title: five minutes after
fandom: Prince of Tennis
characters/pairings: Tezuka/Fuji, Eiji, Atobe, Saeki
rating: Teen
warnings: sex
summary: the new teacher at school has everyone's interest. (AU)
notes: written for my peta-love, who needs more love. and more sensei!tezzie and schoolboy!fuji

Fuji always got to school early because his friends got to school early. Of course, technically, that was because they were all on the tennis team, but Fuji had long ago lost interest in tennis, so by the time school started, he'd already wasted enough time at school that he was ready to go home.

He'd heard the buzzing going around about the new teacher, but teachers, in general, were of no interest to him. He'd figured out the formula for keeping them satisfied in grade school, so he couldn't really bring himself to care that much.

The only thing interesting about school was the people in it, and usually, they failed to entertain Fuji, too.

Eiji was huddled in his desk, going through Oishi's cell phone, and taking down all the names and numbers and even looking through his text messages. Eiji loved nothing more than tormenting the beleaguered vice captain of the tennis team. Fuji wasn't sure if it was courtship or childishness on Eiji's part, but it was probably a little of both. Torturing Oishi was definitely fun, but Fuji didn't feel like leaning over Eiji's shoulder, so he put his feet up on the chair in front of him, and leaned back to nap before class started. He heard the bell, and he heard the girls squealing in a group, and then the boy in front of him shoved his feet out of the way, and he opened his eyes.

And he saw him.

The vice principal cleared his throat. "If I could everyone's attention. Kikumaru, put that away! I'd like to introduce you to your new homeroom teacher. As you know, Mashida-sensei has taken a leave of absence due to his wife's sickness, so we now have Tezuka-sensei. Please give him the same attention that you would give Mashida-sensei."

Fuji sat up in his chair, very straight, and smiled. No, he definitely wouldn't be giving Tezuka-sensei the same attention he gave Mashida-sensei. He was pretty sure he would stay awake for Tezuka-sensei's classes.

Tezuka-sensei bowed, and then scowled a bit. "It's my pleasure to be here. I hope we will be able to work together."

Fuji leaned over in his seat to get a better look at Tezuka-sensei. He could think of a few things he'd like to work on with...

"Fuji!" Eiji hissed. "Do you know who that is?"

Fuji looked balefully at Eiji, and frowned slightly.

Eiji leaned over more, and whispered, "That's Tezuka Kunimitsu! The famous Japanese tennis player! He nearly won a Grand Slam, but..."

"Kikumaru-kun, I believe," Tezuka-sensei said in a clear, deep voice. Fuji straightened up, trying to look innocent. "And you are?"

Fuji blinked, but there was no avoiding it. "Fuji Syuusuke, sir."

"Please refrain from talking during class," he asked them, frowning.

Fuji just beamed. "Yes, sir!" It wasn't technically class yet, but he didn't want to make a bad impression.

Not yet.

At lunch, all the girls in class crowded around the teacher's desk. Tezuka-sensei looked like he wanted to crawl out of his skin, but he politely answered all their questions.

Yes, he was a real teacher. He was twenty-four. He used to live abroad. That was his natural hair color. He had always liked math. No, he hadn't been teaching abroad. He lived in America mostly. He didn't think students needed to know what his favorite foods were, but he did prefer Japanese cuisine to Western.

Fuji lazily ate his lunch, watching the way Tezuka-sensei's scowl grew deeper the closer the girls got to him. He had a feeling that Tezuka-sensei didn't like girls much. His seductively pulled his fried shrimp into his mouth, and tried to catch his teacher's eye. Would Tezuka-sensei be so annoyed if he was the one infringing upon his personal space?

Eiji dropped his lunch box on Fuji's desk, and pulled his chair close to Fuji. "I just got back from talking to Oishi," Eiji started, still catching his breath.

Fuji smirked. "Did he want his cell phone back?"

"Yeah, but that's not the point," Eiji said, so exciting he was bouncing in his seat. "Oishi said that Ryuuzaki knew that Tezuka-sensei was coming and she wanted him to be an assistant coach and I think he used to go to this school but anyway he might be sitting in on practice this week but then I heard that Mashida-sensei is taking his wife to Germany or America or something so he's not going to be back, like, ever so they want to make Tezuka-sensei permanent quickly because he used to go here and..."

"Eiji, take a breath," Fuji said calmly.

"Fuji, you have to come to practice today!" Eiji exclaimed, grabbing Fuji's arm. "He'll come and he was a pro for years, he started when he was sixteen or seventeen or something and he had tutors and now he can teach us all kinds of cool stuff!"

Fuji looked from Eiji to Tezuka-sensei, who was trying his damnedest to keep Rika-chan from shoving her breasts in his face. He smiled slowly. "I'd like to learn cool stuff from him."

Eiji cried out in joy and everyone laughed, even Eiji. Tezuka-sensei gave them both a sharp look, but Fuji just smiled back at him.

He swung his racquet around his finger. The morning sun was too bright, and he felt hot just being outside in it. He should have just gone to the library to play with Momo's handheld games, like normal. That little first year should know better than to bring them to school, anyway. He went to the fountain to get a drink, and wash his neck.

"Shouldn't you be on the court with the rest of them?"

His blood froze and his skin crawled at the sound of that deep, sexy voice. He turned, and leaned back on the fountain, letting the water spill over his chin. "Tezuka-sensei. So, you've come at last."

Tezuka-sensei looked past Fuji to the tennis court, and narrowed his eyes. "I've made no obligations as yet."

"As yet," Fuji pursued. "You used to play, right?"

Infuriatingly, Tezuka-sensei was still refusing to look at him. "I don't play anymore."

"Why not?" Fuji asked, genuinely curious. "Injury?"

Tezuka-sensei turned his sharp gaze to Fuji, finally. "If you slack off in practice, you'll never become a regular."

Fuji shrugged, looking away, disinterested. "It doesn't interest me."

"From what I can gather," Tezuka-sensei said, stepping closer to Fuji. "It takes a lot to interest you."

"Have you been looking into me, Tezuka-sensei?" Fuji asked brightly.

Tezuka-sensei continued, though, as if Fuji hadn't said a word. "You're a bright young man, and you seem to be able to do anything you put your mind to. But you're lazy. You have a great deal of potential. You can't squander your talents."

"I'm flattered that you think so highly of me," Fuji replied demurely. He leaned closer to Tezuka-sensei, feeling his heart start to pound. It was unfair that any human being should be so excessively sexy and still have his clothes on. "But maybe I just haven't found the right venue to apply my... talents."

Tezuka-sensei looked down at Fuji, blinking, and for a moment, Fuji thought that they were really in sync with each other. Either Tezuka-sensei would tell him to back off, or maybe... but no, that was just foolishness. Tezuka-sensei wouldn't do that. Not while they were in sight of other students. "It's my job to see that all your talents get applied to the fullest. Laziness is a sign of weakness, Fuji-kun."

Fuji blinked. That was such a... teacherly thing to say. "Don't worry, Tezuka-sensei. I've never been more motivated to study math since you've come."

Tezuka-sensei clearly didn't know what to make of that, but he just nodded, and turned to go back inside the school.

Fuji absently spun his racquet around his finger, and pondered the conversation.

Clearly, there wasn't much point to continuing to show up for tennis practice.

"Fuji-kun, could you stay after class for a few minutes?" Tezuka-sensei said quietly as the bell was ringing. There was a small reaction from the girls in class who would give anything to spend a few minutes after class to be with Tezuka-sensei.

