title: Games People Play
fandom: Prince of Tennis
characters/pairings: Fuji/Tezuka, Fuji/Atobe, then Fuji/Tezuka again, Oishi/Eiji, Yumiko, Yuuta/OFC, some Yuuta/Mizuki, Inui, Taka, Yuushi/Gakuto, Saeki/Ann, Yukimura/Sanada, Momoshiro, Kaidou, Echizen
rating: M
warnings: me pretending to know things about actual tennis, vicious flirting, sex (many kinds), one rough non-con scene, emotional pain
summary: Misunderstanding, hurt emotions, pain, sex, love... all tools in the game.
notes: takes place post-series, much post series... there is Atobe/Fuji. And Fuji/Tezuka. ultimately, and initially, fuji/tezzie, but there will be a great deal of fuji/atobe in the meanwhile.

Of course, his hair was perfectly coiffed. When wasn't his hair perfect? He hated getting up in the morning, hated wearing the same boring, if finely tailored, suits, hated the routine of meetings. Hated his job. But there were things that had to be done.

He looked in the mirror, like he did every morning, before slipping on his shirt. His porcelain skin was marred by a spider web of fine scars, branching out from his left shoulder and moving down his back and chest. There was one long scar on his shoulder that shined a bit at certain angles.

He pulled the silk over his skin, and buttoned it up, his fingers slipping over the polished glass buttons. There was something comforting about the rituals of luxury. He tucked his shirts into his pants, and buckled his leather belt. He pressed the small red button, and watched his ties spin around in a whirling dance of colorful silk. He stopped at the red tie with the white stripe running down the length. It was a good compromise between conservatism and style.

He slipped on his blazer, and buttoned it up, admiring his profile in the mirror. He was gorgeous.

He walked out of his closet, and closed the door softly behind him. Their bed was a mess, the sheets tangled and mussed up haphazardly. His lover was curled up on his side, facing the edge of the bed. Atobe shook his head, amused, and crawled over to him from the other edge. His lover's face was absolutely angelic when he was asleep, a deceptive beauty that never failed to inspire him. He crawled over to his lover from his side of the bed, and twisted a few fine, beautiful strands of soft brown hair between his fingers. He leaned over to kiss along his lover's jaw line, brushing the earlobe with his nose.

"Mmmits..." Fuji was still lost in dreams; dreams of another man.

Atobe smiled with pragmatic acceptance, and twisted Fuji's nipple hard.

Fuji's gorgeous eyes flew open, and he made the most adorable yelping noise. "Keigo! It's too early to be awake."

Atobe had to agree with Fuji, and besides, when Fuji did that sexy pout thing he was doing now, it was hard to disagree with him, period. But if it had to be his row to hoe, he'd give his lover a taste of it, as well. "You say that, but I'm already running late. Now kiss me and let me go."

One slim arm reached up to pull him down for a kiss that made him want to stay in bed all day long and feast upon this sumptuous flesh, but meetings were meetings, and he did enough to displease his father as it was. He kissed his fingers before waving goodbye, and climbing over Fuji to get out of bed. He was almost out the door when Fuji's voice rose out from the behind the sheet.

"Don't forget to come home early, Keigo."

Atobe turned, puzzled. "What do you mean?"

Fuji sighed, and pushed down the sheet to smile seductively at Atobe. "I knew you would forget. I called your secretary yesterday; you are leaving at noon, and not a damned minute later. I don't want to get stuck in traffic going up to the hot springs."

"Lover, we're going there tomorrow," Atobe reminded teasingly.

"Yuuta and Yumiko are going up there tomorrow," Fuji reminded, equally teasingly. "If you want any time there alone with me, we have to get there tonight. And I want all night with you, lover."

A cold chill delightfully spread down Atobe's spine. "And remind me why I agreed to let your siblings join us on our vacation?"

"Because," Fuji yawned, pulling the sheet back up. "I said so. Now, scoot to work, so you can get home to me."

Atobe rolled his eyes. "Fine, fine, but I certainly hope you plan on making this worth my while."

Fuji's laughter was all the answer he needed.

