title: hard truth
fandom: Prince of Tennis
characters/pairings: Atobe, Yuushi/Gakuto, Shishido, Ohtori, Kabaji, Jirou, OFCs
summary: Atobe steps in to set things right with his team
notes: a sequel to Lies, Lies because i just couldn't leave them there... *weeps* as always, pretending they are in high school...

"A~to~be~sa~ma!" The pouting girl flopped down next to him, putting her head on his arm. "Oshitari-kun is being all... sulky! Make him stop!"

Atobe was currently quite occupied. He had just gotten the two girls he was responsible for to take off their shirts and start kissing. Oshitari only had one girl, and he was too busy crooning sad love songs to bother entertaining her.

This situation couldn't continue much longer.

He smiled sexily at Oshitari's girl, and she giggled. "Forget about that sour puss, baby. Why don't you come and play with us?"

All three girls giggled, and Atobe smirked.

Oshitari started another depressing love song as Atobe permitted the girls to open his pants.

They parted ways outside the karaoke. Oshitari was watching his feet, and shuffling. The three girls (who were wearing each other's clothes now) were all holding onto each other, and giggling. Atobe was mostly satisfied with the way the evening went.

He glared at the hulking back of the dissatisfying part of the evening.

Catching up to Oshitari wasn't hard. Keeping pace with him as he slouched down the street was. Atobe archly watched him for a moment before speaking, breezily. "After the history test tomorrow, let's blow chemistry and go to the roof. I got some interesting new videos. We can take my portable dvd player, and blow off some steam."

"I don't think I'm going to school tomorrow," Oshitari sighed, mournfully.

Atobe twisted his mouth in disgust. Ever since those pictures of Oshitari and Aki showed up, the Kansai princess had been a total angst queen. It was old already. And Mukahi had been a bitter little bitch. More so, at least.

This was coming to a stop, now.

"If you miss another test, you're grades will drop."

Oshitari shrugged.

"I suppose if you are missing school, you plan on missing practice. You do realize that you are damned close to being kicked off the team, don't you?" Atobe narrowed his eyes.

"So?" Oshitari shrugged, again.

Atobe gritted his teeth. "If you get kicked off the team, your cute little ass is back in Kyoto, where I'm sure your mother has a whole stable of suitably boring girls for you to pick a bride from."

"Maybe that would be for the best," Oshitari sighed, despondent.

Atobe thwacked him upside the head. "Get to practice tomorrow, or I'll deny I ever knew you."

"Atobe..." Oshitari started.

He was being ignored, though. Atobe hailed a cab. "No excuses. I expect to see you there. And you know how I hate to have my expectations dashed."

He didn't offer to share the cab. It would do the pouting freak good to walk home.

And Atobe needed to plan.

Oshitari was, indeed, at school the next day, though he spent most of the time during the test doodling Mukahi's name in little hearts. Atobe wasn't concerned about that; he'd probably still end up in the top five.

The only thing that mattered was that he came to practice.

Atobe was ready early, for a change. He posted a new training menu in the clubhouse, but it was so rare for him to care that much about what anyone else in the club was doing, he wasn't surprised that everyone was going to their usual positions.

Smirking, he grabbed Mukahi's elbow as he was walking. "Where do you think you're going? We're on court B."

"What?" Mukahi blinked, and then glared, his lower lip protruding. "What the hell, Captain?"

Ok, Atobe could see what Oshitari meant about Mukahi. Still. "We're playing Shishido and Ohtori on court B. Let's go."

"What?" Mukahi still wasn't moving an inch on his own, but he was tiny compared to Atobe. "Hey! Where are you dragging me?! You're playing doubles?"

Atobe sighed dramatically. "Well," he drawled, "since you and Oshitari can't get along, I'm testing out some new combinations. You'd prefer it this way, wouldn't you?" He gave Mukahi a meaningful glace.

It was quite clear that he did not prefer it that way, but he'd be damned before he said anything. He just rolled his eyes and pouted. "Fine, fine, whatever. Man, making such a big deal over this..."

