title: for a price
fandom: Prince of Tennis
characters/pairings: Atobe/Oshitari, implied Oshitari/Mukahi, Hyotei
rating: Teen
warnings: sex for sale
summary: Atobe pushes the boundaries of friendship
notes: for my meemobunny, for correctly guessing my second round blind go fic. and because i absolutely cannot resist whore!yuushi... and there should be more of him. *stares at you*

There was no good reason under the sun for him to pay for it, but it was just the way the smug bastard said it. His hair, impractical for a tennis player, falling his eyes, his head tipped down so his glasses doubly obscured his gaze, and that playful, devilish smirk on his lips.

For five thousand yen, I'll suck you off.

He wasn't sure if the amount was a boast, or if he was selling himself cheap. Of course, he knew, he was just saying it because he didn't think Atobe would take him up on it.

Money was meaningless to Atobe. If he'd asked for ten or a hundred times the amount, it would have been the same thing as far as Atobe was concerned. So, to ask for just that amount... it was like offering to do it for pocket lint.

He tossed the money down onto the ground in front of Oshitari, and smirked. The smug bastard at least had the decency to frown. Atobe stretched out and undid his pants.

Oshitari leaned over, like a cat, and licked his lips.

You're a slut, you know.

Doesn't change the fact that you want it, the fucker purred.

But it was worth the money, even if the money was worthless.

He'd thought about it, afterward, about the fact that Oshitari was his friend, and teammate, and how he should show more respect for Oshitari's body, even if Oshitari had no respect for himself. He'd thought about it, but the next time Oshitari was over at his house, and they were drinking, he asked Oshitari the price for a fuck.

He looked at Atobe, surprised, but then he smirked. It was his own fucking fault, after all. Bastard just could never back down.

Fifteen thousand. Doggy style.

He got out the money just because Oshitari's tone had annoyed him. Oshitari had looked at it, chuckled, and then he started to take off his clothes. He fucked his best friend twice that night, and the second time from the front, so he threw in an extra twenty thousand.

It wasn't as if Oshitari needed the money. He got an allowance from his father. He seemed to have some sort of issue with his parents, but he was from Kyoto, so he'd never speak of it. Anyway, Atobe was sure every rich kid, hell, every teenager, had issues with his or her parents.

He paid extra to fuck Oshitari on the school roof, and Oshitari's come had whizzed out over the side of the building. They'd laughed about that for a while, and Atobe added five hundred yen for it. He made Oshitari give him a blowjob in the library because he was bored, and Oshitari wasn't talking because he was doing research for Mukahi's term project. Like Mukahi was an idiot... or like he was special...

He paid him a thousand yen for a handjob in the middle of practice, behind the stands, and made Oshitari kiss him to keep him from crying out.

He wasn't discreet about it. It irritated him that their game of one upmanship had developed into a relationship, one that had to have a monetary component to it. It irritated him that he carried cash with him everyday, so he'd have enough. It irritated him that Oshitari never made a move unless Atobe offered money first.

You don't have any shame, do you?

Oshitari was just bringing the cigarette to his lips when Atobe spoke. They were in the biology lab, sitting slumped on the floor behind a lab desk. Oshitari's pants and shirt were still open, and he looked every inch the whore. After a moment, he grinned, and put the cigarette between his lips, taking a long drag.

If your parents...

What about your father, Keigo~kun? What if he knew your allowance was going to fund your queer habit?

Atobe took the cigarette from Oshitari and stamped it out. He shouldn't smoke, after all. Atobe had declared it against the rules for the team.

Everything about the arrangement was annoying, but he wasn't going to stop. He would wait until the day that Oshitari refused. There had to be something, he figured. Some part of Oshitari's body that wasn't for sale.

He heard rumors, though, and those bothered him most of all. That Oshitari had other clients, perhaps even teachers. It seemed stupid, since he didn't need to study to maintain his rank in class, but Atobe noted silently the way that Oshitari's back stiffened when he passed Sakaki. That didn't really mean one thing or the other, but.

Oshitari and Mukahi were fighting again, and Ootori was convinced it meant the end of their doubles pair. He fussed around between Atobe and Shishido like a middle-aged woman, begging them to do something! Atobe walked past the clubhouse where they were arguing. The window was open, and he could hear Mukahi screech whore and shameless and sewer-trash, which just seemed redundant to Atobe. He went back to practice and assured everyone that it was fine. They always fought, and they always made up.

And if they didn't, Oshitari could play singles, and Mukahi could play with someone else.

If Oshitari's heart was still on the auction block, Atobe would at least keep bidding, if for no other reason that to see how far the bastard would go.