title: in your eyes
fandom: Gundam Wing
characters/pairings: Duo/Trowa
rating: Teen
warnings: furtive sex
summary: Duo and Trowa go exploring together...
notes: for the fantabulous Illy-chan, to celebrate the anniversary of XYZYaoi. *tosses confetti* ^_^ sorry it's not better! it's like a rule, if i try to write giftfic...

It was cold, and they needed to huddle together for warmth. They pushed their clothes aside to better conserve heat. At least, that would have been a good excuse, if the heating unit on the colony wasn't malfunctioning, and the air wasn't boiling. They already had sweat on their backs when their clothes hit the floor.

Maybe it was the heat, though. They had to be quiet, because Heero, Quatre, and Chang were in the next room, making plans. It was their rotation to sleep, and they should sleep, because it will be their turn to go to work soon. They didn't even say anything in preamble, but then, they never said much to each other, not when they were alone.

They really didn't need to speak. Trowa's hands move down the gentle planes of Duo's body, causing Duo's cheeks to blush as his hand scoped out land of Duo's hip. Trowa looked into Duo's eyes. Perhaps it was just because they had proximity. Their companions were either too focused on the war, or just not ready yet for these types of adventures, or both. They had each other, and they had an understanding.

To make it easier to not make noise, Trowa kissed Duo, and it was pleasant, so they kissed again, and again. Their tongues touched, and Duo pulled back, for a moment needing to swallow down his laughter at their awkwardness. The next kiss was better, and the next kiss left Trowa groaning.

Duo's hand moved between Trowa's legs. He shivered as much as Trowa did as his hand slipped upward. Their gazes seemed locked together, though in the dark, they could barely make out the color. The light edging the door of the bedroom caught the moisture on their lips in turns as they moved. Their hands fumbled around, until they grabbed a hold of each other's cocks, but they continued to look into each other's eyes.

In the darkness, in the heat, when hands moved like that in unison, when they could only see each other, when their breath was hotter than the afterburn of their Gundams, when each stroke seemed to incite their bodies more and more, when their kisses were wet and biting, when their free hands were busy poking roughly at each other's bodies, they didn't think of it as love, because they weren't that easily duped, but they felt connected, like something was being created between them, and it would change them.

Duo couldn't help moaning as he came, and Trowa leaned forward and bit down on Duo's shoulder. He broke the skin, just barely, so as his body was shuddering, he licked the wound clean.

There were more kisses, and they laid down so they could lick each other clean. Duo snickered as he spread out Trowa's legs, and explored, with fingertips and lips, the hidden expanses there. Trowa ran his hand down Duo's braid, and Duo turned to face Trowa, and they looked at each other, each one imaging that some profound understanding, forged in the heat of playful passion, was capable of communicating whatever was in their hearts.

It was odd, then, slipping back into their boxers, and tank tops, odd, slipping into different beds, across the room from each other, odd, eyelids getting heavy from the musk of sex in the room, odd, to be watching each other as they fell asleep, the sound of Heero's police scanner crackling in the other room, each wondering if another chance to be together might come about, and what they might do with that elusively uncertain next time.