Fuji just nodded; as happy as he was to be the one to be left alone in the classroom with Tezuka-sensei, he really had no idea why he was being held back, so he was a bit wary as well. When everyone else was out of the room, he stood up and went in front of Tezuka-sensei's desk, and smiled. "What can I do for you, sensei?"

Tezuka-sensei handed him back his homework without looking up. "You can redo this."

"Eh?" Fuji looked down at his homework, crestfallen. "Is there something wrong with it?"

"Yes," Tezuka-sensei replied dryly. "I would prefer if the answers were in the form of numbers, not pictograms."

Fuji pouted. "But you were the one who said that graphing out problems was a good way to start out."

"Start, yes. But you still need to have numerical answers at the end for this assignment, Fuji-kun. If you don't mind," he pointed to a chair.

Fuji sighed dramatically, but he sat down and got out a pencil. "Tezuka-sensei, do you have a girlfriend?"

"That's really not relevant," Tezuka-sensei replied absently.

"Do you have a boyfriend?" Fuji asked cheekily.

"That's no more relevant than your last question," Tezuka-sensei returned with no more concern.

Fuji laughed. "I looked it up. Your tennis career, I mean. You shattered your elbow in a training accident."

"Which has a lot to do with why I don't play anymore," Tezuka-sensei sighed. "But nothing at all to do with logarithms. Please finish your work quickly, Fuji-kun."

"Do you miss it?" Fuji continued, nonplussed.

Tezuka-sensei reacted. His body froze, and his eyes widened a bit. He stared down at his records book, but what he was seeing was a million miles away, and a lifetime ago.

Fuji regretted asking the question.

"I miss it every second of every day," Tezuka-sensei replied, his voice low and passionate. Fuji felt his cock twitch, even though he knew it was wildly inappropriate. "Please just concentrate on your work."

Fuji nodded and bent down to finish. He got up a moment later, and put the paper down on the neat stack of homework Tezuka-sensei was grading. He put his hand on Tezuka-sensei's shoulder, squeezing... He was surprised that Tezuka-sensei didn't push his hand away immediately.

"I'm sorry, sensei. Thank you."

He grabbed his backpack quickly and rushed out of class.

His heart was pounding so hard, it might burst.

He quit the tennis club. Eiji whined to him a lot about it, but he decided that it was just a waste. He wasn't even really participating anymore. Ryuuzaki-sensei called him to her office to try to dissuade him, but she was the wrong teacher.

He joined the math club, which Tezuka-sensei was proctoring now. Math club membership had seen a sharp rise since the new teacher had come to the school, but Fuji wasn't really that interested in the club itself; he joined just to have a club, but then he volunteered to be Tezuka-sensei's aide. That meant collecting a lot of paperwork, and cleaning up the room after club, and doing a lot of other boring things... while alone in the room with Tezuka-sensei.

Lots of people volunteered, but Tezuka-sensei picked him. That was encouraging.

On days without club, there was usually a line outside Tezuka-sensei's office of people that needed help. Fuji volunteered, with two other math club members, to stay after school to help tutor. Fuji stayed after every day of the week, though, because when he did, he could stay behind to clean up the classroom, and get a little extra time with Tezuka-sensei.

He got to learn things, like that Tezuka-sensei disliked taking grading home, so he would stay in the classroom to finish, and when he did, he would often chew on his pencil as he marked papers, and made out lesson plans. Fuji thought it was very odd that someone like Tezuka-sensei would chew on his pencils. He also took a few opportunities to steal a chewed pencil that had momentarily escaped Tezuka-sensei's gaze.

His sister teased him about being smitten with his math teacher, until he showed her a picture of Tezuka-sensei he'd taken with his cell phone.

Class let out early on Christmas Eve, and no matter how dedicated, pretty much the entire student body was anxious to get out of school and out onto the streets.

It was convenient for Fuji, because all he had to do was go to the washroom after class was out, and if he waited ten minutes, he had the school to himself.

He wasn't surprised to see Tezuka-sensei at his desk, finishing up his grading. If he disliked bringing work home on a normal day, he would absolutely loathe bringing work home on a holiday. He had his papers neatly stacked up, and his pencil in his mouth.

Fuji took a quick picture with his cell, and then knocked quietly on the door. Tezuka-sensei looked up, but he didn't say anything. "Can I help you, sensei?"

"Aren't you anxious to get out and start wrecking havoc with all your friends?" Tezuka-sensei asked archly.

Chuckling, Fuji slipped into the classroom, and closed the door behind him. "Of course I am. But I wanted to check on my favorite teacher first."

Tezuka-sensei almost completely masked his expression as he rolled his eyes. "You can go, Fuji-kun. I'll manage."

Fuji pulled a chair up to Tezuka-sensei's desk. "I don't mind. It'd be a waste if you were stuck here late. You must have a... significant other waiting for you. Christmas Eve is for lovers, after all." He winked at Tezuka-sensei comically.

He snorted softly, and then sighed. "If you insist on wasting your time here, then fine. Can I trust you to record grades for me?"

Fuji sat up straight. That wasn't the sort of task that Tezuka-sensei would normally trust to just anyone, even a volunteer. "Of course, sensei." He was given the grade sheet, and the stack of first year assignments, which were already put in alphabetical order. Neatly, he recorded the numbers, double-checking as he went down the line. After that, he was given the second year assignments to put in order while Tezuka-sensei graded the third years. While Tezuka-sensei finished up, Fuji put together the folders to be sealed up until after break, and he put away Tezuka-sensei's calculator in his briefcase.

It would have been hard to miss, even if he hadn't been taking the chance to look through Tezuka-sensei's things. The gift was professionally wrapped, and nestled in the trademark pale blue bag. It must have been a special gift, because it was put away so tidily, but it was still unopened. Because of Tezuka-sensei's rather large fanclub, the school had adopted a policy that teachers could not accept gifts from students, which Tezuka-sensei seemed to take a great deal of relief from; he'd mentioned the new school policy every day in class since it was first instituted on December 3rd. Fuji had seen Tezuka-sensei politely but firmly refusing gifts from persistent girls who tried anyway to shower him with their unwanted affection.

He touched the package lightly, as if that would enlighten him as to the giver.

"Tezuka-sensei," Fuji said teasingly. "You let one get past you."

Tezuka-sensei looked in his briefcase to see what Fuji meant, but his expression remained stony. "Very funny. I'm done here, Fuji-kun, so you're free."

"I can take those to the office for you while you get your coat," Fuji offered helpfully.

Tezuka-sensei gave him a sharp look. "Really, I don't need this much help. Go and enjoy your holiday."

"It's fine," Fuji assured him, pulling the envelope from Tezuka-sensei's hand. He left his bag behind, though, so Tezuka-sensei would wait for him.

As expected, Tezuka-sensei was standing outside his classroom, holding Fuji's bag, by the time that Fuji got back. Fuji just smiled brightly, and took his bag, bowing briefly. "Thank you, sensei!"

"That should be my line. Have a good holiday, Fuji-kun," Tezuka-sensei said, sounding bored, and he turned on his heel.

Fuji caught up to him quickly. "Thank you, sensei, but do you mind if I follow you for a bit?"

Tezuka-sensei raised his eyebrow at Fuji. "Are you asking permission to stalk me?"

Laughing, Fuji bumped his hand against Tezuka-sensei's 'accidentally.' "No, not stalk you, just... I'm asking if you mind my company for a bit of the walk home?"