There was no one at the reception desk at the godforsaken early hour of ten in the morning. There was a small group of students in one of the side rooms, setting up for a show. They moved sluggishly, but with purpose, speaking quietly to each other in a hum under the pounding rhythm of the dance music they were playing.

Fuji didn't stop to chat with them. He smiled as he strode to the backroom, stopping as he got to the door to pull out his keys. He had plenty of time, really, but he didn't want to get trapped in the studio for any length of time. He dropped his keys on his desk, and went back into the dark room. Yesterday's prints were all ready to go now, completely dry. He put together three folders of all the prints, one for the agent, one for the magazine, and one for himself. He took the time to clean up the chemicals, and make sure that all his equipment was cleaned and turned off.

He heard the voices in his office, but he didn't rush; after all, he'd be locking up his dark room for a long weekend, and he wanted everything in order.

He picked up the three envelopes, and stepped out of his dark room, locking it behind him. He smiled genially at Oishi and Eiji. Eiji was on his desk, trying to tease Oishi into doing something 'fun', and Oishi was turning a few interesting colors.

"Sa, if you two want to, go right ahead. Let me just get my camera, ok?"

Eiji started to giggle so hard, he nearly fell off the desk, and Oishi jumped back, protesting in shocked, stuttering syllables. "Fu-fu-fu-ji!"

Fuji chuckled lightly. He sat down at his desk, and opened his drawer, depositing the two envelopes for the agent and the magazine there, and then opening another drawer for his envelope, until he had time to sort it. "So, to what do I owe the pleasure of your visit, if I may ask?"

"We need a favor," Eiji answered immediately.

"Eiji!" Oishi sighed, and pulled up a chair. "I'm sorry to disturb you, Fuji. We know you are leaving for a short vacation, but... well, we do have a favor to ask."

"Oishi is finally taking a sabbatical!" Eiji announced proudly, swinging his legs back and forth. "So we wanna go someplace fabulous for lots of beach sex!"

Oishi cleared his throat, and talked through his blush. "Ah, yes, well... I'm being given some time so I can write a book about the recent political events, but even still, I haven't been at the college long enough to earn much, and so with our combined budget, we'll be a bit limited..."

"Unless a good friend with a rich ass boyfriend with a villa on the sea in Greece might be willing to help out, nudge nudge, wink wink," Eiji snickered softly.

Fuji smiled at Eiji. His closest friend from school had changed so little over the years... It was refreshing, given how much everything else had changed. "Well, you'll have to talk to the rich ass boyfriend yourself. I can't promise you anything of Keigo's. If you want to ask him in person, it will have to wait until next week. I don't know how desperate your plans are. Otherwise, I can call him for you now."

"That wouldn't be terribly rude?" Oishi was clearly nervous, but relieved at the suggestion.

Fuji understood. Even with lodgings secured, there was still a great deal to be done for a long trip. He picked up the phone, and pressed the button for Atobe's private line. He tapped his fingers on the desk, and smiled as Eiji and Oishi quietly joked together. It only took a minute before Atobe answered.

"If you are calling to check up on me, lover, keep in mind that I'll get things done faster if you leave me alone."

"I'll leave you completely alone, if that's what you want. Lover. But I have a friend here in need of a favor."

"Oh?" Atobe sounded completely bored. "How good a friend?"

"Play nicely, Keigo, and I'll play nicely with you, later." He held the phone out for Oishi to take it.

Oishi's cheeks seemed to be permanently red at this point. He took the phone, and cleared his throat. "Atobe-san, how are you? ...Ah, sorry to bother you, I just wanted to ask you something quickly."

Eiji and Fuji shared an amused glance. Poor Oishi, he had probably never asked a quick question in his life, especially when he intended to do so.

"It's just that, well, Eiji and I are planning an extended vacation, and I hope this isn't presumptuous of me, and if it is, please just tell me, but..."

Eiji took the phone from Oishi. "Can we crash at your place in Greece for a coupla months? Please, please, I'll make Fuji give you oral!"

Fuji swatted Eiji and rolled his eyes. He hadn't changed a bit...

