title: Games People Play
fandom: Prince of Tennis
characters/pairings: Fuji/Tezuka, Fuji/Atobe, then Fuji/Tezuka again, Oishi/Eiji, Yumiko, Yuuta/OFC, some Yuuta/Mizuki, Inui, Taka, Yuushi/Gakuto, Saeki/Ann, Yukimura/Sanada, Momoshiro, Kaidou, Echizen
rating: M
warnings: me pretending to know things about actual tennis, vicious flirting, sex (many kinds), one rough non-con scene, emotional pain
summary: Misunderstanding, hurt emotions, pain, sex, love... all tools in the game.
notes: takes place post-series, much post series... there is Atobe/Fuji. And Fuji/Tezuka. ultimately, and initially, fuji/tezzie, but there will be a great deal of fuji/atobe in the meanwhile.

He held his hands out to the fire, just standing there and soaking in heat while Atobe brought in all of the luggage. The cottage had been prepared for them, but there were no servants present at all, which surprised Fuji. Atobe had even started the fire himself. It was rare for Atobe to be willing to forgo the luxury of aid when traveling. There was only one other time Fuji could remember staying at a house with no servants while with Atobe.

It had been a long, but agreeable flight. The Atobe's private jet was large enough to be comfortable. They had sipped champagne until Fuji had gotten sleepy, and he curled up to sleep. He had felt Atobe's hand in his hair, but it wasn't an unpleasant feeling, and it was conducive to sleep. He didn't remember his dreams when he was awoken for landing, but he felt like he would have liked to stay asleep a while longer.

The drive up the mountain felt considerably longer. The cottage was not far from one of the peaks in the Swiss Alps, and the roads were icy from disuse. Their driver was a ranger who chatted constantly in Romansh, despite the fact that Atobe's knowledge of it was spotty, at best. Regardless, Atobe tried to translate for Fuji, until Fuji closed his eyes and put his head down on Atobe's shoulder. It was too cold to rest against the vehicle's door or window, anyway.

Fuji knew of this cottage. It was Atobe's father's favorite getaway, and given how well Atobe and his father got along, Fuji could only assume that their stay here was a bit of a miracle. It suited Fuji well enough, though, to sit in front of the fire, because he couldn't decide on a mood for more than a few minutes at a time, and being warmed up from being cold was a desirable alternative to thinking.

Atobe came to stand behind him, but there was enough space separating them to feel confident. "Still cold?"

Fuji smiled, though his back was to Atobe and there was no way he could see it.

"Why don't you take a bath?" Atobe suggested softly. "I'll make us something to warm up with."

Fuji raised an eyebrow. "You don't want to join me in the bath?"

"If you'd rather wait until we can bathe together, I certainly have no objection," Atobe smiled.

Fuji wanted to turn around, because there were times when Atobe's smiles were truly beautiful, but he didn't have a camera handy, anyway. "Maybe I'm more worried about you setting the kitchen on fire."

Chuckling, Atobe slipped his arms around Fuji's waist, the layers of cloth between them heavily thick. "I think I can manage cocoa. Go. I'll take care of everything."

"You're being considerate," Fuji murmured. "It's... unusual."

"Unusual for me to be considerate?" Atobe questioned archly.

"Mm," Fuji shrugged out of Atobe's grip, and smiled at him brightly. "I guess I'll take you up on that offer, then." He dumped his coat on the couch, and went to the bedroom. The cottage was small, but it had the typical sloped roof of a Swiss chalet, and the rooms all had high ceilings. The bedroom was large, even with the king sized bed in the middle, and the bathroom was a marvel of marble and brass. Fuji piled his boots and clothes on the floor of the bedroom, and went to the bathroom naked, certain that there would be fluffy towels laid out, and all the amenities of the bath ready.

