title: Graduating
fandom: Hikaru no Go
characters/pairings: Hikaru, Akira, Waya, Sai (from Naruto)
rating: G/Teen
warnings: some language, some violence, ninjas, Sai (from Naruto)
summary: It's the first day as genin for Waya, Hikaru, and Akira.
notes: written for Round 011 of blind go

The ninja academy teacher's last words from graduation echoed in Waya's ears. Childhood for a shinobi ends when he or she becomes a genin. Take your responsibilities seriously! Waya had every intention of doing so. He'd pushed himself to graduate as quickly as he could, but he still wasn't sure if he had any special skills. Anything to make him stand out. He hadn't given that any real thought, because he'd been pretty damned thrilled to graduate. And yet. Now.

When the first read the assignments of teams, he'd felt his heart sink, hearing his name sandwiched between those two names. It was probably pretty obvious. He was a dead-middle kind of student. Naturally, there was someone really exceptional on his team, and someone... no one could really figure out how he had passed the graduation exam.

As if those two weren't bad enough, now, standing before them...

"So!" their new teacher said brightly. Though, the more cheerful he made himself look, the scarier he seemed to Waya. "Let's see. Who do we have? Mm. Touya Akira?"

"Yes, sir," that Touya replied right away. Waya gave him a sidelong look. The name Touya was famous, even in other shinobi countries. Their bloodline carried superhuman foresight, a kind of strategic planning, but to such a great extent, it was said they could even see into the future, in bright bursts.

Their new jonin teacher nodded, and he looked back at his scroll. "Yoshitaka Waya?"

"That's me, sir!" Waya burst out. And then immediately regretted the force of his voice.

Sensei winced a bit, too. And sighed. "And finally... Shindou Hikaru?"

"Yup!" Shindou raised his hand. Raised his hand! And grinned. "Present and ready to kick ass!"

"Ah, delightful," their sensei sighed. "Well, before we get to any of that... I'm supposed to give you another graduation test."

Even that Touya looked a bit rattled at that. Shindou's jaw dropped and he started to groan. At least Waya had more composure than that...

"Apparently, this is the custom of the village. I wouldn't know because my education and training was... unorthodox. You can't, however, fully become a genin until you've been given another test. By me. And then, I suppose, you will be able to call me Sai-sensei, and we can..."

"Your name is Sai? That's so cool! That's my ghost's name!" Shindou burst out, as if he wasn't listening to anything else sensei was saying.

"I don't give a shit about your personal life," Sai-sensei continued on, in an upbeat and happy voice.

This guy... was seriously scary.

"Well, since I didn't really go through this type of... graduation, I really don't have much of a better clue than you idiots. Naruto said that his team had to do something with bells... or something... but it sounded like it involved obtaining bells myself. And then potentially letting you little fuckers touch me. So here's what we're going to do instead. I'm going to keep attacking you for as long as I feel like, and if you all survive, well, then I guess we'll be a team. And I'll have to teach you. Which, to be completely honest," that damned Touya suddenly leapt up into the air, "I'd rather not do," sensei swept his brush across the scroll, his hand rapidly jerking as he moved it, and instantly ten dragons burst forth from the paper, "so I'm really not going to hold back in the slightest."


Waya didn't really have any time for any kind of defensive jutsu. And that fucking Touya realized this was going to happen a split second before it happened, and ran away! Fucker! He jumped back, halfway falling behind Shindou, who... fucking hell... screeched like a little girl and threw his arms over his face!

They were all going to die here. Well, maybe not that fucking Touya, but then Waya would haunt his fucking ass until he wished he was dead...

There was a bright burst of light and smoke, and then the sound of ink splashing. Waya looked up...

Shindou's arms had transformed into huge shields. What. What the hell...? What kind of jutsu was that? Something tingled on the back of Waya's brain... Shindou's family weren't ninjas. He'd entered the school as the first in his family. And... there'd been some kind of incident in his home village...?


Waya looked up. That damned Touya was leaping down, throwing kunai at sensei's scroll, and head. His 'sneak attack' would definitely have gone better if he hadn't screamed out to announce it, but that was sort of moot since sensei's extremely fast hand moved across his scroll again, and instantly, a huge tentacle swung up, brushing aside all the kunai and sending Touya flying.

