title: freedom/choice
fandom: GetBackers
characters/pairings: Kazuki/Jubei
rating: Teen
warnings: maturbation
summary: Kazuki dreams of Jubei
notes: for twilightsrain, for this request for fic on demand. i'm not sure where ep 36 is or, well, i haven't seen the whole series myself yet, so. hope you don't mind the format. ^_^;;;;;;;;

He drank the whole bottle of sake himself, because there was no one else to share it with him. He'd had his first sip of sake with Jubei at his side... he'd made Jubei drink first. Jubei hadn't wanted him to drink, but he couldn't pass, not after Jubei'd drank.

They got in trouble together, too.

He finished the bottle, and set it on the counter, to recycle it later. Life was strange... outside the Fortress. He'd forgotten, in there, what life was like outside. It felt good to be living on his own.

He missed Jubei, though.

He locked the doors, and set some traps, and then he unwound his hair. All of it. He stripped down, and went into the bath. He'd never washed his hair out alone. For years now, it was Jubei with him, washing it out section by section, lovingly, carefully. He'd never washed it in such a small space before, either. But it was time. It was his birthday. Certain rituals needed to be observed. Even if Jubei wasn't by his side to help.

It took longer on his own, and he kept remembering things. Tactile things. Olfactory things. He didn't have the patience to dry his hair. He didn't have the patience to brush it out.

That was Jubei's job.

He spread his hair out, and put his head down on the pillow. He let his hands roam down, over his chest, down...

He had chosen to leave, to leave alone, to make it on his own. Even if he missed Jubei enough to want to dive right back into the hell... This was his life, and his choices. And he was free.

Chained to his heart, but free.

He wrapped his hands around his cock, and started to pump slowly. He could remember Jubei's kiss, his touch... the smell of his breath. The way his mouth felt wrapped around Kazuki's cock. His fingers inside of Kazuki's ass... Kazuki's fingers were slimmer, but if he used four, he could estimate the feeling. He put his fingers in his mouth, remembering Jubei's kiss.

He came too fast. Jubei was good at making it last. He scooped up his semen, and licked his fingers clean. He remembered the taste of Jubei's come, the way he would clean off his stomach in the same way to taste Jubei mixed with his sweat.

He stared at the ceiling, waiting for his heart to stop pounding, and he remembered.

This was all his choice.