"I take the train," Tezuka-sensei responded with no humor. "Aren't your parents expecting you?"

"My father is working until late tonight. My mother will be in Chiba with some friends of hers until after dinner. My brother is going to a party with some friends. And my sister is working until they close her shop tonight. So." He looked up at Tezuka-sensei like a lost little puppy. "I'd rather not go home and be alone; that's all."

Tezuka-sensei looked him over appraisingly. Fuji held his breath; Tezuka-sensei could mention that Fuji himself had plenty of friends to depend on to stave off loneliness. If Fuji had to keep making excuses for following Tezuka-sensei, he would look desperate, and obvious. After a few moments' scrutiny, though, Tezuka-sensei lifted his chin and his expression returned to his normal state of disinterest. "As you like, then."

Fuji beamed.

On the train, he regaled Tezuka-sensei with stories of the Christmas party after closing last year at his sister's bookshop, and how he ended up having to go in at midnight to rescue her from an annoying boss, and how he had to stand up to the drunken man, who was a whole hand span taller and weighed twice as much as he did. Tezuka-sensei listened, watching Fuji with concerned eyes.

It made Fuji want to blush.

Tezuka-sensei never told him to stop following, so Fuji walked with Tezuka-sensei all the way to his apartment complex, which was much nicer than most teachers could hope for. It had just started to snow, so they stopped for a moment outside the gate. Fuji shifted from foot to foot, wishing he'd brought gloves or at least a scarf with him to school. Wishing more that he didn't have to wish Tezuka-sensei a good Christmas from outside.

Tezuka-sensei looked Fuji over, and then sighed softly. "Come inside. I'll make hot chocolate."

Fuji brightened up, shocked. He followed Tezuka-sensei in, smiling cheerfully at the uniformed doorman who handed Tezuka-sensei his mail in the lobby. They took the stairs to the fourth floor, and Tezuka-sensei let Fuji in to his apartment.

It was big. That was his first thought. The décor was extremely sparse and traditional, but the room had excellent light. On one wall, there was an oversized print of a photograph of a long shot of a tennis court with two racquets piled together with some balls in the foreground.

Fuji stood in front of it, wondering what Tezuka-sensei looked like on the court. He could look it up online, find some footage, but it seemed so sad. To him, Tezuka-sensei has almost nothing to do with tennis, but this was still a constant presence in his teacher's life.

"Your coat?" Tezuka-sensei asked quietly. Fuji hadn't been aware that the man had come up beside him. Smiling too brightly, he slipped his coat off, and handed it to his teacher.

"Thank you. Your apartment is so nice. I'm sorry to inconvenience you." He bowed formally.

Tezuka-sensei hung up his coat. "It suffices. You can turn up the heat if you are cold. I'll start the hot chocolate."

Fuji saw the heating controls, but he elected to trail after Tezuka-sensei instead. Rather than putting the kettle on to boil water, Tezuka-sensei pulled out a saucepan, and he measured out some milk. To that, he added cocoa powder, chocolate syrup, and a handful of chocolate chips, slowly, as the milk started to heat up.

Fuji sat down at one of the counter stools across the island from where Tezuka-sensei was working on the stove. He put his chin in his hands, and smiled contentedly. "I've never seen anyone making hot chocolate from scratch before."

Tezuka-sensei turned to look at him, startled, and then a faint blush colored the top of his cheekbones. "This is how my grandfather made it." The sentence seemed to carry the same meaning as This is the right way to do it.

Fuji couldn't believe it. He felt like he was falling in love.

"Ah, it should be better this way, mm?" Fuji remarked, trying to reassure Tezuka-sensei.

Tezuka-sensei just looked at him blankly, as if to indicate that he wouldn't know, because he certainly would never have any of the wrong kind.

Fuji laughed.

Tezuka-sensei sprinkled ginger and nutmeg on top, stirred a bit more, and then he poured the thick, creamy mixture into two mugs, making a little bit of a mess of his counter. Despite how neat and tidy everything appeared, he seemed to be unconscious of the mess he left as he turned to face Fuji. Perhaps he had a maid. He had once been a professional tennis player.

"Here," Tezuka-sensei declared, and Fuji happily took his mug, raising it gingerly to his lips to take a sip.

It was still too hot, but that didn't matter. "It's good!" Tezuka-sensei looked rather pleased with himself as he raised his own mug to his lips. Fuji watched the progress of the liquid very carefully as Tezuka-sensei sipped. A small ring of chocolate was left lingering on Tezuka-sensei's upper lip, but his tongue quickly darted out to swipe it up.

Fuji grinned. "Here." He reached down to his bag, and pulled out a slim package, wrapped in green tissue paper. Tezuka-sensei's eyes widened, and his back went stiff. "Oh, c'mon, we're not in school!" Fuji teased. "Besides, it's really nothing big. Go ahead, open it!"

Tezuka-sensei closed his eyes and sighed, resigned. Fuji bit his lip in excitement. Tezuka-sensei neatly tore the tissue paper off on one end, and slipped out the packet of two wooden pencils, prechewed.

He actually smiled.

Nearly bouncing on his stool, Fuji laughed. "Sorry, but I saw those and I had to get them for you. It's just. You really don't seem the type to chew on his pencils." Fuji winked at him, and hid his mouth behind his mug, taking a long sip of hot chocolate.

Tezuka-sensei tapped the pencils on the counter. "I didn't used to. I... am a bit self-conscious about my handwriting, ever since. The accident. I'm left handed, but I can't write well with my left hand anymore. It took a long time to write adequately legibly with my right." He shrugged, and ducked his head down.

Fuji wondered if he was embarrassed. "I had no idea you were left handed. That's really interesting. You shouldn't be self-conscious, though. Your handwriting is perfect."

Tezuka-sensei straightened up, and looked over Fuji's shoulder. "That's good to know. But it used to be better." He sounded entirely complacent, as if this, among so many other things, had just been taken away from him, and there was nothing he could do.

Fuji nodded slowly. He couldn't really imagine what Tezuka-sensei had been through... to lose the most important thing in his life... It was outside his reasoning, but it made him want to touch Tezuka-sensei. Just. Reach out and caress his hand.

He bit his lip.

"I... I'm sorry, do you mind if I ask...?" Fuji started, assuming Tezuka-sensei could finish the question himself.

He just shrugged. "If you looked hard enough, you could find all the details you wanted. I was doing weight training as part of rehab for tennis elbow. The machine was improperly loaded, and my arm spasmed at the wrong time... the weights came down on my elbow, and shattered the bone." He sounded so clinical, so detached.

He was talking about the moment that ruined his life.

"I have several pins in there now, going up and down, keeping the elbow in place and giving me full motion. But there was nerve damage, so my hand doesn't have fine motor control anymore. That's it." He looked Fuji in the eye, his expression unreadable.

Fuji wanted to kiss him. "I see. Ah. So, the gift in your briefcase is from your girlfriend?" He winked at Tezuka-sensei exaggeratedly, hoping that he wouldn't mind the change in subject.

Tezuka-sensei rolled his eyes and said nothing.

"Your boyfriend?" Fuji asked hopefully.

"If you have something you want to ask me," Tezuka-sensei said, "you should just come out and ask me."

"All right," Fuji replied thoughtfully. "Are you gay?"

"Yes," Tezuka-sensei replied calmly, standing up and turning to get napkins. He sounded so matter-of-fact.

Fuji grinned. "That's it? Just yes?"

"What did you expect?" Tezuka-sensei asked, looking over his shoulder.