Atobe smirked. Kabaji was poking Oshitari on the shoulder, who was completely shocked because he was staring at Atobe and Mukahi. He pulled Mukahi closer, and slipped his arm around Mukahi's waist. He whispered into Mukahi's ear, "Now, don't forget, I didn't become Captain based on my beauty. I expect to win."

Mukahi shuddered and pulled away from Atobe, turning bright red. Off on court A, Oshitari looked like his head might explode. "Wh-what the fuck!? Yeah, yeah, I get it already, ok, back off!" Mukahi stormed off to the court.

Atobe might just fall over dead from swallowed laughter.

Shishido was watching him distrustfully, but Ohtori was as cheerful as ever. Oshitari went to his position on the court next to them, but he was watching Atobe and Mukahi only, and he completely missed Kabaji's first serve.

This would be fun.

He slapped Mukahi on the ass when he made a great acrobatic save, and he slapped him harder when he totally missed a lob. Each time, Oshitari got redder in the face, and so did Mukahi. His Captain's fond attention was shaking him up, which gave Atobe even more reasons to touch him and paw him, for correction, obviously.

In the third game, Gakuto swung and completely missed a shot that would have been critical. It was Kabaji's serve, again, and Oshitari only had eyes for Mukahi, as always.


He slipped his hand under Mukahi's too loose shirt, and down under his shorts, and boxers, so he could pinch his ass.

Cute, round little ass it was, too.

"How many times do I have to tell you, Gakuto, you can't miss those important shots," Atobe purred.

Mukahi squawked, and jumped back, but Atobe kept his hand on Mukahi's ass.

Shishido complained about getting on with the game, but Oshitari was leaping over their net, and in the next second, his fist was connecting with Atobe's face.

That certainly wasn't in the plan.

"What the hell do you think you are doing, you pervert!?"

"Just what the hell are you thinking, you psychopath?!"

It would have been funny that they had talked over each other, but Oshitari had a decent hook. Atobe was pissed. "I can't even think of how many laps you are running. Why don't you get started, and I'll let you know if I want you to stop."

"Go fuck yourself," Oshitari spat out. "You think you can do anything you like, just because you are the Captain!? Keep your damned hands to yourself!"

"What?" Atobe smirked, innocently. "I thought that was how Mukahi liked to play doubles."

Oshitari seized Atobe by the collar. "You'd better think about what you just said, asshole, before I tear you a new one."

"Yuushi!" Mukahi was trying to drag Oshitari off of Atobe, to little effect. "Get off! Fuck's sake... Who ever asked you to interfere, anyway?!"

Oshitari froze, his eyes widening, and he dropped his grip on Atobe. "Fine," he said, his voice dead. "F-fine. I'll just get out of your way, then." He slouched off, leaving his racquet behind on court A, discarded.

Atobe sighed, and looked up at the distraught Mukahi. "Don't you think it's about time you went after him? He just got into a world of trouble for your sake. Isn't that proof enough of how he feels?" Atobe rubbed his face. Taking care of a team was so tiring...

Mukahi bit his lip, and then jogged off after him.

Shishido offered Atobe a hand up, grinning a bit too widely. "Looks like your machinations didn't go quite like how you planned."

Behind him, Ohtori was fussing like mad. "Should we go after them, Shishido-san?"

"Leave them be," Atobe sighed wearily. "They'll either work it out, or we really will need a new doubles team. Kabaji, get me ice!"


"Yuushi!" Gakuto stopped dead in his tracks. Yuushi had finally come to a stop, under his favorite tree to nap under during practice. He had his back to Gakuto, and his shoulders were slumped.

Gakuto bit his lip. He wasn't really sure... All the girls in the whole damned school, it seemed, were all bummed because Yuushi was being all depressing lately. There were no rumors about him and he wasn't sneaking out of class to flirt or anything. Still, Gakuto wasn't really sure what was going on. Ever since their... encounter in the arcade, they'd had no contact at all. It was like living in vacuum, no voice messages or text messages. No hour long phone conversations before going to bed. No in between class encounters that dragged out so they ended up skipping class and making better use of the math teacher's desk than that old fart ever would. No meetings before school that caused them to be late to homeroom. No dalliances in the clubhouse when everyone else had changed. No long walks home after practice, sometimes just holding hands, just... chatting. Cattily ripping apart the lack of fashion sense of all the passer-byers, and gossiping about people in school.

