title: from far away
fandom: Kyou Kara Maou
characters/pairings: one-sided Gwendal/Günter, Günter/OMC, Anissina
rating: G/Teen
warnings: oral sex
summary: Gwendal is always watching Günter, even when he shouldn't.
notes: not sure of Gwendal's and Günter's ages, as the anime hasn't specified as yet to my knowledge, but i'm deeply attached to the idea that Günter is enough older than Gwendal to have been his tutor as well. if that is inaccurate, well, this is au-ish, then. ^_~

His cloak had fallen to the ground, and was all pooled at his feet, like a pile of snow. Gwendal had always seen him like that; separate, untouchable, perfect. An Ice Prince, with a beautiful smile.

Günter's head tipped back, and he made a low, deep noise that seemed to originate from his belly. His collar was open, his shirt pulled down, but still on. His legs were slightly parted and his jacket was pushed aside. His... partner was sucking forcibly on the place where Günter's neck met his shoulder, his hand moving inside of Günter's pants.

Gwendal's hand gripped the edge of the wall. The portrait of the Original King and the Great Sage loomed over Günter, and he seemed to be looking up at the Great Sage, his face distorted with bliss, his eyes locked on the dark eyes of the Great Sage.

Günter had always, always loved dark eyes and hair. If only Gwendal's eyes had been darker... he might have been the very vision of who Günter lusted after.

Gwendal's mouth was dry. He shouldn't be watching this. Of course, Günter shouldn't be doing this in a main hallway, where anyone can see. And his... partner had flowing, dark hair. Not black, as Günter undoubtedly thought it should be, but darker than Gwendal's hair. His eyes were likely darker, too.

He pressed his body to the wall, watching unblinkingly as Günter moaned and was kissed by...

"What are you doing? Spying on someone in the castle? Oh ho!" Anissina put her arms around Gwendal's waist, peering around the corner with him. She gasped, and squeezed his waist. "Is that Sir von Christ? How dirty!"

"Shut up!" he hissed, turning sharply, and he strode away as quickly as his feet could carry him. His face was bright red, and his hands were balled into fists.

That stupid woman! She was always barging in where she wasn't welcome, poking him and hitting him and subjecting him to hideous experiments! Ruining his private time...

He came to a stop before the fountain. Günter... He'd harbored a crush on his tutor since the first time he'd seen him. Günter seemed to be the most perfect man alive to Gwendal. Beautiful, refined, elegant, but still strong, intelligent, and disciplined.

"Hey. I'm sorry. Please, don't start brooding. I didn't mean anything..."

He squeezed his eyes shut. Of course she followed him. Of course. She can never leave anything alone...

She touched his elbow, and sighed. "I doubt they heard me. I mean, well, given what they were doing... well, it didn't sound like they had..." She stopped talking, mercifully.

Gwendal sidestepped her, and sat down on the fountain's edge. "Who was he?"

"Eh? Ah, let me think..." She tapped her chin with her finger. "I know I've seen him. A minor noble, I think von Graz's nephew, or cousin. Gwendal... it doesn't mean anything, you know." She knelt down next to him, putting her hands on his knees. "Even men like Sir von Christ need to release their tension now and again."

A nephew, or cousin. That would put him at about Gwendal's age, or a little older. He didn't look that young, so perhaps he was part human. Gwendal leaned back, and took a deep breath.

"Stop this," Anissina pleaded with him. "Günter... you know, you aren't even trying to win him over. He's not your teacher anymore, and..."

"I'm leaving tomorrow," he interrupted her. He didn't want to hear her opinions on what he should do about his crush. It was his crush, and his to figure out. He'd surely grow out of it, even if it had been nearly three decades now... "Going to defend the western front." It was a good place to send someone with a pact with the earth. He wouldn't disturb the forest or anything while learning a lot about controlling and using his powers out there.

He didn't want to leave his Mother here with no one to look out for her... Konrad was getting older, but he wasn't strong enough yet... Even Gwendal wasn't strong enough. That damned Stoffel...

"Look out for Konrad and Wolfram for me. Don't torment them," he glared at her sternly, not that that ever helped. "Just... look out for them."

"Of course I will," she sighed. "This is sudden..." She leaned up, and kissed his cheek. "Are you... are you going to talk to Sir von Christ before you go? He'll... want to know, you know."

He stood up, and sighed, aggravated. Günter... "I'll be back in a few months. Try not to blow up the castle while I am gone."

He strode away, unable to stop thinking about what it would be like if he were the one in the hallway with Günter...