title: forgotten feathers
fandom: DC Comics
characters/pairings: Dick/Roy, Batman
rating: Teen
warnings: sex, superheroing
summary: Dick and Roy, fighting, stumbling, finding themselves, and each other.
notes: for the Stages of Love challenge. ah, i puzzled over continuity for this, because current comics continuity is such a muddle, and the animated series lacks roy (well, and dick, too, a lot of the time...) this will be my own continuity, then, leaning mainly on the animated series, but borrowing what i need from comics. ^_~


"Anything you can do, I can do better."

"Is that so?" Cocky, sexy bastard just smirks at me. "Well. Show me, then." And then he jumps off the fucking building. No joke, just jumps.

Now, I'm no novice. I might not be the damned Batman's damned protégé, but I'm not a greenhorn. I learned the roof-hopping routine from Ollie, and I've seen it done enough times. I've even seen people who could fly, like Superman.

I've seen it enough times, but I've never seen anyone just... jump, like that, like... Well, like they love every second of it, like they hate to throw out the jumpline, because then the ride will be over. And the way he moved, so precise, so graceful. Seriously almost thought he'd sprout wings, but he didn't need them, anyway.

Fuck. I was fucking in for it.

Still, I'm no fucking greenhorn. Maybe I'm not Nightwing, but Arsenal can keep up. I never let him get out of sight. And I saved his fine ass, too, when the heat poured on.

And he thanked me for it, too. Made a snide comment about how it wasn't necessary, but still. He said thank you.

I'm so fucking lost, and I haven't got a chance. This guy...

Well, he's going to learn that I'm good enough if I have to die trying.


He put a cold towel on the back of Roy's neck. He really didn't know what he was doing, just... trying. Roy was heaving over the toilet bowl. There wasn't anything left in him, it seemed, but he couldn't stop.

Looking at him from the corner of his eye, Roy grunted. "You don't... have to stay."

"You need someone," Dick insisted. Actually, he needed someone a few months ago. Dick didn't even know for how long. He didn't know at all until Roy called him to tell him that he was going to detox. He wanted to do this on his own. Personal will, Robbie, he said, and Dick could hear him grinning over the phone, even while his voice was shaking, it all comes down to personal will. Nine junkies out of ten never manage to beat this shit. It's gotta be my personal will, or it won't work.

If it were a question of Roy's will alone, Dick didn't think he had anything to worry about. But...

Exhausted, Roy leaned back. He looked at Dick. "If this is some... goody goody mission of freakin' mercy, you can just go. I can do this. I'm better than this shit."

"You sure the fuck are," Dick agreed, and he must have been more unhinged than he had thought, because he tried to never swear. Bruce wouldn't approve.

Bruce wasn't here.

Roy raised an eyebrow, but didn't comment. "So, why are you here, then? Because I get the part where you're better than me and you'd never do this shit. So, you know, if this is some fuckin' lesson..."

"Why are you pushing me away?" Dick countered.

"Just don't want you to be here if it's for the wrong reasons," Roy mumbled, looking down at his quivering hands.

"Yeah, don't worry. It's because I'm madly in love with you. So shut up and let me help," he shrugged.

Roy laughed, bitterly. "Great. Our first date is in the fuckin' bathroom, and you're not even naked. Flush the damned toilet, ok?"

Dick leaned forward obediently. The sound of water rushing around drowned out everything for a moment.

Funny how Roy didn't even object to what he said. Most straight guys would.

"Why are you really here, Dick? I... I can only deal with so much right now. And I don't want to deal with... fuckin' emotional garbage when I..."

"Shut up, Harper. I love you. Of course I'm here. Just forget about the rest of the crap that normally goes on between us. I'm here for you. End of story." He hated to use Bruce's words, but it was like they were under his skin.

"It's not guilt, right?" Roy asked, narrowing his eyes.

"Not guilt," Dick assured.

"...The other thing?" Roy asked, and damn it all if he didn't sound hopeful.

"The other thing. Now shut up. I'm not leaving, anyway."

"Ok," Roy sighed, closing his eyes. "I guess... ok."

Dick shook his head.

The other thing. Well... fuck.


Dick groaned. That groan was fuckin' hot. Roy shoved his hips up harder, practically slamming Dick into the wall.

"Harper," Dick hissed. "Fuck! I'm not going to have any back left!"

"Robbie," Roy grinned. "You're wearing kevlar. Stop whining. And I thought real names were a no-no."

Dick growled. Actually fucking growled, and that sound sent shocks of pleasure through Roy's veins. He pounded into Dick harder, pushing him against the bricks. Pushing into him. Burning into him, like he might explode.

Like he will.

He grabbed Dick's cock, stroking hard, using his thumb on the tip. No fucking way was he coming alone. He watched Dick's face, felt his body...

They clung to each other, panting. His palm was still covered by Dick's semen. He breathed in Dick's sweat.

