title: Forgetful
fandom: Gundam Wing
characters/pairings: Heero/Quatre, mentions of Relena
rating: Teen
warnings: sex
summary: Heero forgets, but he's forgiven.
notes: for ikomiko, for her birthday and her request on fic_on_demand. ^_~

Heero's short, strong fingers sifted through hair the color of flax. Quatre was being playful tonight. That was always good. The man's skin was lightly tanned, but still pale, like milk and honey. He tasted like milk and honey, too, at least, some parts of him did...

Quatre grinned wickedly as he straddled Heero, his hands trailing down Heero's muscular chest. "I'm going to tie you down and mark you as mine."

Heero grinned wolfishly up at Quatre. "You're going to try."

Aqua eyes glinted with delight. "Oh, you're going to stop me, tough guy? I don't think so. I think you're going to do just what I tell you to."

"Oh, really?" Heero challenged. "And why would I do that?"

Quatre slid his hands up Heero's chest, twisting the pert, brown nipples between his forefingers and thumbs. "Because when I'm done, and you are just aching and dripping for me, I'm going to ride you like a stallion, and I'm going to stretch it out, so it'll feel like it's taking all night, I'm going to make you beg and whimper and cry, and when I'm done, babe, you are going to feel like you've died and gone to heaven." Quatre grabbed Heero's ears, and pulled him up for a fierce kiss.

Heero left his arms splayed out on the bed. He would wait for Quatre to tell him what to do with them.

Quatre pulled back, a dull pleasure burning behind his eyes. He licked his lips slowly and thoroughly. "Don't forget, Relena's birthday is in two weeks."

Heero blinked. "Wh-what?!"

Quatre lazily bent down to suck on Heero's neck and chest. "Relena. Birthday. Have to get her something. Nice."

Heero grabbed Quatre by the shoulders and flipped them over resoundingly, so they bounced a little on their mattress. "Quatre. I don't want to talk about my employer when we're in bed."

"But..." Quatre protested, already wriggling his way out of Heero's grip playfully.

Heero put his mouth on Quatre, and pressed down with his whole body, sinuously moving to make Quatre still. "Focus," Heero whispered into Quatre's ear, giving him plenty to focus on.

Heero adjusted his tie, moving quickly before the water shut off in the bathroom. They were already late, and while his employer was understanding, to say the least, Quatre had several meetings in the morning that really shouldn't be delayed. Heero was planning on getting out of the house before Quatre was done washing himself down, using that strange mesh sponge to scrub every inch of his pearly white skin, the soft scent of the liquid soap washing away with the steam...

Heero blinked, and looked down at his fingers, tangled up in his tie. Scowling, he set it straight (enough) and strode out of the house defiantly.

He was halfway down the long circular drive when he noticed the post it note stuck to the steering wheel.

"Six days 'til Relena's birthday!"

Scowling, he ripped the note off, tossing it into the backseat, and continued on to work.

"Love you," Quatre sighed.

Heero smirked, confident that Quatre could read his tone of voice better than most people could read his words. "Yup."

"I wish I didn't have to work..." Quatre sighed.

Heero pulled a quart of ice cream out of the freezer. It was Quatre's, but Heero loved to snack on Quatre's food when Quatre was away. "I'll give you a massage when you get home."

Quatre purred, and for a second, Heero felt a little weak in his knees. Quatre made the sexiest noises.

"What did you get for Relena?"

Heero frowned into his cherries garcia. "What?"

"Birthday. Three days."

Heero sighed. "I got it covered, Quatre."

"Well, I can have Lucy order something..."

"Quatre, finish your work so I can get my hands on you again."

"Yessir!" Quatre snickered in the only way a man could and still seem sexy.

Heero shook his head and punched the button to disconnect the call.

Heero rolled over in bed, and poked Quatre in the shoulder with his chin. "Hm."

Quatre blearily cracked open his eyes. "Mm?"

"We have to take Relena out to dinner tomorrow."

Quatre blinked. "You forgot? After I reminded you a million times?"

"Could you make the reservations?" Heero sighed wearily.

Quatre smiled. "No problem. Flowers and candy, too, maybe?"

"Thanks," Heero mumbled, scooting closer to Quatre to go to sleep.

Quatre turned a bit more to kiss Heero's nose. "It's a damn good thing you are so sexy, Yuy."

"Night..." Heero mumbled sleepily.

Quatre just shook his head and put his head down again.