It took a while to heat the water for the bath, and Fuji poked through the medicine cabinet in the meanwhile. There were all sorts of oils that he recognized as being favorites of Atobe's father. He skipped past those, because he didn't care for Atobe's father much, and he didn't like the idea of using scents with which the man used to seduce his women. There were a few candles, too, that Fuji didn't light, because they were too obviously 'romantic.'

He turned on the whirlpool jets, though, and sank into the water. He closed his eyes, and tried to blank out his thoughts. He hated feeling like this, so indecisive. He wanted to be here, and he wanted to be somewhere else, and he wanted to be with someone else, and he wanted to be alone, and he wanted to be with Atobe. His heart wasn't conflicted, but it wasn't untroubled, and he wanted, more than anything, to feel like he was in the right place doing the right thing.

With his eyes closed, he could see soft brown eyes clearly, and his stomach flipped.

He put his hand in the flow of the jets, and watched the water churn around his fingers. He wasn't unhappy here. He didn't mind being seduced. He wanted to be spoiled.

He wrapped a large towel around himself after he got out of the tub, ignoring the robes that Atobe's father had ready there. In the bedroom, the bags had been unpacked, and his clothes had been picked up. A set of fluffy, flannel pajamas waited for him. It was endearing, really, because he loved fluffy pajamas, and the feel of flannel against his skin, but he knew Atobe hated it, passionately. But there was nothing quite like slipping into something soft and warm when the air had a chill to it, and there was nothing like slipping toes that were bitten by the cold floor into furry slippers.

Atobe was in the kitchen, concentrating as he poured cocoa sloppily from the pan to the mugs. From the powdery mess in the pan, Fuji could assume that Atobe had actually made it from scratch. He chuckled lightly, and climbed onto the bar chair next to the counter, across from Atobe, tucking his legs under him. "So domestic, Keigo."

Placing a mug before Fuji, Atobe grinned. "Every once and a while, so you'd better enjoy it."

Fuji wrapped his hands around the mug, letting it burn into him. "Does this mean that I'm cooking for the rest of the week?"

Atobe smiled, and leaned forward, so their hands were nearly touching. "I think we can come to a mutually agreeable arrangement."

"Mm," Fuji lifted his mug, and sipped it cautiously. "Well, I am still concerned you'd set this place on fire."

"At least I would keep us warm," Atobe countered amicably.

"Why here?" Fuji dodged the potential seriousness of the question by putting his lips on the rim of the mug again, just letting the cocoa seep into his mouth.

"It's secluded," Atobe shrugged. "Exotic. You've never been here before." He paused, the corner of his lips quirking up. "And it will annoy my father."

Fuji lowered his head, and laughed softly. "The best of everything then, mm?"

Atobe grazed a finger over Fuji's hand. "Naturally."

Looking away, Fuji held his hand still.

"Are you tired?" Atobe asked, considerately.

Fuji shrugged. "Anxious to get me to bed?"

"Always," Atobe nodded with a smile. "But it has been a long day."

"Travel time is included in the ten days," Fuji murmured.

For a moment, Atobe looked annoyed, but it passed. "Of course. Anything else I can get for you?"

Fuji looked around aimlessly. It really was a beautiful cottage, and tomorrow morning, he was sure the mountain would be glorious. A pity, really, because he didn't think he wanted to take pictures here. "I suppose I am tired. Aren't you?"

Atobe shrugged. "I suppose so. You can go on ahead. I think I'll shower first."

Fuji lifted his mug, and took a long sip, even though it burned his tongue a bit. There was still half a mug of cocoa left, but it didn't matter. He stood up and stretched out, pleased that even at full height, his pajama tops stayed over his pajama bottoms. "All right then. Have a good shower." He started for the bedroom, but he slowed a bit to look over his shoulder. "Don't be too long."

He slipped in under the pile of heavy blankets and the comforter, and closed his eyes as soon as his head hit the pillow.

Tezuka was probably getting ready to leave for England.