"I'm not sure," Fuji mused. "I suppose I just didn't expect you to admit that easily."

"If you wanted to look it up, you could," Tezuka-sensei said wearily. "So, it's pointless for me to try to hide it."

"I could?" Fuji asked archly. That meant... Tezuka-sensei was out? Or was there some sort of incident? What sort of man did Tezuka-sensei date? "Are you seeing anyone now?"

"No," Tezuka-sensei answered with equal brevity and honesty.

"What about the gift in the briefcase, then?" Fuji pressed.

Tezuka-sensei looked Fuji in the eye. "That's not technically any of your business. I suppose you would say that it is from my ex."

Fuji raised an eyebrow. Not technically his business? Then why did Tezuka-sensei answer him? And... "What would you call him?"

Tezuka-sensei raised his chin and looked off into the distance. "Mm. He's someone I know."

Fuji laughed. "I doubt he'd be happy to hear you call him that."

"Regardless," Tezuka-sensei replied coolly.

Fuji grinned.

Tezuka-sensei tapped his pencils, and then he got up. "One moment."

Fuji watched him walk out, his eyes on Tezuka-sensei's ass. He wondered if Tezuka-sensei was going to his bedroom. He wondered if maybe he could follow. But, before he could work up the courage to get up and go after Tezuka-sensei, he came back. He walked past Fuji, and pressed something to Fuji's chest.

A can of tennis balls.

Fuji raised an eyebrow, and took the can from Tezuka-sensei. "Have a good Christmas, Fuji-kun."

Fuji laughed, and turned the can of balls around. "Did you just have this lying around in your bedroom?" he teased.

"Well," Tezuka-sensei ducked his head down. "I might as well let you get some good use out of them."

Fuji's expression sobered, and he looked down at the can, suddenly appreciating them more. "Thank you, sensei."

Tezuka-sensei snorted softly.

Fuji looked up at him questioningly.

Tezuka-sensei cleared his throat. "You always say the polite thing. Yet somehow, I wouldn't describe you as being a polite boy. Now, how does that work?"

Fuji smirked, and winked at his teacher. "I can't believe that. I'm the very model of good manners."

That actually earned him a brief, silent laugh. He beamed.

He wrapped his hands around his mug, and looked up at Tezuka-sensei through his eyelashes. "So, do you have plans for the afternoon, or maybe we could watch some cheesy Christmas movies?" He was pushing his luck now, but he'd proved to be luckier than he expected, anyway.

No way he could get anywhere without trying.

Tezuka-sensei looked a bit sheepish, and he checked his watch. Fuji felt his heart sink, but he kept up his smile. "Ah, well. Are you meeting with that guy you know?"

He laughed, because he was sure that Tezuka-sensei was smiling. "Something like that, I suppose."

Fuji finished off his hot chocolate, and pushed his mug across the counter. He got up, and went to Tezuka-sensei. "That's all right. Christmas Eve is for lovers." He leaned in, and kissed Tezuka-sensei's cheek, very close to his mouth. He hadn't been quite brave enough to kiss him on the mouth directly.

Close, though.

"Thank you for your time, sensei."

He went over to where Tezuka-sensei had hung up his coat, and slipped it on. When he got out, he'd track down Yuuta and annoy him. He was in a good mood.

"Fuji-kun." Fuji nearly jumped; Tezuka-sensei was right behind him. Fuji turned, blushing a bit, getting ready to stammer out an apology. He'd gone too far. "Here." He wrapped a long striped scarf around Fuji's neck. "You need to bundle up," he murmured softly, in a voice too sexy to be legal. Really. While Fuji was still gaping, he also picked up Fuji's hands, and stuffed them in mittens. He looked in Fuji's eyes, and for a moment, there was nothing but silence. Tezuka-sensei looked away, seeming embarrassed. "You need to look after your health."

"Y-yes, sensei," Fuji said, swallowing hard. Tezuka-sensei was concerned about his health. That was nice. "Thank you. Sorry for the trouble."

"Enjoy the holiday," Tezuka-sensei said stiffly, standing back a bit.

"You, too," Fuji replied. "But... not too much." He winked at Tezuka-sensei, and then showed himself out.

He wondered what sort of person that guy Tezuka-sensei knew was like.

He'd thought about going to visit Tezuka-sensei over the break, but since Tezuka-sensei was in such a fancy building, with a doorman and all, he didn't want to go there unless he could be sure that Tezuka-sensei would be home. The first day back to school, then, he was extra early, too excited about seeing Tezuka-sensei to wait.

Unfortunately, Tezuka-sensei was actually late that day. And his hair was messy. His tie wasn't quite perfect.

Fuji spent all of math class looking out the window. Tezuka-sensei didn't say anything to him, though. For lunch, he went to the cafeteria to eat. He left school as soon as the bell rang, ignoring clean up.

That evening, his sister came to his room, and teased him for moping, but he wouldn't say what happened. She still guessed that it was about 'that teacher.'

He couldn't get the thought out of his head that Tezuka-sensei had been having sex with some guy all throughout the holiday.

"Fuji-kun, I'd like to see you after class," Tezuka-sensei said quietly as everyone was gathering up their things. Fuji nodded, and he bent over to stuff his notebooks in his bag, and also.

He needed to catch his breath.

For the first time since Christmas Eve, he was alone in the room with Tezuka-sensei. His teacher hadn't gotten any less attractive, his eyes were no less intense, and he was no less drawn to him than he was before, but he felt, which he most likely should have felt all along, that he was a stupid child and this was a grown man.

For a moment, Tezuka-sensei didn't say anything, but he was looking directly at Fuji, and the scrutiny was intense. Finally, Tezuka-sensei cleared his throat, and said, "Fuji-kun, have you decided to quit the math club?"

That wasn't precisely what he expected Tezuka-sensei to say, and he was almost certainly imagining the tone of melancholy in Tezuka-sensei's voice. "I hadn't really made a decision, sir."

Tezuka-sensei's expression seemed to harden at the use of the word 'sir.' Fuji almost regretted it, but... "I see. You've missed three weeks, however. And. You haven't been staying after school."

"I'm sure you can find someone else to help you out," Fuji replied a bit too forcefully.

Tezuka-sensei looked away. "I see."

There was a pregnant pause, and Fuji almost blurted out a dozen ill-conceived, hurried apologies, for his absences, which had bothered Tezuka-sensei, to his behavior in Tezuka-sensei's apartment.

"Well. You're always welcome to come back," Tezuka-sensei said, and then he stood up, and turned to clear off the blackboard. "You may go."

Fuji nodded slowly, watching Tezuka-sensei's back, and the way his shirt moved as his arm made the sweeping motions up and down the board. "I'm sorry, sensei," Fuji muttered quietly, picking up his bag. Just as he opened the door, Tezuka-sensei's voice stopped him.

"You have nothing to apologize for."

Fuji walked away very quickly, and forced himself to not think about the conversation.

He walked around the lobby aimlessly while the doorman called up to Tezuka-sensei's room. He kept looking at Fuji suspiciously, as if he was some sort of criminal, come into his lobby to drip on the carpets. It wasn't Fuji's fault he was wet.

He didn't make it rain.

The doorman hung up the phone, and grunted at Fuji. He came out from behind his desk, and punched the button for the elevator. "You can go up," he said grudgingly, clearly showing a lack of faith in Tezuka-sensei's decision.

It wasn't wise to question teacher.

Fuji paced in the elevator. He shouldn't have come to see Tezuka-sensei. Clearly, it was a mistake, but he couldn't care. It wouldn't be long before...

