title: impression
fandom: DC Comics
characters/pairings: Rachel/Harvey, vague Rachel/Bruce
rating: G
warnings: canonical character death
summary: Beginnings can be rocky.
notes: dedicated to smitty ♥

Her first impression of him was horrible. Admittedly, it wasn't her best week. She was still grieving for Carl, still reeling from what she learned about Bruce... Batman. He came into the DA's office, barking about the end to corruption, and she immediately disliked everything about him. She laughed in his face when he told her he was running for DA. She told him to run for dog catcher instead, work his way up.

He asked her out in the middle of cross examining a drug runner for the Russian. He wrote it on the side of the legal brief. He kept turning to ask her, so she finally nodded, furious. He took her to the dirtiest Thai restaurant in Gotham, and dinner ended when he called the health department after a mouse ran out from the kitchen. She took the bus home, glad that at least it was over.

He asked her out again at the office, first thing in the morning the next day while the secretary was still giving him his messages. She stormed off to the records room, and he followed her. She hissed at him about the appropriateness of trolling for dates at work. He made an allusion to her relationship with Carl, and she slapped him across the face as hard as she could. Later that afternoon, he left a package of sunflower seeds. Either he noticed that she ate them, or he noticed that they were the cheapest thing in the vending machine. She wasn't giving him much credit then.

He waited a week before asking her out again. Each day, she'd gotten back to lunch to find a bag of sunflower seeds on her desk, including a large store-bought bag on her desk on Friday. They'd just won a case that would put away one of the Russian's deputies, and he waited until they were outside the court. In fact, he called her on her cell while he was three seats behind her on the train. It felt like giving in to accept, but there was one reason why she did: she had called Bruce on the way out of the courthouse and he'd hung up on her. Spite was a terrible reason for anything, she knew.

He took her out to a nice Italian restaurant, made funny jokes, and kissed her hand as he put her in a cab.

She didn't think of it as dating. It was dinner with a colleague. After a month or so, after working long hours and spending time with him out of work, she started to see things. He was an ass, sure, but he was dedicated to getting the job done. During his campaign, she worked for him, in the library, in the court, at rallies and parties... whatever he needed. She said it over and over, he was the one to get the job done. She started to believe it.

It was two in the morning when the results rolled in; they were in the office, slogging through paperwork, too jazzed to go home, anyway. He picked her up and twirled her around and kissed her, like she hadn't remembered ever being kissed before. It was damned embarrassing! Her cheeks were flushed and she had to hold onto him a bit when he put her down because her knees were weak. To cover for it, she made a swoony face at him, and trilled, Harvey Dent, my hero!

He looked at her seriously, and replied, If you want a hero, Gordon's got an overgrown flashlight he uses to get one. I'm just a guy, doing my best. And falling for the most beautiful girl in the world.

Damn him, she thought, but against all her best intentions and even her worst intentions, maybe that was when she started to fall for him.

She remembered all of that, and more, as she was trying to wake him so she could talk to him, for the last time, probably.

Her last thought, though, was for Bruce; her last thoughts were of gratitude.