It was lonely.

And now, Yuushi was right in front of him, and he didn't know what to say. Gakuto stared at the ground. He swallowed hard, and gathered up all of his courage. "Thanks. Atobe was being an ass. But you didn't have to hit him," Gakuto added quickly. Not like he asked Yuushi to get into trouble for him, after all.

Yuushi chuckled humorlessly. "Can't get anything right, can I?"

Gakuto took a step closer, and balled his hands into fists. Yuushi could be so... And he should say.... But he doesn't want to, not until... He huffed. "You know, if you miss any more practice, dolt, you're going to be kicked off the team. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if Atobe kicks you off now, though you two are such good friends."

Yuushi shrugged. "I probably will be kicked off. I'll have to go back to Kyoto, so I'll be out of your way forever, soon."

Gakuto froze. "Wh-what? You're leaving? You don't even care?!"

Shrugging, Yuushi turned. His eyes and cheeks were wet. "What difference does it make? I screwed up, or something. If I don't have you, then there's no point in my being here anyway."

"Well!" Gakuto waved his arms around, uselessly. "That's all your fault! And anyway, you're leaving?! Who said that's what I wanted?!"

"You said..." Yuushi narrowed his eyes, and spoke slowly, confused. "You said you didn't care. You said you were done with me."

"What, that's it?! That's why?! Because you didn't even try to convince me that I was wrong!" Gakuto pointed his finger at Yuushi accusingly.

Yuushi furrowed his brow. "I don't understand."

"Well, that's because you're an idiot. I shouldn't put up with you. But I guess." Gakuto stared up at the sky. "I mean, if you swear you'll be 100% faithful, I guess I can take you back. 'Cause maybe I love you or something," he mumbled. "But you have to really mean it!"

Whatever else Gakuto was going to say was swallowed up as Yuushi swept him up into his arms, and kissed him like they'd been fucking for hours. Somehow, they ended up on the ground, with Yuushi above him. "Baby, I'd do anything to be with you again."

"Good!" Gakuto glared, reminding himself that he was angry and he was right and he couldn't let Yuushi just roll him over and have his wicked way with him well maybe a little no! He was mad! "Because I swear to god, if you cheat on me ever again or take me at my word when I say I'm using you for sex when clearly I care about you, well, then, I'll send you off to Kyoto myself."

Yuushi smirked. Damn it, he had gorgeous eyes. "I'll never hurt you again, baby. But... say it again, please?" He was purring and he was laying on the accent thick and he was looking at Gakuto...

"Don't fuck up!" Gakuto commanded, weakly.

"Please?" Yuushi begged, grinding into Gakuto a little.

Gakuto pouted. Yuushi wasn't being fair. "Maybe I love you or something."

Yuushi beamed. "Of course you do, baby. We're soulmates."

Rolling his eyes, Gakuto squirmed under Yuushi. "Yeah, yeah, just don't fuck this up, soulmate, or I'll kick your ass."

Yuushi kissed Gakuto hard enough to make him forget damned near everything that had ever happened ever. "Baby, I am yours to command."

Gakuto wound his arms around Yuushi's neck and grinned.

Making up was so proportional to how much they'd been fighting. This was gonna be great.

Atobe barked at some useless first years as he pressed the ice pack to his beautiful face. That Oshitari was going to pay, damn it. In the face!

Jirou plopped down next to him on the bench, and yawned.

He raised an eyebrow. "Well, well. This is surprising. Practice isn't half over and you're already awake. To what do we owe this pleasure, Jirou?"

Jirou was still yawning, but that didn't stop him from trying to talk, too. "Mmhmm, Mukahi and Oshitari are having really loud sex, and I couldn't sleep!" He looked at Atobe expectantly, as if it was the Captain's duty to make sure Jirou got a full twenty hours of sleep a day.

Atobe just smiled, though. "Ah, well, better than them fighting still, right? At least now, we have a doubles team..."

Jirou did not look convinced. "But I was napping."

Atobe patted him on the head. Jirou could get by with cuteness.

Oshitari would be running laps from here until the end of time, though. After he was done having loud sex, of course.