title: Isolation Exercises - Cool Down
fandom: Free!
characters/pairings: Makoto/Haruka/Rin
rating: Mature
warnings: sex
summary: It starts when Makoto has to take a business trip...
notes: another part of the Happy Household Club, a part with plot!! yay!

"All right, boys, I'm ready," Rin declared. He stood proudly at the door, with his hands on his hips and Makoto's duffle bag at his feet.

Haru put down his game control - once he was able to pause - and went to where Rin was waiting for them. Makoto came out of the bedroom with Rin's toothbrush and his tablet.

"All ready?" Makoto teased.

"Oops," Rin laughed, opening his duffle and putting away the missing items. "Thanks, Mako-chan. I should have taken you up on your offer and just let you pack for me."

Makoto furrowed his brow. "I didn't offer to pack for you, I just kept reminding you that you needed to pack..."

"Don't worry! Next time, I'm definitely letting you pack!" Rin assured him, beaming.

Makoto just rolled his eyes.

Haru reached out and touched Rin's arm. Rin smirked at him, and leaned in to kiss Haru. "Try not to get too lonely... I'll be back on Monday. After bringing more National glory to the fine institute of Samezuka!"

"You're not swimming..." Haru grumbled.

"Good luck, Rin. Call when you get there," Makoto kissed Rin.

"Of course," Rin beamed. "But! I have a really huge and important favor to ask you two!" He narrowed his eyes, and looked at them in the eye in turn. Makoto's heart nearly stopped.

Not again...

"This is really important. I'm completely serious about this. This is super important," Rin emphasized.

"Rin," Makoto warned him.

"I really need you to send me naked pictures everyday," Rin said.

Completely seriously.

"Rin...!" Makoto sighed.

"Actually, I'd prefer them about every few hours, but you know, when the students are around I won't be able to look... don't worry about that, just, I want lots of naked pictures," Rin implored.

"We're not doing that!" Makoto said, exasperated.

"C'mon! I'd do it for you!" Rin reasoned.

"Please don't," Makoto sighed.

"Haru, do me a solid here," Rin turned to Haru. "It doesn't have to be, you know, too extreme. Although, when you're having sex, if you just set up your phone and take a little video..."

"We're not doing that!" Makoto cut him off.

"It's going to be like four whole days! I'm going to need something to help me get through it!" Rin threw his hands up in the air.

"Four days isn't that long," Haru scoffed.

"The first four days are the worst!" Rin countered. "It's only after the first four days that you start to think it's not so bad! I'll be gone for the worst part of it."

Makoto sighed, and leaned against the wall. "We will send you pictures. They will not be naked pictures. And we are definitely not sending you sex videos!"

"C'mon, Haru," Rin tugged on Haru's elbow. "Help a guy out."

"Makoto already said no, so..." Haru shrugged, like he had no control over it.

"At least send me some shirtless pics!" Rin begged Makoto.

Makoto took a deep breath. "Fine, fine... I guess..."

"And maybe some shots in the tub at night?" Rin begged.

"Rin," Makoto shook his head.

"You promised no sex for him and you won't even send me some in the tub pics!" Rin pouted.

"Don't guilt him," Haru instructed.

"...I might send you something more... salacious," Makoto broke out into a cold sweat. "Maybe. But Rin, that's totally embarrassing!"

"Aw, it's not embarrassing at all," Rin grinned at him seductively. "You're totally hot and you look great naked!"

"So do I," Haru piped in.

"Yes! Exactly! You guys should take a ton of pictures and videos and send them to me because you're both so damned hot!" Rin beamed.

Haru was looking like he might start agreeing, so Makoto just rubbed his forehead. "Rin, you have to get going, or you'll be late."

Rin pouted. "I want you to promise me!"

"I'm promising you pictures. If you don't go, they'll be pictures of Haru's marimo," Makoto sternly replied.

"You're so much stricter with me than you are with him!" Rin complained.

Makoto lifted Rin's chin and kissed him gently. "Just go. Win. And hurry back... 'Cause though it's hard to believe right now, we'll miss you."

Rin stuck his tongue out at Makoto, and Haru leaned in to try to bite his tongue, but Rin quickly turned it into a kiss. He then picked up his duffle and winked at them. "Love you!" he flashed a peace sign at them and went off.

After the door closed, Haru sighed. "It's already quieter without him," he said, but Makoto couldn't quite tell if he sounded happy or sad about it.

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