title: five by five
fandom: Prince of Tennis
characters/pairings: Saeki/Atsushi/Ryou
rating: Teen
warnings: kissing, oral, handjob
summary: Saeki gets quizzed by the twins.
notes: for Bryan, for his request on fic on demand. also, couldn't resist the title, even tho this has nothing to do with buffy.

It was too hot. It was summer, and they were in their un-air conditioned bedroom, and there was no breeze at all, and the sun was beating down on them, so it being hot wasn't really that much of a surprise. They could go to a movie, or to the beach. That would be less hot. But both of those plans involved moving, and the boy sprawled out on the bed and the boy sprawled out on the floor had no intention between them to do that any time soon.

So they let it be hot.

The annoying clatter of the cell phone should have stirred them, but by mutual agreement, they remained motionless, a test of will to see who would move first. It wasn't much of a contest, to be sure, since they both knew from ages old who would move first, but that didn't change the nature of the game at all. Each time, it was like the first time. It was part of the pleasure of their mutual life.

"Hello?" He groggily answered, more than a little perturbed to be disturbed while it was hot.

There was laughter. "You can't tell me that I woke you up on such a beautiful day. C'mon! It's gorgeous out! Get your sexy brother and come to the beach with me!"

He smiled, because this was a new wrinkle in the game, and it was interesting. "The beach is far away. I don't think we're going there."

Saeki audibly rolled his eyes. "You are getting lazier every time the sun rises. The water is gorgeous today! Get out here."

And a new game occurred to him. "Who do you think you are talking to?"

The question was issued speculatively, and not accusatorially, so Saeki took the time to consider. The boy on the floor grinned wickedly. "Tell you what. Let me ask you five questions. Nothing personal, just general questions. You can refuse to answer any of them, if you think the answer would be too definitive, but you have to answer five total. Then, I'll guess which sexy twin I'm talking to. If I'm right, you both have to come out to meet me. If I'm wrong, you can go back to being lazy asses."

He didn't really want to go out, not while it was still hot. He knew his brother definitely didn't want to go out. The boy on the bed was already murmuring to hang up on the cow. But, it seemed like fun. "All right."

"Scout's honor?"

"Which one of us is a scout, Sae-san? And is that one of your questions?"

Chuckling, Saeki replied, "Nope. Here we go. What's your favorite color?"

Blinking, he shrugged. He and his brother had the same favorite color. "Beige."

His brother looked up. "What are you doing?"

He just smiled.

Saeki pondered. "And what's your favorite time of year?"

"Summer," he replied without hesitation. Even if it was hot, it was the only time he and his brother got to be together, uninterrupted.

"Ok," Saeki considered. "And what's your favorite flavor of ice cream?"

He wasn't sure what Saeki was up to, but knowing him, there had to be a catch. "Chocolate fudge."

He brother rolled to his side and glared.

Definitely, Saeki was up to something. "If you could have any pet, what would you pick?"

"Pass," he said automatically. His brother's views on parakeets were as well known to Saeki as his views on snakes. That was a giveaway.

Saeki chuckled. "Good, good, you're awake. What's better, staying up late or rising to meet the sunrise?"

"Both," he laughed. "As long as I can nap in the daytime."

This had to be it, because Saeki was still too confident. "And if your brother and I were to have sex with you, who would you want to be coming inside of you?"

He choked and sputtered, and sat up. "Sae-Saeki!"

"At~su~shi, come out and play with me!" Saeki grinned.

Atsushi turned bright red. Ryou would kill him. "Fine, but you'd better make it worth our while."

Ryou glared harder. "What?"

Saeki laughed. "I always make it worth your while, cutie. Now get out here."

He hung up, and smiled sheepishly at his brother.

Ryou was scowling, his hands stuffed in his pockets, and he wasn't about to brighten his mood just because Saeki was half in and half out of his wet suit. He knew perfectly well that the other boy hadn't been surfing for hours, so it was just for show, so he'd be damned before he let that 'show' get to him.

Atsushi always admired his brother's unflappability.

Saeki looked damned good half out of his wet suit.

"Don't pout, Ryou-kun," Saeki winked. "You know I'll show you a good time."

Ryou rolled his eyes, and pulled his cap down a bit more. "I'm only here because Atsushi asked me. I couldn't care less about you, Sae-kun."

Saeki covered his heart with his hands. "You wound me, Ryou-babe, but it's ok." He sidled up to Atsushi, and put his arm around Atsushi's waist. "I only really wanted your brother, anyway."

