title: higher
fandom: Prince of Tennis
characters/pairings: Yuushi/Gakuto, Hyotei
rating: G
warnings: none
summary: Gakuto prepares.
notes: for iron_tennis, week 2, because people should love Gakuto more. *nods*

The cicadas were buzzing like mad. The back of his neck was sticky, and his hair was wet with sweat. Jirou was already asleep. Atobe was teaching some second years about respect, and fear. Yuushi said he was going to get the records books for Atobe, but he was around the corner, flirting with all the tennis fanclub girls.

Gakuto jumped.

Not high enough, not nearly high enough, he did a flip, jumped harder, jumped higher. He bent his legs so he knees nearly touched the ground, and he jumped higher, and higher still.

He touched his toes in the air. He spun around like a dervish. He did two flips.

Needed to be higher...

He landed on the ground, and Yuushi caught him by the waist. Gakuto was well familiar with the sound of Yuushi's voice, and he knew when the prick was thickening his accent on purpose. He also knew what that meant. "Are you trying to fly away from me, Gakuto?"

Grinning, Gakuto squirmed out of Yuushi's grip. "Can you catch me, Yuushi?"

"Always, baby, always," Yuushi smirked.

Gakuto laughed, and jumped over the short fence separating the courts from the stands. "Show me, then, prodigy."

Shishido rolled his eyes, but Gakuto took insane pleasure from ignoring the guy. Besides, he had to keep an eye on Yuushi, smirking, his arms folded over his chest, strolling over as Gakuto jumped.

Getting caught was only fun if you could get away again to be caught again, and again.