"Cool, cool, thanks, you're the best! Ok, here's Fuji again... have a great time at the hot springs." Eiji waved goodbye to the phone, and handed it to Fuji. Oishi stood up, shaking his head, amused, and grabbed Eiji by the collar, mouthing 'Have a good weekend' as he pulled Eiji away.

"Your friends are annoying." Atobe was clearly working on the computer while talking to him. That wouldn't do.

"Mm, so you don't want me to fulfill Eiji's part of the bargain?"

The fingers on the keyboard on the other side of the phone stopped. "What, you need Eiji to tell you to do that?"

"I prefer it when you are the one on your knees. Put that big mouth of yours to good use."

Atobe chuckled, a dead sexy sound. "Well, I don't really like being on my knees, if it's all the same to you. How about on a bed, together?"

Fuji sighed, feigning discontent, and he gathered up the paperwork he needed to do before going. "Mm, no, I think I deserve to have you on your knees. Lover. It's very satisfying."

"Well, well, how can we resolve this difference of opinion, then, precious?"

Fuji smiled, only being open about it because he was alone. "You'll have to be awfully good for me to consider doing it your way."

"I've already agreed to let your syrupy friends into my favorite house. What more do you want?"

"Be home not a second later than noon, and we can talk on the way there, baby."

"I thought I was leaving at noon, honey."

"I'm upping the ante. You don't mind, do you, sweetie? See you then."

Fuji put the phone down, and stood up. He grabbed his biggest camera bag, and started to load it up with all of his cameras, film, and extra flash cards.

This was bound to be an interesting weekend.

"I really don't think we should be doing this, Mr. Inui-san."

Inui smirked at his assistant's nervous twittering. It was useless to try to explain the mechanics of honorifics to her; she would insist on using both English and Japanese customs. She was just like that. She was standing at the end of the nurses' station, keeping an eye out for anyone who might be passing by. Inui's fingers flew over the keyboard. "Don't be so meek, Alice. In this business, you have to be willing to do anything for your players."

"But, he's not one of your player, Mr. Inui-san," Alice protested.

"One's service to one's players can sometimes take you above and beyond," Inui explained patiently, finally finding the correct menu. "One must think of the players every need, Alice."

"I don't understand at all, Mr. Inui-san," Alice sighed, looking up and down the hallway.

Inui ignored her as he read over the report. The doctor's notes hadn't been included in the hospital computer files, but there was enough information here for him to draw his own conclusions. He took some quick notes, and downloaded the file to his pda.

"Mr. Inui-san!" Alice hissed at him, warning.

Inui looked up, and saw a rather fierce looking nurse glaring at him. "Can I help you?"

Inui stood up, straightening his borrowed white lab coat. "Ah, I'm sorry... I'm a visiting physician from Tokyo General, and I was looking up information on my patient, but I think I misunderstood a few of the prompts. I apologize for the inconvenience."

The nurse looked him over, from top to bottom, and then snorted. "Next time, ask first. I'll have to reboot now."

Inui knew damned well that the woman was just bitching, but he smiled politely regardless, stepping away. He grabbed Alice by the elbow, and bowed to the nurse. "I apologize again. Thank you for your assistance."

He walked with a fast clip to the elevator, practically dragging Alice alongside of him. He had no desire to get caught; there was too much to do. As soon as they were in the elevator, he interrupted whatever Alice was saying. "I'll need to go to Tokyo right away. After talking to Hannah-chan, and now this... I should have some time. But I'll need to talk to Fuji right away."

"Fuji?" Alice looked deeply confused. "He played about five years ago, correct? The first Japanese player to be ranked #1 in the world? But... he's retired, isn't he?

Inui smirked, his glasses wickedly reflecting the light. "The job of a manager is never done, Alice, and you must see to all of your player's needs. It will be enough to call Fuji when I land in Tokyo. Please make the arrangements, Alice. I need to be there as soon as possible."

"Yes, sir!" Alice responded enthusiastically, even if she was still confused.

Inui had great hopes for this girl, but really, it was impossible for him to find an assistant who could keep up.