There was a large crash at the other end of the alley. A guy in a green and purple leotard landed on a dumpster. Dick pushed off of him, and pulled up his pants quickly. He tossed out two 'rangs, and leaped after him. Quickly, Roy pulled his own pants up. A dark shadow dropped, nearly silently, behind Dick, but Nightwing already had the perp tied up.

"You're welcome," Dick said tersely.

Batman looked from Nightwing to Arsenal. "I've got it."

"I'm sure," Nightwing rolled his eyes, and brushed past Batman.

Roy took a deep breath and smiled. Batman just narrowed his eyes. "Er. Keep up the good work."

"Don't bother," Dick hissed under his breath.

Roy followed Dick closely. "You know it's love when I'm willing to deal with that as an in-law."

"Shut up, Harper," but Roy was pretty sure that Dick was smiling. Not so that he could see, but...

Yeah, he was smiling.


"I had him," he snaps, striding away from me.

There was nothing more infuriating than looking at the back of your lover as he walks away. I'd had enough of that, though. One advantage to hooking up with a friend - you knew his habits.

Dick would run away if I gave him half of half a chance. So. I wasn't about to give him even a quarter of half a chance.

I grabbed his elbow, and threw him back, pinning him to the wall. It's pathetically obvious that he could get away from me, but I shove my knee between his legs, to give him incentive to behave.

"Yeah, you had him. So the fuck what? This isn't about you being the manliest. This is about you working twelve-hour shifts, six days in a row, and going out every night, too, saving the world. If you resent me being here, you can fuckin' swallow it, because I'm not going anywhere! And do you know why?"

"Because you're an annoying show-off who always has to prove he's as good as me?" Dick spits out.

Ouch. Fucking break my fucking heart, why don't you? But this is just another way for him to run away, and I'm not having it. "Because I'm in love with you, you asshole." I grab his hair, and I'd love to kiss him right now, but I think he might try to bite me.

He looks away, pouting. Damn him... Being cute at a time like this... "Well. Yeah. But. I had him."

"Yeah, yeah. You asshole. Kiss me or something, will ya?" I grin, and act like I've got no doubt that Dick wants to kiss me.

I don't... really.

Dick puts his hands on my hips, and looks me in the eye. "I'm ok, Roy."

"Yeah, well, no offense, but I'd like to be able to keep an eye on you. You don't do so great at the whole taking care of yourself thing," I grumbled. Hell, like I'm good at that. See, I think we need each other...

Dick chuckles, and then he kisses me, and... It's weird, how just a kiss, even a quick one, in the right context... It can really get to you. "I don't mind, I guess. You got my back, and I got yours. That's how this works, then?"

"That's the idea," I grin. "That ok?"

"Yeah," he smiles.

Fuck, I love those little smiles. I'm done for. He's completely done me in.

The bastard.


Two Face and Joker forgot to check schedules before starting mayhem. Robin and Batgirl had Two Face, but just in the middle of putting the smackdown on the Joker, Killer Fucking Croc comes bumbling in.

Visiting Gotham sure is fun. They should put this in the ad campaign - Come to Gotham and Be Threatened by More Supervillains per Hour than Any Other City In the US!

Well, I'd have to check Metropolis' stats, but that's the idea.

Luck would have it, though, Croc KO's the Joker, so Bats goes after Croc, and Dick and I are left as cleanup for the Joker's crew. I'm just about to crack wise, when gas bombs go off. Dick tackles me, and shoves a gas mask over my face.

Nothing like being saved by the man you love...

The Joker's henchwench grabs the Zingh diamond and heads for the rafters while the grunts grab the clown and toss him in their Winnebago of Deathly Comedy. I wish I could make this stuff up. Dick shoves something into the palm of my hand. "The flat button on the side deactivates the security system. Go on, Arsenal! They're getting away!"

And he's off flying. And I have the key to the Batmobile.

The key to the fucking Batmobile.

I feel a bit weird, like. I didn't remember the wedding or the honeymoon, and suddenly, the stork was on the way... It was all happening so fast.

Kinda like the thugs and their damned Winnebago. Fuck.

So, the Batmobile is a pretty sweet ride. If by 'sweet,' you mean, the only way to keep from screaming in terror like a little girl is the fact that you're weaving so much on the street that the damned Winnebago is getting away. But, I'm not incompetent. Even when I'm silently screaming like a little girl. Hell, it's a damned fun ride, once the adrenaline pumps in; terror can be great.

The thugs are no problem. I speed ahead of them, and drive the Winnebago into a bridge support. Pop out, get off three quick arrows... circle around...

The clown is still out, but he's not dead. Once I've cleared out the riffraff, I hit him with a tranq, too. Always be prepared, just like the friggin' boy scouts say.

"He gave you the key to the car."

I spin around, but. Oh, he's up there. I frown. "He did, yeah."

Bats drops down from the lamppost silently. "I see."

"I, er, will be returning it..."

He looks past me. "I've got it from here." He starts to brush past me. "Take care of him."

Well, fuck. I can live without the wedding, but I'm definitely petitioning for a second honeymoon. Like hell I want to miss that...