru nibbled on Makoto's nipple, and stroked his own cock.

"Rin. Get me slick."

Makoto's heart pounded at Haru's voice. At the sight of Rin, fingers covered with lube, stroking Haru. And then Haru was moving into place... and Rin started to strip... Makoto held onto Haru tightly, maybe even tight enough to leave bruises. He was losing his mind. He needed the anchor.

Haru got fully inside of him, and then held still. Rin was stroking himself, covering his cock in lube, and just watching them, licking his lips. Makoto... couldn't take it...! "Rin...!" he begged.

"What do you want, babe?" Rin asked, his eyes challenging.

"In me... both of you... please..." Makoto reached for him, and Haru smirked, holding out his hand as well.

"Since you asked for it," Rin smirked.

It was awkward, positioning their bodies. Rin behind him, Haru in front, and Makoto practically had to put his leg straight up in the air. They'd only done this a few times before. At first, like those times before, it didn't seem at all like it would work. Rin slipped just a finger in, and that was enough to make Makoto close his eyes and throw his head back. It wouldn't fit, they both couldn't fit, it wasn't going to work... Rin got just his tip into Makoto, and he bit Makoto's upper arm, holding both Makoto's arm and leg up to get the right angle. Just his tip, and Makoto thought he'd go mad. Haru wasn't moving at all, but he was making the sexiest fucking little noises, something between a moan and a growl... And then Rin thrust once, and Makoto screamed.


One more thrust, and Rin was panting hard. Haru reached over Makoto to grab Rin. Another thrust. Makoto simultaneously felt like he was going to be torn apart and that he was going to melt with pleasure. One more thrust, and Rin was halfway inside of him and swearing up a storm. One more thrust. One more. One more.

Haru shifted, and Rin bit down hard on Makoto, and Makoto screamed, but it was oh so fucking good, all three of them, their hearts pounding, in unison, their bodies aching, in unison, Rin moved, and they all felt it, in unison...

Makoto's vision narrowed to just a tiny tunnel. He was incoherent, and he couldn't separate any of the sensations, but he knew that someone just came inside of him, and he reached back, reached up, just begged... He had to come! Rin complained to Haru, "Couldn't you just... a few minutes more...?"

Haru moaned, and latched his mouth onto Makoto's neck. Rin was moving faster, harder... Makoto thought he might be begging, but he didn't know. It just sounded like white noise to him.

"Haru! Take off his ring!"

Rin shoved into Makoto hard, and the pressure was gone, and Makoto screamed, and his whole body went tense, and he came, and it felt like he was coming for ages, and he felt Rin come inside of him, but it was like Makoto was floating over his body... over all their bodies...

Rin pulled out, but Haru was just clinging to Makoto, and then they were all piled together. Makoto felt like everything was too bright, too loud, too...

Too much, so wonderful...

"You broke his skin," Haru complained softly.

"Oh, sorry about that. I thought I tasted blood," Rin chuckled.

"Vampire," Haru pouted.

"Dead fish," Rin shot back. "You weren't even moving!"

"Only one of us could," Haru sighed, wrapping his arms around Makoto. "You were."

"So lazy, so spoiled!" Rin teased.

Makoto started to laugh.

Rin pinched Makoto's side. "What's so funny, huh?"

"I love you... both... so much..." Makoto gasped.

Rin and Haru were both silent, and then they were both raining kisses, on Makoto's lips, on his cheeks, on his neck, everywhere. "You're so loved," Rin whispered into Makoto's ear.

"I'm loved to the point... where I can't move," Makoto laughed.

"It's still really early in the day. You don't need to move for a while! We have a week to catch up on... And once you're rested, I want this in me," Rin lifted Makoto's limp cock.

"Me, too," Haru piped up.

Now, Makoto was really laughing. "I only have one, you know..."

"We'll figure something out," Rin promised.

"That's... the scariest thing you've ever said," Makoto grinned, and opened his eyes.

Rin and Haru were both smiling.


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