Atobe didn't have to bother announcing himself when he got home at 12:15. Fuji was sitting in the middle of their living room, tidying up their bags. He didn't look up from what he was doing at all. "You're late. Get changed, we have to leave."

Atobe shook his head, detouring to go past Fuji. He put his hand on Fuji's head, and tipped his head back so he could kiss him. "Good to see you, too, Syuusuke. Give me a minute, all right."

Fuji looked up at him with wicked eyes. "I've already given you fifteen. Let's go, let's go."

Atobe chuckled as he loosened his tie. "You're anxious, hm? Must really want to get me alone up there."

"I can have you alone whenever I like," Fuji dismissed. "I want to get to the hot springs."

He could never let his guard down. Atobe smirked and started up the stairs to the bedroom. He turned to look at Fuji more carefully. He was wearing soft, faded blue jeans that looked a bit frayed at the edges, and a pale blue silk shirt with the sleeves rolled up. A silk shirt that looked a few sizes too big for Fuji. "Is that... my shirt you're wearing?"

"Mm," Fuji moved some shoes from one bag to another to make them both even. "It looks better on me."

Atobe stared at his lover. "It... what did you just say?" He was only half joking.

Fuji looked over his shoulder, and smirked. "Don't you think it looks good on me?"

Atobe sighed and smiled, resigned. "Of course it does, cutie, but don't get too attached, now."

"Not a worry, sweetheart. I would never get too attached to anything from you." Fuji smiled cheerfully at Atobe.

Atobe went upstairs grinning. This was going to be a fun weekend.

Fuji started packing up the car as soon as he was ready. He picked the black Maserati Spyder, mostly because he knew how much Atobe hated to drive it, and also because he loved it more than any other car in Atobe's garage.

Atobe locked up when he saw the living room empty, and went down to the garage. He grimaced slightly when he saw the car that Fuji was loading up, but he didn't say anything. He went over to the driver's side, but Fuji slipped in between him and the car. "Let me drive?"

"Syuusuke," Atobe smiled, benevolently. "I love you, and I think the world of you, but you are not putting your fingers on this car."

"Are you sure?" Fuji twisted his fingers in Atobe's hair, and pulled him down for a rough kiss. "I've never had a life-altering accident, you know."

Atobe smirked. "My car, babe, the only way you are getting in the driver's seat is if you are riding me."

Fuji smirked, and leaned forward on his toes, parting his lip, wetting them with his tongue slowly. Just when he was a half a hair away from Atobe's mouth, he slipped away, and walked to the other side of the car. "Like that will ever happen... Let's go."

Atobe shook his head, and smiled. He got into the car, and flicked the switch the open the top. He slipped on his sunglasses, and smiled at Fuji. "Ready to go?"

Fuji buckled up, and winked at Atobe. He put on his own sunglasses, and slouched in his seat.

Getting out of the city limits took nearly an hour alone. Fuji played with the mp3 player, picking music, but they really couldn't talk, because there was too much street noise. When they got out onto the open road, heading into the mountains, Fuji put the mp3 player down, leaving on some nice techno music, and he pulled out his camera.

Atobe laughed, letting his pearly whites flash. "You've already started taking pictures?"

"Don't pretend you don't love it, Keigo. It doesn't suit you." Fuji carelessly snapped a few shots, not being careful about light or angle. These were for personal use, and he could clean them up later, if necessary.

"My secretary wanted to know if we were celebrating our anniversary," Atobe loftily announced.

"Anniversary?" Fuji laughed. "Anniversary of what?"

"Mm, she's an old romantic. She thinks we've been together nearly five years now." Atobe smiled softly. Roads like these used to be his favorite thing in the world besides tennis. He narrowed his eyes as he navigated the curves.

"Five years?" Fuji frowned. "I don't think so."

"We met for the first time since school the year you won Wimbledon, about five years ago, but it was in November, wasn't it?" Atobe slipped his hand over to rub Fuji's thigh.

Fuji pushed his hand away, and smirked, slouching further, and put his feet up on the dash, his toes spreading out in his flip-flops. "Careful, careful, don't want to have another car accident, do you?"

Atobe narrowed his eyes. "If you don't trust me..."