The door slid open, and Tezuka-sensei was there, waiting for him. His shirttails were out, and his shirt look rumpled, and not all of the buttons were buttoned. He looked damned sexy, and also concerned. "Fuji-kun? What's wrong?"

Fuji started to laugh. He pushed his hand through his wet hair, and stepped off the elevator. "I went for a walk. But it started to rain. I must not have noticed right away, because I'm completely soaked. I thought I should come out of the rain, but I'll just be a burden to you. I'm sorry..." He was about to turn and walk away. He wasn't sure what he was doing. He wanted to kiss Tezuka-sensei.

Sighing, Tezuka-sensei reached out, and grabbed Fuji's elbow. "Come on." He led Fuji back to his apartment, and closed the door behind Fuji. As Fuji was taking off his shoes, Tezuka-sensei went ahead, to the bathroom, and got out a huge, fluffy towel. He started to dry Fuji's hair, but he scowled. "You're going to need to change your clothes. You can't stay in those wet things."

"Do you want me to strip?" Fuji asked hopefully. He looked up at Tezuka-sensei's stricken face, and laughed. "I'll behave."

Tezuka-sensei shook his head, and pointed Fuji to the direction of the shower. "Go on ahead. I'll get a change of clothes for you."

Fuji did as he was told, always the good boy, and he went to the bathroom, and peeled off his clothes, all the way to his skin. He looked at himself in Tezuka-sensei's mirror, and he started to go through Tezuka-sensei's things. He shaved with a straight edge, he wore aftershave, he only had aspirin on his shelf, he used mint gel toothpaste, and a normal toothbrush, nothing fancy...

There was a knock at the door, and "Fuji-kun, I have clothes..."

Fuji nodded, and went and opened the door all the way. Tezuka-sensei blushed, and looked away. "H-here. You can just kick your clothes out anytime."

Fuji took the clothes and nodded, turning to do as asked. Tezuka-sensei gave him a pair of track pants with a drawstring and a chamois shirt. He set those down on the counter, and stepped under the shower, letting the water warm him up. He used Tezuka-sensei's towels to dry off quickly, and then slipped into the chamois shirt, but he disregarded the pants. He splashed some of Tezuka-sensei's aftershave on, wiping his hands off down his neck. He liked the smell.

When he came out of the bathroom, he could hear the faint tumbling sound of a dryer. Tezuka-sensei must really be well off, he assumed, if he had a washer and dryer in his apartment. He'd like to see the whole thing.

"Do you feel better?" Tezuka-sensei asked, kindly, and then he turned to look at Fuji, and promptly blushed, and turned away. That was two blushes in less than fifteen minutes. Fuji was sure that was an accomplishment. "Were the pants much too big?"

Fuji shrugged, and rolled the sleeves of the chamois up, clutching the fat ends of the sleeves in his hands. "They were unnecessary," he said vaguely. "Your apartment is big." He sat down on the leather couch next to Tezuka-sensei. "You must have made a lot of money while you were able to play."

Sighing, Tezuka-sensei reached out, and brushed back Fuji's wet hair. "You didn't dry your hair. You'll catch cold. Don't you care about your health?"

"Mm," Fuji murmured noncommittally. "Doesn't it bother you to have something that constantly reminds you of what you lost looming over you?" He pointed with his chin to the oversized print of the tennis court.

Tezuka-sensei looked at it absently over his shoulder, but his attention returned to Fuji. "It's not as if I can forget that easily. Sometimes, when I look at it, I remember the good times."

"Good times," Fuji echoed, hollowly. "That's a very mature statement."

"I am quite a bit older than you," Tezuka-sensei reminded him cautiously.

Fuji laughed. "So you are. It's a pity. If you were the same age as I am, we'd've had sex already, don't you think?" He laughed more when he saw Tezuka-sensei's pained expression.

"Fuji-kun... aren't you going to tell me what happened?" Tezuka-sensei replied seriously.

Fuji didn't want to think about it. He crouched down, and put his wet head on Tezuka-sensei's lap. He curled his arm around Tezuka-sensei's leg, and cuddled it tightly. "My father's gotten a big promotion. It entails moving to America. He's sending us along ahead, because the schools are different over there. He doesn't want us to lose much more time. I only have a year and a half left of high school. Yumiko's staying behind. I wanted to stay with her, stay here... but I have talents. I'd be so much better off in America. I can go to Hollywood and make a movie and make Daddy a billion dollars. I owe it to him, after everything he's invested in me." He didn't sound bitter; at least, he hoped not. He was bitter, viciously bitter, but he didn't want to sound it. He wanted to sound at peace.

He wanted to stay in Tezuka-sensei's lap.

Tezuka-sensei's cool, strong hands came down to touch him. One hand fingered Fuji's hair, and the other caressed his back, his shoulders, his neck. When Tezuka-sensei's hand was on his neck, it was skin contact, a sensual touch that made Fuji shiver. "I'm sorry, Fuji-kun. It's unfortunate that your choice won't be respected. You'll. You'll be missed." There was quiet for a moment, perfect quiet, and Fuji wouldn't have said a word for anything, because he wouldn't be the one to ruin this delicious moment. "When will you be leaving?"

He licked his lips, and closed his eyes. "We're withdrawing from school tomorrow. I don't know exactly when we're leaving. It's all happening pretty fast."

Tezuka-sensei's hand went still on Fuji's skin, at the join of Fuji's neck and shoulder. He never wanted to move. "I'm sorry," Tezuka-sensei said, and his voice was colored with emotion. He truly was sorry.

Fuji couldn't bear it. He leaned up, and pushed off of Tezuka-sensei's thighs, looking up at Tezuka-sensei needily. "Technically, you aren't my teacher anymore, then. Will you kiss me now?"

"Fuji-kun..." Tezuka-sensei murmured, looking away.

Fuji slipped his body around, straddling Tezuka-sensei's lap. He clutched Tezuka-sensei's collar. "I might never see you again. If this is the last time I ever get to be near you, do you really expect me to behave like a reasonable child? I have to behave at home. I want to throw a temper tantrum. It's not fair. It's not fair that you're so sexy, and you lead me on, and you won't even give me a kiss..." Fuji's eyelids got heavily, and he leaned in, letting his moist, parted lips touch Tezuka-sensei's lips.

Tezuka-sensei pushed him off, and stood up. "What you need is some rest, and to warm up. I'll make you something to eat. And then, I'm taking you home." He held out his hand to Fuji.

He looked at it, but he wanted to smack it away. He wanted to cry and scream, and pull his chamois off and beg Tezuka-sensei to take him. He wanted to be every bit the brat, because he wasn't getting his way. "Are you going to take me to your bed?"

Tezuka-sensei sighed, and took Fuji by the elbow, drawing him up. "It's the only bed I have set up." He grabbed Fuji's forearm, and forcefully started to lead him to the bedroom.

Unlike the main living area, the bedroom was definitely decorated. The walls were painted a muted grey, and the giant king sized bed was covered in a brown faux suede comforter. The furniture was modern, made mostly of metal and glass, and there was an interesting piece of metalwork on the wall. It was a supremely masculine room.

"Did you decorate this room?" Fuji asked as Tezuka-sensei pulled down the covers on the bed.

He looked around, and shrugged. "I suppose. I picked out the bedroom set because I liked the wardrobe, so I just got the complete set. I got curtains to match the bedspread."

Fuji sat down on Tezuka-sensei's bed, and pointed to the metalwork. "And that?"

