title: flowers in the morning
fandom: Fruits Basket
characters/pairings: Hatori/secret admirer (revealed in story)
rating: G
warnings: flowers
summary: Hatori doesn't celebrate things, at least, willingly.
notes: for nemkess, for this request on fic on demand. meanings of flowers from this page.

Hatori didn't celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, or any other milestone, not unless he could help it. It wasn't a lack of caring as much as it was a pathological lust for efficiency. It was inevitable that he would miss some event; so to forestall such an eventuality, he eschewed them all.

Ayame and Shigure understood that. They worked around it. And of course, he wasn't allowed to ignore Akito's birthday.

He had been aware that it was Kana's birthday. That wasn't the sort of thing he'd be inclined to forget. But he wasn't a part of her life anymore, so he didn't think of it. On his desk that morning, though, was a small bouquet of alstroemeria, tied in a white ribbon.

It was too meaningful a gift to come from Shigure. It might well have come from Ayame, though. It was artful and subtle, in a colorful way. He called Ayame and asked him point blank, though, and Ayame denied it. Hatori could always tell when Ayame was lying, or trying to hide something, so he trusted his cousin, but the gift nagged at him.

On his own birthday, there was a bouquet of heather, standing up in a juice glass. It was a glass from the house, so it had to be from a Sohma, but unless Akito was feeling particularly deranged, he couldn't imagine from whom.

At the end of a bad week, he came to his office to find a sprig of gladiolus. He had to look up the meaning of it, send it to someone whose character you admire.

It was definitely not Akito, then.

For Christmas Eve, he got larkspur, as well as a note, printed from a computer, reminding him to take the holidays off. For Valentine's day, he got an amaryllis. He had stopped wondering about the identity of his benefactor. But, on the night of March 13th, he left a small handwritten note, thanking the person for their thoughtfulness. It wasn't there on the 14th.

Just when he was getting the most tired of the snow, he got daffodils. For no reason that he could fathom at all, he received a sunflower.

He came to his office early one morning. He hadn't been sleeping well. Akito's health was worsening, and he wasn't sure how long he could help. Things he wouldn't normally worry or think about were preying on his mind. He found Momiji arranging some blue anemones on his desk.

"Those are hard to find," he commented blandly.

Momiji looked worried for a moment, and then laughed. "It's not so hard if you're motivated."

He sat down heavily in his chair, and regarded the flowers. "Isn't there anyone your own age you'd rather shower your attention on? You'd have better luck."

"Good luck or bad, it doesn't matter. I don't care if Ha-san ignores me completely." He leaned in quickly, and kissed the corner of Hatori's mouth. He didn't pull back right away, and Hatori was suddenly struck with how much more mature Momiji was looking... how quickly they all grew up. And how beautiful Momiji was becoming... "There's no one else like Ha-san," Momiji whispered, and then he winked.

Hatori blinked, and watched Momiji bounce away. He turned to his flower, and touched the petal experimentally.

Maybe... he would get something for Momiji sometime.

for reference...

alstroemeria - friendship, shows the strength of the bond
heather - admiration (for someone whose friendship you value)
gladiolus - represent strength of character
larkspur - levity (send to remind someone of the humor of the situation)
amaryllis - radiant beauty (for someone beautiful, inside and out)
daffodils - represent chivalry, also spring, and hope
sunflower - connote pure thought
anemones - anticipation (send to soothe the nerves)

all taken from the site listed in the notes. ^_~