title: if wishes were skies
fandom: xxxHolic
characters/pairings: Yuuko, Maru, Moro, Mokona, Delirium, Death, Dream, Watanuki, Doumeki
rating: G
warnings: delirium!
summary: Yuuko entertains some Endless.
notes: for unpunished, for this request on fic on demand.

She watched Watanuki and Doumeki go down the lane, Watanuki shaking his fist at Doumeki, who pretended to ignore him. The night air was perfectly crisp, and the stars were unusually bright. The moon was veiled by the branches of the tree in the yard, looking demure.

There was a pink smell coming from the house.

Guests to her residence were always welcome, as they never came without leaving something of value behind, and guests of value were never welcomed to leave. Maru and Moro were dancing in the hallway, singing something about delirious death dreams...

Well, well.

She entered her parlor to find a gawky, awkward-looking girl painting her walls with cotton candy that resembled greatly the tuft of hair pulled back at the back of her head. She wore a plain tank top that made her torso look like a sack of beaten potatoes. Around her hips, a dirty tutu billowed, constantly changing colors, like water sloshing back and forth between different bars of the rainbow. She had no tights, but worn out ballet slippers were improperly tied around her ankles.

Yuuko smiled brightly, and opened her arms. "Delirium! It's been a long time, hasn't it?"

"I don't have a watch!" the girl replied brightly, and then she ran around Yuuko three times, bit an exposed part of her thigh, and then proceeded to crawl up the wall to the ceiling. She hung down from a rafter like some monster in a video game, albeit a very brightly colored one. "Your hair is black like spiders still."

"Thank you," Yuuko grinned, feigning a demure response by partially covering her mouth, and batting her eyelashes. Not that it made much difference to Delirium, because she then proceeded to start licking the rafters.

"Delirium, come down," her older sister coaxed. Delirium instantly obeyed, but she just went to licking the tatami mats, so perhaps the rafters just weren't that tasty.

Death shook her head, smiling lightly. She was dressed as always, in a skinny black camisole and black leather pants, her shiny silver ankh catching the candlelight, but there was a slight tightness around her eyes that was most likely due to spending time with family, despite how much she liked these siblings. She was sitting on top of Yuuko's chaise, stretched out behind her brother Dream, who looked... as bleak as ever, and unimpressively attired. He was on her chaise, hunched over gloomily, not even looking up to greet her.

She bowed to Death and winked. "Your're as beautiful as always, dear child. It's an honor, of course, to have you in my house. At least, that is, unless you plan on escorting me out?"

Death laughed cheerfully. "I would be afraid to even try. No, I'm only accompanying my brother here."

Yuuko raised an eyebrow. That was unfortunate. So the one with a wish was...

Deliurum shoved a bouquet of torn up napkins tied together with a twist tie in her face. "Here, Yuuko. Even more beautiful than your hair! Can I take a piss?"

"I'd appreciate it if you let Maru and Moro lead you to a place for your comfort," Yuuko inclined her head in thanks.

"'Sokay, I was just wondering if I could." She bent down in half and tried to look between her legs. Maru and Moro, having heard their names, came dancing in to circle Delirium, singing about looking and poking. Delirium grabbed a hand of each and joined their song.

Smiling, Yuuko spread her skirt out to the point of indecency, and folded her legs under her gracefully. She let the skirt trail to her side, like a train, and put her hands on her knees. "My Lord Dream, you have a wish that I can grant for you?" She even made a show of bowing slightly before him.

Clow didn't require such theatrics! Behind Dream, Death snickered softly. However, Dream lifted his head, and turned his abyss-like gaze onto her for the first time. Slowly, from the pocket inside his tattered jacket, he pulled out what appeared to be a pair of rings.

Wedding rings.

"I wish that these did not exist."


She leaned over to go through the gesture of looking over the rings. She glanced quickly at Death, who was busy not looking at them, but obviously paying very close attention. She smiled ceremoniously at Dream. "My Lord, there are some things in this world that, once done, cannot be undone, even through powerful wishing."

He scowled and hunkered down even further. Death sighed, exasperated, and swatted the top of his head. "I keep telling you, you've got to..."

"If it was a question of compensation..." he began, ignoring his older sister.

Yuuko, though, was forced to shake her head. "Your sister has already and unexpectedly compensated me with more than I could ask for," she sighed, putting Delirium's napkin flowers in a small vase on the table. "It is I, therefore, that must ask you if you are sure there is no other wish I could grant for you. One, perhaps, less... expansive."

Dream's deep and dark eyes were fixed on the rings, his body entirely still. Slowly, he moved one thin, long hand over his face until they covered his eyes. His shoulders shook, but whether from grief or rage, she could not tell. "I never want to see them again," he gloomily, and somewhat petulantly, stated.