"A gift from a friend," Tezuka-sensei said coolly.

"Your lover?" Fuji asked simply.

"I don't have a lover," Tezuka-sensei replied. "Just get some rest. When supper is done, I'll let you know."

Fuji grabbed onto Tezuka-sensei's arm. "Don't go. Do you really want me to put my wet hair down on your pillow?"

"It will dry," was the quick reply.

"If you leave me alone in your bed, surrounded by your smell, and you won't touch me at all, I'll just have to masturbate. I'll make a mess of your tidy sheets," Fuji threatened amicably.

Tezuka-sensei's forehead creased with concern. "Fuji-kun."

"You can call me Syuusuke," Fuji happily offered.

"You're sixteen," Tezuka-sensei implored. "I realize that moving halfway around the world is daunting, but this wouldn't be right."

"Do you want me?" Fuji asked calmly. "I would have done you at any time. But really. No consequences, no regrets. I'm offering myself to you." He laughed. "It sounds pathetic that I have to state it so plainly, but I don't know what else to do. I feel like I'm going mad."

"You're upset," Tezuka-sensei tried to reason. "It's understandable..."

"I'm not a child!" Fuji burst out. He lifted the hem of his shirt. "I'm ready, and if it's not you..."

Before he could finish with that ultimatum, he found himself being pressed down into the bed. Tezuka-sensei's body covered him, and Fuji was desperately aware that, even now, Tezuka-sensei's body was powerful.

Tezuka-sensei took the time to take off his glasses, and set them aside. Fuji realized that it was happening, something was happening, here, now, with the object of his desire, his lust, his... passion.

"Sensei..." he murmured, writhing a bit under Tezuka-sensei's body.

"Don't call me that," Tezuka-sensei murmured in response. "Not in this situation."

Fuji would have liked to ask what he should call him, but he didn't get a chance. Tezuka-sensei covered Fuji's mouth with his own, and Fuji found himself drowning. He was seized by the kiss, surrounded by Tezuka-sensei, surrounded by his smell and his taste and his flesh and his power. Whimpering, Fuji grasped onto Tezuka-sensei's shirt weakly, begging for more by uselessly arching his back.

Tezuka-sensei broke off the kiss slowly, nibbling on Fuji's lips. Fuji wanted that mouth on every inch of his skin. He wanted to release himself to the debauchery of Tezuka-sensei's intense scrutiny. He wanted to bare himself entirely to his teacher, and let Tezuka-sensei have his way with every part of his flesh.

Tezuka-sensei pulled up.

Fuji whimpered, and reached up to hold onto Tezuka-sensei's neck, but Tezuka-sensei caught his arms, and pressed them down into the bed. "I'm going to get up. Cook something. When it's ready, I'll let you know. After we've eaten, I'm taking you home." His voice shook, and his eyes were dilated, lusty.

"Sensei... Tezuka!" Fuji tried to protest. He wanted to sit up, but Tezuka-sensei's strong hand came, and touched his cheek, holding him in place gently, caressing, his thumb brushing over Fuji's lips. "Fuji. Syuusuke. Stay here. Rest. Do... whatever you want. I'll... be right back."

Fuji watched him get up and go, and then he closed his eyes, letting his hand drift down slowly, almost on its own.

"Excuse me, Fuji-san?" the girl tapped his shoulder. He smiled blandly, and pulled his earphones out, pausing his mp3 player. She smiled brightly, and looked nervously over her shoulder. "It's time."

He stood up, dropping his mp3 player into his portfolio. "All right."

Her head bobbled nervously. "Excellent, excellent. I'm sorry we had to make you wait for so long... I hope it wasn't too boring." She laughed, knowing full well that it had to be boring to sit there for four hours. She led him to an elevator, and punched the button a bit too hard. "The young master is in charge of hotel decorations and appointments, and he's very particular. He insists on supervising every element himself. It's really rather insane." She laughed again, looking around to see if anyone was listening. The elevator door opened, and she waited for him to get on. She then selected the fourth floor from the top. "He's a very talented man, very discerning. Really. His taste is without question, but I suppose the young heir does need to prove himself. He isn't bad to work for, though. Everyone talks about how promising he is. I'm sure it will be very useful for the future to have been so close to him now."

He nodded at her noncommittally, wondering how close she had really gotten.

The elevator smoothly came to a stop, and the doors opened. Unlike the rest of the high rise, this floor was done entirely in black, with brilliant red accents here and there for impressive effect. There was a rather stark Kandinsky-like painting in the main lobby.

"Just wait here," she said, making nervous motions with her hands for him to sit. "I'm sure it won't be but a moment."

He sat down on the too-low black leather couch, and looked up at the painting. It wasn't bad, but it didn't bear up to scrutiny. He tapped his finger idly to the sound of nothing.

This was a boring day.

"Right this way, Fuji-san," the girl said, holding open the door to the office. Inside, it was decorated in light, metallic grey, vibrant blues, and brilliant reds. The carpet was plush, with a grey on grey swirling pattern, and the desk was a massive altar of metal, deeply stained wood, and glass.

The man behind the desk looked exactly like the sort who would have such loud and impressive décor. Fuji smiled banally, and bowed low. "Atobe-san, a pleasure. Thank you for considering my humble work."

"Not a bit," the man said smoothly. "And don't try to sound modest; it doesn't suit you. Sit down, please."

The girl murmured questions to Atobe, but he waved her away, his eyes on Fuji. Fuji returned his gaze, disinterested, and sat down. She scuttled away, and they were alone.

Atobe pushed a contact sheet that had been marked up toward him. "I like these. They'll definitely work. But I'll need twenty more."

He pulled out two more contact sheets, and handed them to Atobe. "Please look these over, then."

Smiling appreciatively, Atobe took the sheets, and then switched on a light under his desk that illuminated the glass surface. Fuji raised and eyebrow, but he assumed the 'young heir' already had people to stroke his ego. While Atobe looked over his photographs, he let his gaze wander around the room. There wasn't much in the way of personal details. In fact, the only thing that broke up the industrial aesthetic was a small line of photographs on the wall behind Atobe. There was one of Atobe with his father at the groundbreaking of some hotel, possibly the first that Atobe oversaw. There was one of Atobe from college, it seemed, and one of him in high school, with a tennis team. He seemed to be the captain.

There was one other one. It also seemed to be from about the time Atobe was in high school. At least, the other person in the picture looked a great deal younger than Fuji remembered him. They must have just finished a match, because they were shaking hands over the net, looking sweaty. Atobe's face was in full view in the picture, looking smug and predatory. The other man's expression was partially obscured, but it was a blank look that Fuji knew too well.


"These are excellent," Atobe sighed. "I'm surprised someone so young is so talented with black and white. I was afraid it was a dying art." He looked up at Fuji sharply.

Fuji was still looking at that last photograph. "Is it? Mm. I don't know."

"Well," Atobe declared, leaning back. "I've selected twenty-six more. That's a total of sixty-one. That's acceptable?"

"Of course," Fuji beamed.

"I need each print to be ninety by seventy centimeters. Ten centimeters of matting on each side, and all the frames need to be exactly identical."

"No problem at all," Fuji said cheerfully. All that information had been in the initial contract, so there was no reason to say it again.

"Excellent," Atobe smiled. "I'll let my assistant know to give you a check for half the amount, then."

Fuji nodded, and stood up, bowing. He reached across to shake Atobe's hand. He nodded toward the photo behind Atobe. "I see you're some guy that Tezuka-sensei knew."