Ryou narrowed his eyes. Saeki and Atsushi always played this game with him. It was a little bit like being the ball in keep away, but it was kind of flattering, too. Also, when the source of heat was Saeki, Atsushi didn't mind getting hot at all.

"Is that so?" Ryou murmured. He reached out and grabbed Atsushi's hand. "Too bad we're a package deal, mm?"

"Dunno," Saeki replied lazily, cuddling up to Atsushi more. "Seems like he's gotten off on his own more these days. Maybe he'd like some quality time alone with me."

Atsushi pouted, because he was adorable when he pouted, and he had both of their attention. "Now, c'mon, let's not fight, ok? We can all have fun together."

"We'll see," Ryou's eyes gleamed. "Let's play a game, mm? And following the theme for the day... how about... five kisses. You'll be blindfolded. And you have to guess who is kissing you. Miss once, and we're gone. And no passes; I see right through you, you perv."

Saeki looked around, biting his bottom lip. They were at 'their spot,' a place most of their friends met at when going to the beach. There were still some trees around here, but the grass was giving way to sand, and the stone fence that was piled up was easiest to jump over right there. It was secluded, but far from private.

Blue eyes beaming brightly, he turned to the twins, and nodded once.

Ryou grabbed the red headband that he detested so off of Atsushi, and tied it securely over Saeki's eyes. It was odd to see the red silk that was so much a part of him now on Saeki, and even more odd to see his brother and Saeki so close together, conspiratorial, almost. He bit back his jealousy, and waited patiently for his brother to rejoin him.

They shared a glance that carried too much information, and Atsushi stepped forward. Saeki was waiting expectantly, his hands behind his back in what could have been a submissive posture if he didn't look so damned sexy like that. Atsushi licked his lips, and then pressed his mouth to Saeki's, just long enough to leave an impression, and then he backed off.

Saeki smirked. "Atsushi-kun, you should stay a while the next time."

Ryou rolled his eyes, and handed his cap to Atsushi. He pulled his hair back into a quick ponytail, and then he grabbed Saeki's face, and kissed him brutally, forcing open his lips, and biting on his tongue.

Stepping back, Ryou touched his lips with his fingers, his tongue peeking out to swipe at them. Atsushi swallowed hard. Since he had left, Ryou and Saeki probably got a lot closer. Of course, they were both too competitive and domineering, so they probably argued a lot, too. Still, together, they were just... so hot.

Saeki sighed deeply. "Ryou, babe, there's no way I wouldn't know that's you."

Ryou and Atsushi grinned at each other. Ryou stepped up to Saeki again, putting his mouth on Saeki's neck this time, nibbling gently, and licking shyly. Atsushi could tell that his brother was mimicking his style of foreplay, but he equally knew that Saeki wouldn't be fooled. Better than Saeki, Atsushi knew his brother's kisses, and his aggression.

"Ryou, if you don't stop, I'm going to need some private time, yanno? It's time for number four."

Saeki was grinning like he always did, like he knew he was going to win, and nothing infuriated or excited the twins more. They shared a glance, and then Ryou looked down at Saeki's crotch.

Atsushi balked, but at the same time, he knew it was the easy win, and why prolong when the easy win was right there? He got down on his knees in front of Saeki, and grabbed the material of his wet suit roughly, tugging it down. He thought like his brother did, so he picked up Saeki's cock with his tongue, and sucked hard on the tip, letting it pop out of his mouth loudly.

"Fuck, Ryou!" Saeki called out, digging his hands into Atsushi's hair. Hair was much shorter than he was expecting. "Huh?" He lifted the blindfold, and looked down into Atsushi's mischievous eyes. "Atsushi... fuck, that's hot."

Ryou sauntered forward, and helped Atsushi up cheerfully. "Well, it's been fun, Sae-kun, but it's time for us to go back home... Gosh, it's so hot, whatever shall the two of us do?" He slipped his arm around Atsushi's waist, and put his head on his brother's shoulder.

Atsushi smirked at Saeki.

"You won't leave me like this," Saeki complained, displaying his body in all of its decadent glory. "After all, it was your game that got me in this condition."

The twins considered Saeki's predicament, and then smiled at each other. They each wrapped one hand around Saeki's hard cock, flanking him, and tugged in perfect unison, three times, while Atsushi nibbled on Saeki's ear, and Ryou bit Saeki's nipple.

Saeki screamed, and the twins licked each other's hands clean before waving goodbye to Saeki and sauntering away, matching each other's pace perfectly.

They were just about to step up to their front porch together when Atsushi's cell phone rang again. He flipped it open, and just sighed.

"Hey," Saeki purred. "Wanna play some more tonight?"