title: hear it from
fandom: Loveless
characters/pairings: one-sided OC/Kio, platonic Kio/Soubi
rating: G
warnings: none
summary: Soubi deals with one of Kio's admirers...
notes: this is probably based, at least partially, on things said between bryan and i during and in prep for logs in _gamesweplay, so, dedicated to my beloved bryan.

It was never hard to find Agatsuma, at least, not on the days that he chose to come to school. After all, there was always a tittering trail of girls whispering furiously to each other, and holding each other's hands, all leading up to the man himself.

Today, he was in the window of the studio, leaning against the frame, smoking a cigarette. He could see a girl or two taking a picture with their cell phones, and he didn't blame them. He couldn't stand the prick, but he'd still would have liked to paint him. There was an air of casual tragedy that followed Agatsuma, like a cloud curled around a rain god.

It was a fortunate day for him, though, because Kio was still in a lecture. It was his chance.

He threw back his shoulders, and marched up to Agatsuma. He kept his chin up, and forced himself to scowl as impressively as he could. Still, that only earned him a passing glace. "I'd like to talk to you. About Kio."

"Eh?" Agatsuma slowly unwound his legs, stretching them out. The man was ridiculously tall... such height was clearly unnecessary! It was almost like Agatsuma was trying to emphasize his lack of ears or tail with his extraordinary height. "Yes?" He wasn't looking at the person who was talking to him, though, his eyes unfocused, his smile generically pleasant.

To Agatsuma, Hiro might have just been any other random person, but it didn't matter. He was talking to this arrogant person for Kio's sake. "I'd like to go out with Kio."

Agatsuma blinked a few times, leaning his head back to look up at Hiro. "Oh? That's really something you should discuss with Kio, isn't it?" The way he furrowed his brow, the inclination of his tone, it was like he was genuinely curious, but the curl of his lips was purely condescending.

Hiro set his jaw. He would not back down from this bastard. "I have tried, but there's a problem. See, for Kio, the world revolves around you. He does everything for you, and arranges everything around you, so it's hard to get him to see anyone else."

"Ah," Agatsuma yawned, and took a drag from his cigarette. "Well. Why are you talking to me, again?"

Hiro snarled. "You bastard! Don't you even care? He sacrifices himself, waiting for you to notice him, and you just take advantage of him and give him nothing in return! If you have no intention of being anything to him but a pain in the ass, you should do the honorable thing and reject him, so he can move on!" He knew that he was gathering attention, and not the good kind. This would probably get back to Kio, but it was necessary, wasn't it? How long would Kio let himself be a toy of this person? Even if Kio hated him, it would be worth it, if it got Kio free.

Agatsuma just took a longer drag of his cigarette, and then exhaled, letting the long trail of smoke drift upward toward Hiro. He stretched out his long arms over his head, and then looked up at Hiro with a cruel smile. "Kio is only my friend. He knows this. I've never promised him anything, and he's never asked anything from me. What business is it of yours, then? If you want to be something to Kio, it has nothing to do with me. I'm not in the way. If you can't be anything to Kio, well, that has nothing to do with me, either. This is a conversation you should have with Kio, I think."

Hiro balled his hands up into fists, and stormed off. Clearly, there was no talking to that selfish bastard. If Kio couldn't see through Agatsuma, well, then, Hiro had done all that he could.

Kio probably wouldn't understand that as much as he was pining for Agatsuma, there were others who were pining for Kio in just the same way.

Kio grabbed Soubi by the arm as soon as he came into the studio. Well, that wasn't surprising, and Soubi didn't resist him. It was easier not to resist. Whatever had Kio in a fury was likely something that Soubi had neglected, and regardless, Kio would not quiet down until he'd had his say, so Soubi had to just wait him out.

This time, however, Kio was not being loud. It was unusual, but pleasant, so Soubi didn't complain. Kio dragged Soubi out to a stairwell, and shoved him up against a wall.

Soubi waited.

"I understand Hiro... spoke to you about me?" Kio asked, biting his lip uncharacteristically.

"Mm?" Soubi cocked his head to the side. "Who is Hiro?"

Kio blinked. "Hiro. Hiro, Sou-chan. Hiro's been with us in school since the first year. Shaggy dark hair, wire-rimmed glasses, kinda abnormally thick lips?"

Soubi thought about it for a moment. "No, I don't know any Hiro."

"Well..." Kio stepped back, clearly a bit confused. "Someone talked to you about me, then. A-about our relationship."

"Did they?" Soubi pondered it. "I don't remember that." He smiled brightly. "You must have heard wrong."

"Sou~chan!" Kio whined. "I heard about it from three different girls and Hiro himself! Stop pretending you don't know what I'm talking about!" He stamped his foot and pounded his fists against his side.

Soubi reached out and grabbed Kio's wrists. "Stop that. No one talked to me about you, Kio. So don't worry."

"You aren't... mad at me or anything?" Kio asked, ducking his head down so he could look up at Soubi from under his bangs.

"Mad at you?" Soubi shook his head, and smiled. "Don't be silly. Why would I be mad at you? We're going to be late for class, right?" Kio hated to be late for class. Soubi patted him on the cheek. "Really, Kio. You don't need to find out about what's going on between us from anyone but me, do you?" He started back to the studio. He didn't really care if they were late for class, but if they were, Kio would scold him for it, even if it were Kio's fault.

"Sou~chan!" Kio threw himself at Soubi's back, hugging him tightly. "So, you admit it, there is something going on between us!"

"Did I?" Soubi yawned. "Well, we're friends, right?"


Soubi sighed. School wasn't worth it, really, at least, not all the time.