No matter how eager one was to go out to play in the snow, one always ended up running back inside from the cold. Especially when one was running from pursuing snowballs. Atobe chased Fuji around the cottage, jumping over the bed before tackling him on the couch, and sticking his hand, still clutching a melting wad of snow, under Fuji's coat and sweater and shirt, to press it against his skin.

Fuji screamed and kicked, turning Atobe over and landing on top of him, on the floor. He pressed Atobe's shoulders to the ground, his eyes gleaming. "Do you submit?"

"Submission is defeat," Atobe sneered with a grin.

"Defeat, eh?" Fuji bit the corner of his lip, too amused. He pressed his knee into Atobe's groin. "Is that right?"

Atobe groaned, and rolled over, or tried to, at least. "I give, I give. You play dirty."

"I play to win," Fuji grinned, kissing Atobe's cheeks.

Atobe caught Fuji's face, and kissed him, hard. "I like to play with you, cutie."

He grabbed Atobe's nose, and wriggled it back and forth. "You left the door open." Fuji sat back, pouting. "Go close it, and get the fire started."

Shaking his head, Atobe sighed, and got to his feet. "Yes, yes. Maybe I should have let a servant or two stay on... You are so demanding."

Fuji stuck his tongue out at Atobe, childishly. He grabbed a blanket from off the couch, and threw it over himself. "I'm cold. Make me cocoa."

"Don't push your luck, gorgeous," Atobe chided, clucking his tongue.

"Does that mean you won't make it for me?" Fuji pouted, being extra adorable.

Sighing, Atobe rolled his eyes. He locked the cottage door, and went over to the fire. "I'll make the cocoa if you make dinner while I shower."

Fuji raised an eyebrow. "I don't think that sounds like a good deal. How about... you make the cocoa while you make dinner... and then we'll shower together."

"Ah, but," Atobe winked at him, "maybe then I would take advantage of you in wicked, dirty ways."

"I'm willing to take my chances," Fuji offered loftily.

"Are you?" Atobe stalked over to Fuji on his knees. "Will you expose your weaknesses to me?"

Fuji shrank back with a defiant smile. "I'll let you think I am."

Atobe shook his head, and leaned in, kissing Fuji slowly. "Let down your guard. You know me."

Fuji put his hands on Atobe's face. "I know you. That's why I have to defend myself."

"Do you have to defend against me?" Atobe nuzzled Fuji. "Mm, but it's not so bad when I slip past your defenses..."

"Don't be so sure you ever have," Fuji warned, pushing Atobe away.

Atobe didn't move back. He watched Fuji closely, his eyes narrowed. Fuji pressed his lips together, refusing to flinch. Atobe closed his eyes and sighed, leaning back. "You are so stubborn and beautiful. It reminds me of when I first courted you."

"Courted?" Fuji laughed. "I don't remember that."

"Of course you do," Atobe winked, standing up. "You didn't think that all of those encounters were by chance."

Thinking back, Fuji knew that he didn't. But that didn't mean anything, one way or the other. "So you were stalking me? How vulgar."

Laughing, Atobe went to the kitchen, shedding his coat and gloves as he did. "I was pursuing you. I had decided I wanted you. I just had to wear you down."

"I was in love with someone else," Fuji sighed, cuddling under the blanket for warmth. "Didn't that mean anything to you?"

"It meant I had to make you forget him," Atobe returned, predatorily. "That made it more... challenging."

"Why?" Fuji tugged off his mittens, tossing them closer to the fire, as if he wasn't interested in the answer.

Atobe didn't answer right away. He sighed loudly as he prepared the cocoa. From a mix this time. "When I was watching Wimbledon that year, I thought... how exciting you were. But. Sitting across from you in a café, trading barbs, I realized... you were a million times more exciting than I'd ever guessed. Could never get bored playing with you."

"But it's just a game, then," Fuji smiled to himself. "You knew that from the start. It was just a game."

Atobe scowled. "Life is a game."

"Mm," Fuji looked away. "I suppose."