Atobe blinked, surprised, looking over his shoulder quickly. Then, his eyes narrowed, and his grin widened. "I suppose you could say that. And you must be one of his former students."

Fuji shrugged, since that was rather obvious. "Do you still keep in touch with him?"

Atobe chuckled. "You're very interested in your former teacher. I suppose Tezuka does make an impression, mm?" He turned to look at the picture. "I actually beat him that time. It would have been the crowning achievement in my tennis career, but somehow, Tezuka still managed to come out on top." He winked at Fuji.

Fuji's stomach flipped, but he kept up his smile.

"I don't see him like I used to, unfortunately," Atobe sighed, licking his lips. Fuji straightened up. "The idiot moved to Chiba. It's incredibly inconvenient. I thought he'd stay at Seigaku always, since it was his alma mater. But that old man managed to get Tezuka to leave..."

Fuji raised an eyebrow. "Oji? Oji died?"

"Who knows?" Atobe said, rolling his eyes. "The old coot built himself a boat, and decided to sail around the world. But even though he had a perfectly good assistant, he wanted someone he could trust to leave his precious tennis team with. I didn't think Tezuka would ever pick up a racquet again." He looked at the photograph pensively, and rubbed his chin. "I suppose it could be a good thing... but Chiba!"

Fuji smiled brightly, and shrugged. "Ah, well. Sorry for taking up your time, Atobe-san." He bowed, and Atobe chuckled. He looked up at Atobe curiously.

"I wonder... well. I know he'd say it was none of my business," Atobe sighed.

It was somewhat heartening that Tezuka-sensei did that to everyone, he supposed. He winked at Atobe, and bowed shortly one last time.

Regardless, he couldn't think about it just then. He had a great deal of work to do.

It was incredible how little things changed. Even from back when Fuji was a child, the park and the tennis courts at Rokkaku Chuu were exactly as they were now; the boys in the red sleeveless shirts and the children crowding the playground and hanging onto the chain link fence surrounding the courts seemed to be the same.

One thing had changed, though.

Fuji watched him, a bit surprised to see him in a jacket with red stripes running down the sides. Like Atobe, he would have always believed Tezuka-sensei to be a Seigaku man, through and through. But he wasn't just teaching and coaching here; he seemed to have fully filled the role of Oji.

His position on the park bench across the playground from the court wasn't perfect, but it was good enough. He could hear Tezuka-sensei's voice, occasionally booming out to correct a student's form or behavior. For the most part, though, he just sat on his bench, his arms folded across his chest, watching.

"It's pretty incredible, isn't it?" Saeki leaned down on the bench, putting his mouth just a breath away from Fuji's ear. "He's really slipped into Oji's sandals perfectly, so to speak. I was afraid he wouldn't take to Rokkaku Chuu's laid back style, but it seems I underestimated him. Although, I'm the one who makes the racquets now."

"Mm," Fuji said, watching a boy rip out a girl's ponytail holder, and run off with it. The girl cried, and her friend took off after him. "You're a bastard, by the way."

Saeki laughed easily, as always. "Now, why would you say something like that? It's been months since I've had any contact with you at all, and this is what I get? I'm hurt, Syuu-chan."

Fuji looked up affectionately at his best friend, and stuck his tongue out. "You're his assistant now! You could have told me!"

"I'm the one who had to go and recruit him and convince him to come here," Saeki laughed, winking. He came around to sit next to Fuji. "But it wasn't like I was going to call you and tell you my rival was now easily accessible."

Fuji rolled his eyes. "You're married. It's not like it would have cost you anything."

Saeki put his arm around Fuji. "A boy can dream. And I do. Every night."

"I'm sure your adorable wife would love to hear that," Fuji replied conversationally.

"I'm not sure she doesn't dream about it herself. An-chan is a remarkable girl."

Fuji looked at Saeki, and rolled his eyes.

"You could get closer, you know," Saeki teased. "You could even go over to talk to him. I'm sure he wouldn't mind."

Fuji shook his head. "I want to watch a bit longer."


"Takes one to know one."

"How about a quickie, then?" Saeki leered.

"Keep dreaming," Fuji smiled devilishly, still watching Tezuka-sensei.

Saeki laughed, and poked Fuji in the cheek. He stood up, but he didn't move for a moment. He bit his lip, and then turned to face Fuji. "If you're going to watch... I'd suggest waiting until well after practice is over, then." He winked, stuck his hands in his pockets, and walked off.

Fuji narrowed his eyes, and kept watching.

At ten to five, Tezuka-sensei called for an end to practice. The regulars crowded around him, and the first and second years gathered up all the equipment, but they left it all on the courts. Then, everyone did two laps, and went back to the clubhouse. Saeki was next to Tezuka-sensei then, laughing and touching his shoulder. There were two other students there, both looking rather relaxed and happy. Finally, they all went in, and Saeki and Tezuka-sensei were all that was left. In knots of three or four, first and second years came out, and then, slower, the regulars came out. They all stopped to say goodbye to the their coach, who just nodded for everyone.

When the captain and vice captain left, Saeki went back and cleaned up, and then Tezuka-sensei stood up, and took off his jacket. It was harder to see, because all the children on the playground were getting excited. Tezuka-sensei walked across the court to the door that led to the playground, and he opened it up. "All right. Groups of three at a time."

Children rushed into the court, filling up half of the courts, just as Tezuka-sensei instructed. They jostled each other about, and cried out unfairnesses, like but she's a girl!, but all Tezuka-sensei had to do was clear his throat, and there was momentary quiet again.

He picked up a wooden racquet, and stuffed his pockets with balls, and went to the first court. Fuji leaned forward, his eyes wide, and he watched as Tezuka-sensei bounced a ball, and then lobbed it to the children, each one in turn, until they'd each returned two balls each. He was using his right hand to hit to them, and he was correcting their posture and form, and encouraging each hit that got over the net. His teaching skills were incredible, but Fuji was breathless, from just that small taste of Tezuka-sensei playing tennis.

So, he'd found what he needed here.

Tezuka-sensei switched courts, and three children toddled off, and gave the racquets to the next set of three children. This continued on and on, until the lights started to flicker on in the park. The children all groaned, but Tezuka-sensei just coughed a bit, and called out, "Hurry up, gather up the balls, and get home to your mothers." There was a loud chorus of, "Yes, sensei!" and all the children started to run around wildly. Tezuka-sensei watched them carefully, smiling.

When the last child had left the court, Tezuka-sensei gathered up the racquets and the bucket of balls, and headed for the clubhouse. Fuji got up, and walked casually over, timing it perfectly so he was leaning against the wall of the building when Tezuka-sensei emerged.

"You're unexpectedly good with children. It's a bit disappointing." Fuji smiled brightly, his heart pumping a bit harder when Tezuka-sensei looked at him with surprise. "Your mother must really want grandchildren."

Tezuka-sensei blinked a few times, and then he raised his chin. "She's accepted the facts. How have you been, Fuji-kun?"

He took his time answering, looking Tezuka-sensei up and down. "I've managed all right. You look good. This is... everything you could want, mm?"

Tezuka-sensei inclined his head to the side, looking Fuji over. "Almost."

Fuji raised an eyebrow, but Tezuka-sensei seemed disinclined to elaborate. Of course. Fuji grinned. "Can we... go someplace and... have sex?"

Tezuka-sensei's eyes widened. "You don't beat around the bush, do you?"

"Don't really see the point," Fuji shrugged.

"There's a usual order to these things, isn't there?" Tezuka-sensei wondered.