Fuji laughed brightly. "Just drive, baby." He smiled, and turned to take more pictures of Atobe.

"Don't you have enough pictures of me, Syuusuke?" He raised his hands as if to block the picture, but he was also posing for the camera.

"I'm quite sure you believe there can never be enough pictures of you, Keigo," Fuji smiled softly. He reached over, and put his hand on Atobe's thigh. "Don't get distracted now." He took a picture. "I love this car, Keigo. You should let me drive." He moved his hand a bit, further up, further in. "Why won't you let me drive?"

"Because..." Atobe covered Fuji's fingers with his own, interlacing them, pulling Fuji's hand away. "I like having something you want." He grinned ferally at Fuji.

"That's the basis of our relationship, isn't it, Keigo?" Fuji smiled at Atobe, and opened the bottom few buttons of his shirt. "You have something I want... I have something you want... It's fun, right?"

Atobe grinned, and revved the engine. The sooner they got there, the more fun it would be.

The porter left their bags just as Atobe instructed him to, and while Atobe negotiated his tip, Fuji investigated the bedroom. The bed was made of cedar, and dressed in sparkling white sheets, covered with a white comforter that was puffy and softy. Fuji fell stomach first onto the bed, spreading out. He laughed into the comforter, reveling in the opulence of it.

He felt the bed sag as Atobe got in with him, settling around him. Atobe kissed along Fuji's neck, pulling gently at the collar of his shirt to get access to more skin. Fuji sighed softly, and relaxed into Atobe's touch.

"So, Syuusuke," Atobe purred softly. "Whatever shall we do now?"

Fuji half turned from under Atobe. "I want to go to the hot springs."

Atobe furrowed his brow in mild annoyance. "Now? Shouldn't we... relax first? It was a long drive."

Fuji ran his fingers up Atobe's shirt, and then started to unbutton it. "We can relax in the water. Come on. Be my slave now, and I'll be yours later."

This was a game Atobe liked. He grabbed Fuji, pulling him close for a deep kiss. "Will you do anything I ask, then?"

"Mm, I might be a disobedient slave. I may need to be disciplined." Fuji smirked, opening his shirt and letting it fall off his shoulders. He let Atobe enjoy the view for a moment, and then he slipped off the bed, shedding his pants. "Keigo. Let's go. I've been looking forward to this."

"As you wish," Atobe sighed, following Fuji.

Atobe owned this hot springs spa, so naturally, they were given royal treatment. They walked down to the hot springs in their robes, and then Atobe made sure they would have privacy until they were done. Atobe watched Fuji slip into the water, smirking to himself. He pulled off his towel, and followed Fuji in, wading in so that he could put his arms around Fuji. He kissed under Fuji's ear, nuzzling. "Feeling... relaxed, pumpkin?"

Fuji chuckled, and turned, running his hands over Atobe's skin. "It's a bit hot here for this, isn't it? I can't think that it's sanitary..." Fuji dipped his hands under the water, and slipped in closer to Atobe.

Atobe's hands slipped over Fuji's skin. "What do you mean, cupcake? It's all organic."

Laughter echoed off the rocks surrounding the pool. Atobe cornered Fuji against the rocks, slipping between Fuji's legs. Fuji smiled, and ran his hand over Atobe's shoulder, tracing the web of scars there. He pressed his lips to Atobe's flawed skin. "Keigo... There are some nice tennis courts here, aren't there?"

Atobe smiled, and ran his hands up and down Fuji's sides. "What are you thinking, Syuusuke? You think I will let you beat me?"

Fuji sighed, and looked away from Atobe, teasing him with his hands. "You think you would need to let me win, Keigo?"

He put his hand on Fuji's face, and pulled him over for a kiss. He pressed their bodies together, holding Fuji tight enough to leave marks, tasting him as deeply as he could. Fuji's hands drifted up to grab at Atobe, eventually clinging to his hair.

"Kei-Keigo... It really is hot here, isn't it?" Fuji was panting, his face flushed.

Atobe smiled. He pushed back, swimming over to where the cool towels were stored. He brought one back to Fuji. "Aren't you the one who wanted to do this out here?"

