title: for Always
fandom: Tales of Symphonia
characters/pairings: Kratos/Zelos, Mithos, Zelos/Lloyd
rating: G/Teen
warnings: bloodplay/vampirism
summary: Zelos wants something from Lloyd.
notes: for my darling Bryan, for her request on fic on demand. purr. ^_~

He held the body of the young man in his arms. His neck was even more beautiful opened and bloodied, the red lines mixing with his hair. He was lovely, but that shouldn't have caused this to happen.

"Kratos, what have you done?"

Mithos didn't sound particularly indignant. He sounded amused.

Kratos sighed.

"I suppose it's his fault. Being so gorgeous like that. Had it coming. Are we burying him, or will you let him drink your blood?"

Kratos gently lowered the boy to the ground. He touched the boy's pale lips with his fingers.

Mithos laughed.

Lloyd grinned cheerfully. Zelos had been very... affectionate of late. He didn't know why, exactly, he liked that, but it was nice. Zelos was overbearing and obnoxious, but Lloyd was sure that, deep down, he was a good person.

Well, maybe not. But Lloyd was still happy.

The moon was full and bright, and the air was warm. Zelos had whispered into his ear, and mentioned the small pool near their camp. It was a sly suggestion, made with a wink. Lloyd wasn't really sure what Zelos was suggesting they do. He wasn't really sure about half of what Zelos said, but he wanted to be closer to Zelos anyway.

He found the clearing with the pool, and Zelos. Standing in the middle of it. Naked. And he had wings.

Lloyd just stared.

Zelos looked over his shoulder at Lloyd, smirking. "C'mon, bud. Get in. The water's great."

Lloyd's palms were sweating. His buttons were too big for their holes, and his fingers were suddenly thick and difficult to control. If he looked at Zelos, chuckling, he would spontaneously combust, so he turned his back and pulled his clothes off roughly. "Si-since when do you have wings, Zelos?"

Zelos splashed the water around his body absently. "Oh, I've had them for a while now. Actually, this is why I wanted to come here with you. I wanted to show you... It's kinda... you know, private. But... I think I can trust you. I can trust you, right, Lloyd?"

"Of course you can!" Lloyd turned abruptly, displaying himself to an appreciative Zelos. His cheeks flamed, but he just barreled on. "Trust is the foundation of a good friendship! I know we can trust you, Zelos. You're always there to watch my back. And you should know that I'll always be there for you, too."

"Always?" Zelos tipped his head to the side, letting his hair fall over his shoulder gorgeously. "That's good to know, Lloyd. I want to always be there for you, too." He held out his hand for Lloyd.

Swallowing hard, Lloyd waded into the water. Zelos stepped forward to wrap his arms around Lloyd, and cover his mouth in a sharp, bruising kiss. He brushed his fingers through Lloyd's hair, undoing the small tail at the back of his head.

Lloyd's head was swimming, and his body was hot. He felt like Zelos was killing him. He didn't know what he was supposed to do. Zelos was so much more experienced than he was. Zelos could have anyone he wanted. Why was he...?

He grabbed fistfuls of Zelos' hair, clutching the strands for dear life. "Ze-Zelos, it's too fast..."

"Is it?" Zelos asked, soothingly, but his hands were moving over Lloyd's bare skin. "Lloyd, do you mean it? Do you want to always be with me?"

Lloyd groaned, incoherent, delirious with the sensation of Zelos...

"Lloyd, touch my wings."

He reached out. The wings were nothing more than golden light, but when he touched them, it was like electricity was coursing through his veins, filling his body. He pressed himself to Zelos, needing to be as close as he possibly could be.

"Do you really want always, Lloyd? I can make sure we are always together..."

"Yessssss..." Lloyd hissed, not knowing at all what he was saying.

There was pain, and a feeling like everything was rushing out of him. He felt weak, drained. He slipped into the water, but Zelos was still holding him. He felt cold.

Something wet touched his lips.

"Chosen, what have you done?"

Zelos wrapped Lloyd's hair around his fingers, smiling serenely at his sleeping beloved. "Why do you call me Chosen? You know better than anyone that I wasn't chosen for anything. 'Cept maybe a good time. Did you have a good time turning me?" He looked up at Kratos, smiling innocently.

Kratos growled. "Lloyd is my son, damn you!"

"Is he?" Zelos frowned. "That's weird. You're like a father to me, sort of. So that makes me Lloyd's brother and father and lover. That's not right."

"Lov-!" Kratos advanced. "You are not to touch my son, you filthy monster! This is not the life I wanted for him!" His voice cracked.

"Do you want to kill him, then?" Zelos asked, disinterested. "It's already done. And unlike you, I asked him first. He wants to be with me. Always. So." He shrugged, and smiled down at Lloyd, who started to shift, the thirst overtaking him.

"Zelos!" Lloyd cried, whimpering.

Zelos put his arm out for Lloyd's waiting mouth, shuddering as Lloyd's teeth sank in, and their blood mixed once again. "Th-that's it, baby, that's perfect. Goddess, Lloyd, I love you, my pet..." He stroked Lloyd's hair, and, unable to hold back, lowered his mouth to Lloyd's shoulder, taking a bite.

Kratos, forgotten, watched, impotently.