title: for now
fandom: Cardcaptor Sakura
characters/pairings: Eriol/Kaho, Spinel, Nakuru
rating: G
warnings: none
summary: a date.
notes: for the lovely Maaya, much delayed, but not because she lacks in awesome...

He called her in the morning, after he was supposed to already be in school. He coughed into the phone politely, as an excuse, perhaps because she had, at one time, been a teacher. That was hardly relevant, though, and anyway, she had nothing to teach him. As long as he didn't do something foolish like wear his uniform, he would look just like a foreign tourist. If he combed his hair just right, and wore the right clothes, despite his heritage, he could look quite British. It was charming.

He met her outside her house, and complimented her shoes in a gentlemanly fashion. She looked around, but he was truly out here alone. That was an indication of trust, not only on his part, but on the part of his servants, though they could be more diligent in their tasks. Still, they were loyal to him. And she was trusted.

They went to a mall in Yokohama. She held his hand as they went up the escalator. She wrapped her fingers around his tiny hand, looking around at the various stores, making conversation. She knew that he was watching her cheeks become pink, and that he was laughing at her internally. She didn't care, though.

They window shopped. They went into a few stores. She bought a hat, a silly thing with lace and silk flowers that she would likely never wear, but if she did, she would need lace gloves and a cup of tea. They got ice cream. Eriol swung his legs under his chair as he scooped out too large spoonfuls of ice cream dripping with fudge. The waitress smiled at her as she passed with a tray of dirty glasses. Your nephew is so cute! Eriol beamed, and gave her a significant look, and she nearly burst out laughing.

She thought about it sometimes. She should be ashamed of herself, she was sure. Almost everyone would say so. She felt more ashamed, though, when she was a student teacher, and she pursued the Kinimoto boy. More ashamed, but not necessarily ashamed.

They went to the top floor, where there was a small amusement park, and they rode on the carousel. He picked, of course, a black horse with a golden mane. She picked a pink horse with a candy cane pole. She was just a bit behind him, so he kept turning to look at her. It made her feel young.

They rode the subway back, and he put his head against her arm, like a tired little boy after a full day's activity. A grandmother across from them smiled at her kindly and knowingly, but of course, she was mistaken, so Kaho didn't meet her eyes. When they got home, his companions were there, Spinel having just awoken from a nap, and Nakuru arriving home from school. Good naturedly, she went straight back to the kitchen to make dinner for all of them, leaving Eriol to them. She made something simple, just some smoked fish and rice, and steamed vegetable on the side. Spinel was appreciative but Nakuru complained; Eriol gave her a soft look, so that was all she needed.

After dinner, Spinel helped her clean up, being unusually friendly, and Eriol helped Nakuru with her homework. She kept the door of the kitchen open so she could hear him gently lead her through the assignments. She stood with her hands under the water, smiling, lost in some happy, hazy moment of domesticity, at least until Spinel tossed water at her face.

It wasn't late when she left, but she sternly told Eriol that if he was going to pretend to be an elementary student, he should do it well, and no more days playing hooky. His eyes twinkled as he obediently acquiesced, and she burst out laughing at the absurdity of it. She had turned to leave when he grabbed her arm and pulled her down to kiss her cheek.

For a moment, she caught something like frustration in his eyes as he straightened his glasses, looking away. What attracted her to a person, romantically, had nothing to do with bodies per se, so she hardly even thought about things like kissing or touching or sex. Being reminded made her blush. Made her lean down and kiss his cheek in return, much closer to his mouth than he dared to kiss on her cheek.

She walked home. It wasn't far, and the night air was pleasant. The sky was clear, and the moon was bright. That made her think about Sakura, and her goals, and of course, of Touya. Mostly, though, she thought of those dark and stormy eyes trapped inside too young a body for now.

Only for now, though.