"You horny bastard," Fuji grinned, rubbing the cool cloth to his forehead. "I wanted to relax in the hot spring. We have plenty of time for that, don't we?"

"Never enough time for that, my darling," Atobe purred, sliding up to Fuji again. "I want you every second of every day."

Fuji smiled, and petted Atobe lightly. "If you used that line on someone who told you it was romantic, they were lying to you."

"Lie to me, Syuusuke," Atobe spoke in a hushed, deep whisper. He pulled Fuji into his arms, and pressed his lips to Fuji's neck, under his ear. "Lie to me, and tell me you love me."

Fuji chuckled. "In a million years, Keigo, the mountains will crumble and the sun will burn out, and you will never hear those words pass my lips."

"You can be such a bitch." Atobe grabbed Fuji and took a kiss roughly.

Fuji's hands grasped at Atobe. "Mm, but sometimes, you're the bitch, right, Keigo?" He winked, and pulled away from Atobe. He pulled himself out of the water gracefully, and stretched for a few minutes, not bothering to cover himself. "Want to get back to our room, then?" He pulled a towel off the piles, and lazily wrapped it around himself as he walked to the door.

Atobe was chasing him, just as he knew he would, just as he liked it. He skipped grabbing a robe, to give himself that extra few seconds head start. The further away he got, the faster he moved, not really running, but gracefully eluding Atobe. His feet made wet splotches on the polished wooden floors, and they made a soft thoink sound with each footfall.

He was looking over his shoulder to see how far behind Atobe was. He turned the corner quickly, wanting to stay ahead. The place was as quiet as a library, so he hadn't considered that it might not be private any more.

He walked right into someone.

He fell back a bit, mostly from the shock, but strong hands had him by the elbows before he could lose his balance. He knew the feel of these hands on his skin, as he knew those eyes looking down on him with that inscrutable expression he once knew so well.

He found, somewhat to his dismay, he did not have to force himself to smile. The air in his lungs felt new, fresh, like he'd just stepped inside his home for the first time in years. "Tezuka."

Tezuka wasn't letting go, not right away. His fingers unclasped slowly, one by one. He started to speak twice before he actually got words out of his throat. "Fuji."

"What luck to run into you here," Fuji grinned, holding himself where Tezuka had been holding him just moments before. His skin felt hot and too exposed. "It's been a while."

"A long while," Tezuka sighed, closing his eyes, and Fuji's thoughts immediately set about trying to interpret his tone of voice and posture and inflection.

"Gotcha!" Atobe stopped short, sizing up the moment. He grinned, and put his arm around Fuji's waist. "Well, well. Look here. What luck, eh, Syuusuke? Tezuka. How nice to see you again."

Fuji bit the inside of his lip, and smiled harder, watching Tezuka, watching the way his eyes narrowed, his gaze drifting from him to Atobe to Atobe's arm. Tezuka's expression hardened. "Atobe."

"And how is the tennis star these day? You look good." Atobe's fingers tightened, turning Fuji's skin white in their wake.

Tezuka crossed his arms over his chest, and said nothing.

"Keigo." Fuji took a step toward Tezuka, pulling himself out of Atobe's grip. "We should get back to our room." He smiled at Tezuka. "See you tomorrow, hm?"

Tezuka said nothing, but watched them leave.

As soon as they got into the room, Atobe ripped Fuji's towel off, and pressed him against the wall, brutally kissing him. "My, my, what a coincidence, hm? Did you know that Tezuka would be here, then?"

"Yes, of course I did," Fuji rolled his eyes, peeling Atobe's robe away from his body. "What better place to go for a getaway with my lover than the spa that my ex is at." He jumped on Atobe, wrapping his legs around Atobe's waist.

Atobe carried them to the bed, where he dumped Fuji. He ran his hands over Fuji's flesh, and covered Fuji, biting at his ear. "Syuusuke. I don't care who you dream about." He grabbed Fuji's cock, stroking it roughly. "But keep in mind... when I'm inside of you, I want you to think about no one but me."

Fuji cried out, and let Atobe erase from his mind every possible thought.

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