"Does it matter? I've been waiting for you for a long, long time," Fuji pouted, arching his back a bit to show off his body more.

Tezuka-sensei was looking, but he didn't move closer. "Somehow, I don't think you really waited for me."

Laughing, Fuji shook his head. "Don't be so crass. Anyway, I have been waiting. Haven't you been waiting for me, sensei?"

Tezuka-sensei shook his head. "I don't think you should call me that if what you're asking for is sex." He turned, and started to walk away.

He didn't tell Fuji not to follow, though, so Fuji did. "The last time we saw each other, I told you to call me Syuusuke, too."

Tezuka-sensei looked at him from the corner of his eye.

Impulsively, Fuji grabbed Tezuka-sensei's arm, and felt around the elbow. Tezuka-sensei watched him, but said nothing. "I want to photograph your body," Fuji said seriously. He looked up at Tezuka-sensei's look of washed out horror, and laughed. "I don't mean it like that. I'm a professional, you know."

"I do know," Tezuka-sensei said quietly. "This guy I know called to tell me that he'd commissioned dozens of photographs for his hotel from a student of mine. I think he must have called right after you left. We were in the middle of practice," Tezuka-sensei grumbled.

Fuji laughed. "So, he was your lover. I thought he might have been. You don't see him anymore, do you?"

"He was never my lover," Tezuka-sensei said quietly.

"But you had sex with him, right?" Fuji asked cheerfully, his fingers digging into Tezuka-sensei's arm. "That New Year's break. You had sex with him then, right?"

Tezuka-sensei looked him in the eye. "Is that what you thought? Is that why you quit math club and...?" His voice trailed off, but he was still expecting an answer.

Fuji wasn't quite as immature as he was back then, but remembering his behavior, and what it cost him, did make him blush a little. "It's not really important. But it was true, right?"

"My grandfather fell ill that winter," Tezuka-sensei said quietly. "I moved back into my parents house for a while to help out. I misjudged how long it would take to get to school; I assumed it would be the same as when I was a student, but things change, I suppose."

"Ah. I feel foolish now," Fuji laughed, and squeezed Tezuka-sensei's arm. "But I suppose I really just didn't want to end up making a fool of myself. I still ended up doing that. I'm glad, though; I got a goodbye kiss."

Tezuka-sensei looked away, but it was too dark to tell if he blushed or if he was smiling.

"Atobe Keigo. You did have sex with him, right?" Fuji pressed.

Tezuka-sensei turned them to go up a walk. They were headed to a nice little bungalow on the beach. Impressive. Tezuka-sensei must have saved his money well. "It bothers you? I could ask you about your past sexual relationships. We could make lists for each other. Would that put your mind at ease?"

"Probably not," Fuji turned away. He wondered what Tezuka-sensei would think if he knew that Fuji's first time had been with Saeki? They did work together.

They got to the front door to Tezuka-sensei's house, and he unlocked the door and held it open for Fuji. The house was small, modestly decorated, and quaint. Somehow, it wasn't what Fuji pictured being the sort of place where Tezuka-sensei would live, but it was precisely the sort of place he'd always wanted to live.

"I really was waiting for you," Fuji said softly. "What did you say to Atobe about me?" He looked over his shoulder, and smiled.

Tezuka-sensei looked like he wasn't sure what he should respond to, but he sighed, and answered the question. "I told him that I didn't think of you as a student of mine."

Fuji's back stiffened, and he raised his eyebrows. "Really? Why not?"

Tezuka-sensei looked at him piercingly. "Because. Then I can honestly say that I've never had any desire for any of my students."

Fuji wanted to laugh. He wanted to strip Tezuka-sensei bare right there. He wanted to kick himself for not trying harder to seduce his teacher back then. He reached out, and put his hands on Tezuka-sensei's hips. "So. Where's the bedroom? Or do you want to do it here?"

"Hey, hey," Tezuka-sensei put his hands on Fuji's wrists. "Are you... shouldn't we... It's been. Years. Don't we need to...?"

"Sit around in restaurants, feeling self-conscious?" Fuji asked sharply, closing in on Tezuka-sensei. "How many movies do we need to sit next to each other for before we can get naked together? Is there a list of all the boring questions we need to answer for each other before we can adequately justify the lust we have for each other? I swear, I'll make it up to you afterward. I just. I want." He put his head down on Tezuka-sensei's chest, and sighed. "I need to know why you affect me so much."

Tezuka-sensei's fingers went through Fuji's hair. "I think that sounds like my line," he sighed.

Fuji looked up into Tezuka-sensei's eyes. "Sensei. I offered myself to you once before. If you reject me again, I might not have the courage to offer a third time."

Hands, so warm, so strong, so long and lean and beautiful, cupped his cheeks. "Syuusuke. My name is Kunimitsu. Don't call me sensei if you're going to make me take off your pants with my teeth."

He had to laugh then, because Tezuka-sensei's voice was so deep, so serious. "'Mitsu. I'm definitely going to make you do that."

He was pulled up into strong, gorgeous arms, and kissed like he'd never been kissed before. He clung to Tezuka-sensei's jacket, clung to his hair, clung to anything that would keep him from falling apart.

He felt at home.

The alarm rang, but it wasn't his job to turn it off. After a minute, a warm arm slipped over him, and hit the snooze button. Tezuka curled up behind him.

"That's for you, you know," he murmured softly into Fuji's ear.

"Mm. Don't want to get up yet," Fuji murmured back.

"That's fine," Tezuka said. "I'm not the one who'd be late for an obligation." He started to kiss under Fuji's ear.

Fuji purred with satisfaction. "Don't think reverse psychology is going to work on me. I don't care if it is a job; it's inhuman to get up at eight thirty on a Sunday."

"I'm not trying to persuade you to do anything," Tezuka said, his hand slipping down Fuji's nude body. "I can't think of a better way to spend a Sunday than in bed with you."

Tezuka's hand slipped around his cock, and Fuji groaned, arching his back against Tezuka. "'Mitsu... if... you think you're going to convince me to... wake up this way... well... you're not wrong, but..."

"Don't worry," Tezuka said, turning Fuji onto his back and looking into his eyes. "Everything is just as I would want it to be right now." He slipped under the covers to wrap his mouth around Fuji's cock.

He couldn't help crying out, or bunching his fingers up in Tezuka's hair. It was so hot and so carnal, and pulses of pleasure were shooting all the way over his whole body. He groaned, and turned a little, and he watched the minutes change on the clock, his vision blurring.

Tezuka kissed his way up Fuji's body, and Fuji tried not to make a sound, but it all felt too good. They just started to kiss when the damned alarm went off.

"Fuck it all," Fuji grumbled. "Fine, I'll get up. But you're getting up, too. And you're making me breakfast. French toast. And you're bathing with me." He glared.

Tezuka just smiled, though. "As you wish."

Despite being good enough to get up, he was still running late. Perhaps because he hadn't factored in an hour-long shower when he'd decided what to set the alarm for, but it was irrelevant. Just as he was about to run out the door, the phone rang. Tezuka answered it, but Fuji waited to see who it was.

Right away, he could tell it had to be Atobe. Tezuka's voice took on that long suffering tone he always had when he was talking to the billionaire brat. Fuji slipped in and kissed Tezuka goodbye, and whispered huskily into the receiver, "Bye, Keigo."

He scooted away quickly, but not before he heard Atobe curse. He waved cheerfully to Tezuka, and got a wink in return.

Not bad for a Sunday, after all.