title: injured
fandom: Trinity Blood
characters/pairings: Father Hugue/Father Tres
rating: Teen
warnings: human/robot sex, oral sex
summary: Father Hugue get some help licking his wounds.
notes: for the lovely orlisbunny. *snugs!!*

It was a dark and cold place, like a cave. Father Hugue stood before the forgotten altar of the abandoned church, and slowly stripped to just his pants. Those vampires had been fast, like wolves, their bared fangs wet with the blood of their victims, still. Hugue was still faster, but there were limits. He only knew one man who had no limits, after all.

He looked over his torso, unsurprised by the wide, red gashes. He started to undo his pants. He had too many wounds. It was a nuisance.

The church was not far from the town in which he'd grown up. Places like it were all over Europe; towns that were so ravaged by the enemy that the populace had, almost en masse, picked up and left. Those that didn't leave, presumably, had become food for the enemy. He destroyed the enclave he'd found, and there was no evidence that there were more in the area, so he at least had the luxury of privacy. He considered radioing AX for assistance, but only for a few moments. He considered it better if he didn't involve anyone else. Selfishly, if he involved no one else, he was then beholden to no one else, and altruistically, if he involved no one else, then it was only his own life he was throwing away.

Still, it was going to be hard to treat all of his wounds alone...

He picked up a bottle of antiseptic, and started to pour it over his back.

"Father Hugue. That is an inefficient method of disinfecting your wounds."

He turned suddenly, shocked to see Tres there, just casually watching him. Since when had he...? Of course, Tres wasn't human, so he could excuse his lapse in that way, but. "Father Tres. I wasn't aware of having a choice. Are you here to assist me?"

"Negative," Tres replied without coldness. "I detected signs of life while on a reconnaissance for Lady Caterina. This location is not where you have been assigned."

Hugue smiled to himself. "If you're here about the rogue vampire clan, I've already dealt with them." He turned his back to Tres, and picked up some bandages, dealing with the wounds on his arm. "My apologies to the Cardinal, but I have some more personal business to attend to."

Cold hands took the bandages from his grasp, and started to efficiently tend to his wounds. "Father Hugue, allow me."

He let out a deep breath. It was true, Tres' hands felt good. He tended the wounds quickly, and bandaged up every last one. To clean and cover the wounds on his hip, Tres stripped him naked, but his gaze was efficient, efficient, efficient.

Hugue covered his eyes with his arm. He wasn't even sure what he was thinking. He was unused to the presence of others around him. He was unused to being touched. Those cold hands were careful and gentle, and that felt... good. Those cold eyes saw everything, even what was under his skin.

"Father Hugue." Hugue started, unaware that Tres had been trying to get his attention. "Please hold your hair back so I can bandage this wound."

"Y-yes," he replied shakily, picking up his hair. He was, essentially, posing for Tres, although he doubted that Tres would notice. However, he noticed... noticed how close Tres was standing to him, noticed the way that Tres narrowed his eyes in concentration, and the way his nose was nearly touching Hugue, but he felt no breath...

Tres finished by smoothing down the tape he used, his fingers lingering, it seemed, on Hugue's skin. Hugue moaned softly, biting his lip, but it was too late. Tres was giving him a questioning look. "Father Hugue. Are you injured in any other way?"

Hugue quickly shook his head. "No, no. Thank you for your concern, Tres, but..."

"There is no cause for gratitude. This falls under the parameters of programmed interaction between colleagues. Cause of distress has been verified. You are erect. Shall I assist you?"

Hugue's eyes widened, his jaw slack. He was... what had Tres said?! He looked down, horrified to discover that Tres was correct, and he was, indeed, erect. He blushed, utterly ashamed. "N-no, Tres! This is... that is to say, after so much solitude, and my defenses..."

"There is no need to explain, Father Hugue. This is a normal biological reaction to certain stimuli. The condition has been proven in studies to assist in relieving stress and maintaining healthy blood pressure. I shall assist." Hugue wanted to protest again, but Tres moved with machine efficiency, falling to his knees. His mouth was not hot, nor was it wet, but he took in all of Hugue, all at once, like a vacuum, sealing his lips around Hugue with perfect suction.

Hugue had to moan, had to nearly scream, his pleasure was so great. He grabbed onto Tres' head, digging his fingers into Tres hair. Why... Why did Tres have such soft and silky hair? What... what was he designed to be, really? Why wasn't he... why wasn't he more like a machine? Hard and unyielding and...

"Tr-Tres..." Hugue begged, wrapping his fingers in Tres' artificial hair. With how hot his body was, he could pretend that Tres was hot, too. And he could pretend that Tres was enjoying it, the way he was. It wasn't just a function of human bodies, it was something Tres needed, because he wanted Hugue, because he lusted... because even Hugue... even in the shadowy, painful existence he was in... even him...

Even he wanted...

He screamed, crumpling in half, spilling himself into Tres' mouth. He couldn't swallow, right? What would he do... Hugue slumped over, and he didn't see Tres spit it out, but he didn't see what he did do... would he retain that... sample...

"Are you refreshed, Father Hugue?"

He looked into Tres' blank gaze, and smiled softly. Perhaps... He wanted Tres because he was entirely uncomplicated, because he was able to give Hugue this without Hugue making even a superficial connection to another human being. That was how he wanted it, after all, wasn't it? To walk the path alone? Until the day he could call his mission complete... This was... "Will you be... staying the night with me?"

Tres blinking, calculating. "Mission parameters are suitably fulfilled. A report will be filed upon return to Rome. No new mission parameters have been received. Transport back to Rome cannot be accomplished before sunrise, so a cycle of rest is within parameters."

Hugue could laugh. He grabbed his jacket, slipping it on over his bandages, and grabbed onto Tres' arm. "Well. It suits me. Rest well, Tres."

"Father Hugue. You should return with me to Rome in the morning." Tres settled himself down, giving Hugue the use of his lap for sleeping.

Hugue yawned. "I will, someday. Someday, for sure. I won't send any meaningless messages to Lady Caterina. She understands. She doesn't like it, I'm sure, but she understands.

"I'll be back someday." When his quest was complete.