title: frostbite
fandom: Prince of Tennis
characters/pairings: Mizuki, Akazawa, slight Kajimoto/Wakato, implied Mizuki/Yuuta
rating: G
warnings: none
summary: Mizuki takes a walk
notes: for iron tennis, week... whatever. ^_^

He sat down on the stairs leading out of the dorm to tie up his boots. He didn't like getting wetness inside his room; it led to dirt. People filed in past him, and most of them greeted him. Most of them were kissing his ass, trying to advance. This was precisely why Mizuki had angled his way into the position he was in, but even that got tiresome after a while.

Akazawa stood in front of him, grinning. "Going somewhere so late, Hajime?"

Mizuki truly despised anyone using his given name. It wasn't that he disliked his name; he didn't feel anyone had the right. He smiled, though. It was... useful, to play this game with Akazawa. It was why he was the team manager, after all. "Just a walk."

Akazawa raised an eyebrow. "It's cold. It might snow."

"Might it?" Mizuki yawned. "Then you should get home."

"I'll walk with you," Akazawa offered, his eyes predatory.

Mizuki had lost interest, though. "No. See you tomorrow." He stood up and walked away.

He walked this route often. He was a great deal stronger than he got credit for, and he liked to walk. He would go past Seigaku, which looked undressed with its leafless trees lining the walk, walked past Fudomine, which hulked and looked filthy in the grey light of the threatening snow, and he walked past Jyousei Shounan, the sprawling campus with the glittering lights, and such large, clean buildings. He slowed his walk as he got closer to one of the three gyms. The buildings here were busy late, because 86% of the students participated in sports.

He had slowed to a stop when the double doors on the side opened, and Kajimoto (watch out for his serve) and Wakato (highly adaptable) came out, laughing. Well, Wakato was laughing, and Kajimoto was smiling and shaking his head. Wakato put his hand on Kajimoto's arm, and smiled at him, eagerly, shyly, longingly. Kajimoto's blush was barely visible under the harsh fluorescent light of the street lamp.

They passed him without knowing he was there.

Mizuki put his hand down on the railing, and was surprised by the cold burn of ice. Winter was the worst time, he felt. The cold made him feel so restless.

He started back to the dorms, moving at a quick clip. The only cure for restlessness was activity. He'd just have to find a way to divert himself. A little game with his new toy, perhaps.

Yuuta-kun was most diverting, after all.