She nodded, and brightly smiled. Carefully, she reached out, and took the rings, wrapping her fingers around them so the rings disappeared from view. "That can be arranged."

He looked up at her, and she might have detected a glint of gratitude. There was no way to tell for sure, though, because a more impenetrable gaze, she had never met. Even Clow's endless smiles were more decipherable. "Thank you."

He got up suddenly, and pulled his jacket closed around him. Even the air that touched his skin took on a dingy grey quality. He walked purposefully out of her parlor, and from there, perhaps, into someone's dream.

She did not envy that person.

"Hey!" Death sighed. She smiled weakly at Yuuko, half shrugged. "I'd apologize for my brother, but..."

She dismissed Death's distress casually. "You have enough to do with your time, I understand. Someday when you're feeling up to it, please come back for some drinks!" Yuuko invited, beaming.

Death winked at her. "Delirium, it's time to go!"

"Time again," the girl whined. "I don't like time!"

"Well, please don't tell Destiny," Death shrugged, still grinning. "He'll take it the wrong way and become even less talkative."

"I baked puppyhair muffins for him. I don't think he ate them, though," Delirium helpfully informed her sister, scratching her tuft of hair, which was now shimmeringly gold.

"There weren't puppies in them, right?" Death asked, choking back a laugh.

"No, puppyhair muffins," Delirium clarified earnestly.

"Ah, well, I'm sure he enjoyed them eventually," Death snickered. They were escorted to the door by Maru and Moro, who sadly bade Delirium farewell.

Yuuko sighed to herself. She opened her hand and looked down at the two sad rings in her palm. "It was too late to warn him not to do things he'll end up regretting. Anyway, that's what big sisters are for. Now! Where to put you two?"

"Mokono knows where they're going," the small black blob laughed as he bounced in, landing on her shoulder. "But Mokono wants Watanuki to cook for him if he's got to eat those."

She nodded absently. "They'll definitely give you bad dreams," she concurred.

Watanuki stumbled and nearly clattered to the floor, only spared because Doumeki caught him. Of course, this was even worse for him than falling, so his shouts escalated in volume.

Lazily, Yuuko stretched her legs out in front of her as she reclined on the porch, leaning back some to gaze up at the moon. It occurred to her, randomly, that Clow and Dream had to meet in Dream's domain, from time to time. That was a tea party Yuuko wanted to be invited to someday.


Watanuki appeared about to smash the tray on Doumeki's head, so she called out sweetly, "Wa~ta~NU~kiiiiii!"

He spun on his heal, once again was saved from nearly toppling by Doumeki, glared once again at his savior, and then stomped out to her. "Yes?"

She wiggled her empty glass at him, and he nearly exploded from exasperation. Maru, Moro, and Mokono fell into a cute little heap together, all laughing uproariously. "Oh, and, when you bring out the new bottle, please bring out two petals from the flowers on my table."

That caused Watanuki to still. He looked over his shoulder at the small vase, and the strange multicolored flowers that bloomed from ink-black stems. "Those? What for?"

"For drinking, of course!" she laughed. Mokono bounced up from the pile, cheering.

"Yay! Drinking! Petals! Mokono wants a bigger glass!"

Yuuko grinned at Mokono, but Watanuki just made a face. "Is that safe? Those flowers..."

"They were a gift from a very special person. If you like, you can try a glass yourself. They're best in alcohol, but really any liquid will do." Doumeki immediately sat up and glared at her. Oops! He must have somehow suspected that she had evil intentions for Watanuki.

Maru and Moro, though, also jumped up, and started to dance together.

"Watanuki will drink Delly flowers!"

"Delly flowers will make Watanuki dance!"

They stopped suddenly, started to scream and wave their arms above their heads like maniacs, running around each other until they slammed into each other, full force, fell on their rears, and curled up laughing.

Shrinking back, Watanuki stammered, "I, uh, th-think I'll pass... does it matter what color of petal I get?" he asked, frowning.

"Mokono wants a blue peta!" Mokono declared, jumping into Yuuko's lap.

"Ah? Well, then, I'll have a yellow one," Yuuko laughed. It didn't matter what color they were, but.

Doumeki sat back, but he still watched her distrustfully. She quickly slipped the rings out from her sleeves, and Mokono ate them down. Watanuki was back then, with two, larger, new glasses, one with a yellow petal at the bottom, and one with a blue petal at the bottom. He filled the glasses with sake, giving her an anxious glance.

"Don't worry," she assured him. "It's fine." She and Mokono raised their glasses and toasted each other.

"No life is complete without a taste of Delirium, after all!"