Atobe carried over the cocoa, not being careful at all about spills. "I make life fun. Admit it."

Fuji smiled, a special smile reserved for when he knew he had something someone else wanted. "Thanks for the cocoa, Keigo. I'm hungry. How long until dinner?"

Atobe rolled his eyes. "Yes, yes, going, going..."

Fuji chuckled, putting his hands around the mug of cocoa.

He was having fun.

The fire crackled in front of them. He pulled Atobe's arms around him tighter. Tezuka's arms were different, he thought, but... He couldn't remember exactly. Tezuka had held him like this before. Tezuka was maybe an inch or less taller, or maybe shorter. Maybe he fit into Tezuka's arms better, or possibly worse.

There were too many possibilities. He watched the fire, the myriad of colors, the heat, the licks of flames... It was so beautiful.

Atobe's lips brushed over his temple. "Happy, sweetie?"

Fuji smiled. "Am I sweet?"

Atobe tilted his chin up, and kissed the corner of his lips. "Ah, you taste sweet... but you have such a deliciously bitter aftertaste."

Chuckling silently, Fuji nestled into Atobe's arms more. "You're being romantic. You know how much I hate that."

"Sorry," Atobe grinned, unapologetic. "Can't help it, though."

"Not much time left."

"Always time to spare, Syuusuke."

"Keigo..." Fuji sighed. "This reminds me of our first trip together."

"Does it?" Atobe rubbed his hands over Fuji's arms. "That was a good trip, wasn't it?"

"Mm," Fuji sighed. "We had sex for the first time in front of a fire."

Atobe shifted behind him, causing Fuji to grin, wicked with triumph. "We did," Atobe breathed under Fuji's ear. "I slowly took off each piece of your clothing until you were completely bare. I put my hands and my lips on your skin, made you feel good. Let you tear my clothes off." Atobe smirked. Fuji was pushing against him. He brushed his nose against Fuji's skin, and licked Fuji. "Afterward, I held you, and then I carried you to bed. Remember?"

"Vividly," Fuji sighed. He had his eyes closed, and he leaned back, rubbing his bottom over Atobe's crotch. "We had sex on the bed, then, too. You recited poetry to me, and I made fun of you." He smiled.

Atobe chuckled. His hand slipped down to Fuji's waist, resting it over Fuji's crotch. He whispered into Fuji's ear, "You aren't romantic at all. I never thought I would fall in love with someone like you."

Fuji's smile drifted away. "You aren't in love with me."

"How do you know?" Atobe ran his thumb over Fuji's throat. "I know my own heart."

"It's just a game," Fuji sighed.

"Life is a game," Atobe insisted.

Fuji shook his head, and smiled. "Games have winners and losers. Do you really think you can win?"

Atobe put his hand on Fuji's cheek, and turned his face so he could kiss Fuji, the fingers over Fuji's crotch curling in, applying perfected pressure. "I can only do what I always do... my best."

Fuji moaned softly, and put his hand on Atobe's chest, curling his fingers in slightly. "The end result will be the same."

"We won't know that for sure, will we, until the end?" Atobe grinned, and kissed Fuji.

Fuji's eyes slipped closed, and he let Atobe touch him, let Atobe's knowledgeable hands guide him away. "And if you knew that I was right, and I've already won and you've already lost?"

"Then this is my last chance to make love to you. So I have to get it right." Atobe's hands slipped up under Fuji's shirt, and clawed at his skin, at his flesh, and he picked Fuji up, picked himself up, and carried him to the bedroom.

Candles were lit, and music was put on, western music, classical. Atobe poured wine, and undressed Fuji slowly, tasting the skin that was revealed, licking and breathing on it, whispering over it. He traced symbols on Fuji's flesh with his fingers and tongue.

Fuji put his arms above his head, and closed his eyes.