Right at them. All the kunai, right at them.

That fucking Touya...!

Shindou yelped... and suddenly... his arm was a great, long broadsword, and he was swinging it down with such force, it decimated the kunai.

Waya didn't know what was going on, but he couldn't just stand there and gape and watch, so he jumped out, breaking Touya's fall. "Brilliant plan, Mr. Top Student," he jeered.

Well, there was no point to helping him unless he could rub it in the smug bastard's...

Touya just grunted, and got up, pushing off against Waya.

Against his face.

"Shindou, just what kind of jutsu is that?" Touya demanded.

"Children, you don't really have time to flirt at the moment," Sai-sensei cheerfully called out, and just then, snarling wolves jumped out to attack them.

This was the worst day of Waya's life.

Somehow, he was able to dodge. He halfway noticed that one of Shindou's arms became a mace. And, it seemed like Shindou was arguing with himself. Well, whatever. Touya was planning something. Whatever it was, it was probably going to fail, too. This wasn't like they were sparring with classmates, after all. When sensei mentioned Naruto, he really meant the Naruto, the Hokage. What exactly were three kids who never spoke before this going to do against a guy who typically fought with the Hokage?

Besides die.

Waya threw out a kunai, desperate, having the sense to attach an exploding tag to it. Of course, though, Sai-sensei was able to dodge that easily, but the explosion might give them...

Shindou jumped up, screaming out something that sounded like, Sai, nooooo, I can't do that, you're going to get me killed! He held his hand out, and suddenly... a great wave of water rushed out right at sensei!

Wait... Shindou barely passed, how could he do such a high-level elemental jutsu?!

Still, even that wasn't enough. It was smart, washing away the ink or paper probably being the goal, but Sensei wasn't just an artist. He moved fast, neatly evading the entire gush of water.

But, that damned Touya was right there where Sensei had dodged. He wasn't fast enough to actually get Sensei, but he was fast enough to swipe his brush.

Which he then broke in half.

Sai-sensei stopped dead, and looked at the broken brush on the ground. "I've had that brush for ages and ages. I really liked it. I'd worn it in just right... Ah, well. I supposed we'll have to call this exercise complete. You bastards all pass, or something. On the bright side, while I'm teaching you, I'll have plenty of opportunity to torture you in exchange for that brush," he said, laughing a bit at the end.

That smile... was going to haunt Waya's dreams... Even that damned Touya looked a bit paler.

"All right, then, enough for today. We'll meet here again tomorrow, for our first mission. I have to go get a new brush," he said darkly, giving Touya a look.

Touya opened his mouth to say something, but Sai-sensei just jumped off. Disappeared.

Waya dropped to his knees. Somehow... somehow... they'd survived...

"Ahaha, that was awesome! I mean, I was totally sure we'd all die and stuff, but still! Awesome! We're going to be ninjas!" Shindou pumped his fist into the air.

He was a crazy person... that was the only explanation... he was a crazy person...

"Hey, and I think our teacher knows the Hokage!" he went on, beaming.

What an idiot!

"Of course he does," Touya glowered. "Forget that for the moment. What the hell was that? You were doing A- and S-level jutsus there! Explain yourself!" Touya demanded, pointing his finger in Shindou's face.

"Hey, hey, back off," Shindou groused. "Sheesh, you were doing cool stuff, too! It wasn't that..."

"I'm not a bottom-of-the-class loser like you! I demand an explanation!" Touya shouted, grabbing Shindou's collar.

Shindou pushed his arm back. "Back off, I'm no loser! I'm going to be a greater ninja than you could ever hope to be, you stuck up prick! I'll be so great, they'll make me Hokage!"

Waya's face fell into his hand. Great, as soon as he fell in love with Shindou, or their Sensei, they would officially be Every Shinobi Genin Team Cliché In The Book.

Touya was shouting at Shindou now, too, but Waya was past caring. In fact... he'd have to think seriously about whether or not he really wanted to still be a ninja. Maybe he should give up and just try shogi... or perhaps learn to make ramen. Something simple and fun.

Being a ninja sucked!