fandom: Prince of Tennis
characters/pairings: Yumiko, Tezuka/Fuji
rating: G
warnings: none
summary: Yumiko considers her brother's boyfriend.
notes: for indeliblefancy, for this request on fic on demand.

She followed them, watching her brother's hands on his arm. Syuusuke led them on a winding path through the stalls and games, stopping, seemingly at random, whenever the whim took him. He was tolerant, even indulgent, and his gaze rarely strayed far from her brother.

Her brother was wearing one of Yuuta's old yukatas. Yuuta hadn't wanted to come along tonight, opting to go to an arcade with some of his school friends. Syuusuke wore his yukata, in part at least, to retain a sense of having his brother at his side.

Yumiko could understand the feeling, very well.

He offered to buy Syuusuke a charm, a small thing that captured Syuusuke's interest for more than a moment. Syuusuke begged off, but then he went to help a young boy pick out a gift for a girl. Syuusuke was very good with young people. While he was distracted, Tezuka bought the charm, and hid it among the folds of yukata.

Tezuka looked very handsome in traditional clothes, as if he had stepped out of time. His yukata was plain, and rather masculine. Yumiko imagined him in a hakama, and smiled to herself.

Syuusuke decided that he did want sembei, and insisted that Yumiko and Tezuka wait while he went back. They both knew that he did this so he could buy only wasabi flavored ones, but they did as they were told, for different reasons.

She watched him watching Syuusuke, his brow furrowing slightly when Syuusuke got out of his line of sight. He wasn't paying any attention to her at all. Later, she would join up with some friend she ran into, or she would just leave them, and Tezuka would take Syuusuke over to the reflecting pool, probably. He would fit the charm around Syuusuke's neck, letting his fingers linger on Syuusuke's skin, and he would kiss the nape of Syuusuke's neck. Syuusuke would turn, his eyes wicked, and he would take Tezuka's hands and draw him away to someplace they could pretend offered privacy.

She looked down at Tezuka's hands, partially hidden in his sleeves. She wasn't jealous, because Syuusuke was her cute little brother, and he deserved to get what he wanted. Tezuka was Syuusuke's age, even though he looked so much closer to her age. And Tezuka would draw Syuusuke along with him, and together, they would achieve great things.

Accepting this, she leaned up and kissed the corner of Tezuka's mouth.

He turned and stared at her, but he still wasn't seeing her.

Syuusuke returned, and made Tezuka eat some wasabi sembei. He laughed as Tezuka forced himself to swallow it down quickly.

Yumiko hung back, and watched them as they got further and further ahead of her.

She wasn't jealous.

She could still fantasize, after all.