Atobe parted Fuji's lips, and shared a mouthful of wine with him. It was bitter and flavorful, and potently heady. Atobe's fingers tickled under Fuji's arms, and they laughed together. Atobe spoke to him in a hushed voice, smiling, and his smile was beautiful, really intimate and caring, like there was no barrier between them, no façade at all.

Fuji pushed the back of his head against the pillow. He wanted it to go faster, harder, just... get it over with, but he remained motionless. Let Atobe run tickling fingers over the sensitive areas of his skin, so they could laugh together, tumble over the bed together. Let Atobe hold him in his arms and kiss him tenderly, his eyes even smokier for being only half open. He didn't know why he was doing this, why he was letting Atobe do this. It didn't make sense, but he wasn't thinking, anyway. He was feeling. Feeling Atobe's tongue inside of his thigh, and feeling Atobe's fingers probe into him, feeling Atobe's breathing on his stomach, and feeling Atobe's lips on his, moving him.

He lifted his arms, but he didn't push Atobe away, or rush him. He slid his fingers through Atobe's hair, which parted like water for him, slipped through and fell back down over Atobe's eyes.

He moaned Atobe's name as Atobe pushed inside of him. It was slow, so slow, like pushing through molasses, so sweetly slow. He begged Atobe to hurry, but Atobe kissed him, biting his lips teasingly. He put his hand on the back of Atobe's neck, and looked into Atobe's eyes as Atobe moved inside of him.

Atobe swore his love as he brought Fuji closer and closer to perfect ecstasy. They were so close, together, moving together, moaning together, pushing each other closer and closer...

Atobe's mouth was over his when he came. He screamed into Atobe's mouth, and swallowed Atobe's groans.

He was shaking. He didn't know why he was shaking, but Atobe was holding him, smoothing his hair and kissing him. He was kissing Atobe. He was clinging to Atobe.

This wasn't in the plan.

Dreams were still clouding his thoughts, but he was aware of what was going on in the room, too. Everything was blurring together. It didn't make sense.

Fuji was dressed, and he was separating his things from Atobe's things, and putting them into a bag.

Atobe sat up. "What's going on?"

Smiling, Fuji didn't look at him. "I'm packing."

"I can see that, Syuusuke," Atobe blinked, and threw off the covers. The air was cold and he was naked. "Why are you packing?" He blinked at the clock. It was three am.

"I'm leaving," Fuji shrugged. He was still smiling that enigmatic, infuriating smile.

"No," Atobe stood up, narrowing his eyes. Couldn't Fuji be dramatic at a decent hour? "I still have five days."

Fuji shrugged. "Game over."

"No!" Atobe grabbed Fuji's arm, forcing him to look him in eye. "Why? Why all of a sudden? I thought..." He brushed his fingers over Fuji's cheek. "Why do you want to leave when things are going so well?"

Fuji's smiled went away. He tugged away from Atobe's reach. "I don't want to play anymore."

"Ah, so, it's time to run off to your serious boyfriend," Atobe rolled his eyes. "We're not done, Syuusuke."

"We're done, Keigo," Fuji smiled. "We both lose. I've called for the car. He should be here soon. It's a long drive to the airport." Fuji ran his fingers through his hair. "Aren't you cold?"

"Would this be easier for you if I wasn't naked, Syuusuke?" Atobe grabbed Fuji's wrist, and kissed the inside of the wrist. "Talk to me. Why are you doing this?"

"Because." Fuji brushed his fingers over Atobe's lips. "I love him better."

Atobe felt numb. Felt naked. He watched Fuji pick up his bags, and leave the bedroom. He could hear the horn of the truck outside, taking Fuji away. Fuji wouldn't be able to speak to the man, he would just smile at him as if he understood. It was a long drive, and a long flight, too, though not so long as to Japan. Still, Fuji would have to buy a ticket at the last minute, and it would be expensive.

He sighed, and went to take a shower. He would call the pilot when he was done, and offer his plane to Fuji.

He had taken the ten days off, anyway.

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