title: fit the crime
fandom: Loveless
characters/pairings: Ritsuka/Soubi, Ritsuk-sensei
rating: G
warnings: ritsu-sensei
summary: Ritsuka gets more than he bargained for when he punishes Soubi.
notes: set firmly in the anime universe (excepting any ovas oh, please, let there be ovas...) because i've seen all the anime, but i haven't read much of the manga (at the time). set post-series (again, excepting any ovas oh please...), vaguely since i don't know how everything would fall out, but still. =p

Soubi smiled that infuriating smile. "Punish me, then."

Blinking, Ritsuka got even madder. Soubi said he would follow orders, but when he didn't, he just smiled and said that, and how did Ritsuka know when Soubi would decide he would rather be punished than do what Ritsuka said?! "Fine!" He sidestepped Soubi, and grabbed his coat. He pulled Soubi's cell phone out, and stuffed it in his pocket, with his.

"Ritsuka?" Soubi asked, worried.

Ritsuka would just grin with triumph, but he didn't really want to see Soubi worried. Looking away, Ritsuka stamped his foot down. "I'm taking your cell phone, and you can't come back to get it, either, or I'll just keep it longer! You have to wait for me to be ready to give it back! Do you understand, Soubi?"

Soubi stuttered. "I... Ritsuka?"

"Do you understand? This is your punishment, Soubi." He grabbed his own coat, and headed for the door, because he couldn't bear to see Soubi hurting. "Remember this."

Ritsuka slammed the door behind him, and ran away from Soubi's place as fast as he could so he wouldn't turn back and throw himself into Soubi's arms.

He intended to bring the phone back the next day, because he didn't really want to be cut off from Soubi. If something really serious came up, he would feel it, but.... It was the things that weren't really serious that were so precious.

However, after school, Yuiko had grabbed him and Yayoi, and taken them to the library to help her study. It was pointless, because Ritsuka really didn't want to study that much, but it was fun. His mother wasn't happy, though, when he got home, and so he couldn't go to see Soubi for another day or two.

On the third day, the phone rang.

He didn't know what it was, at first, because the ring tone wasn't familiar. He searched his bag frantically, trying to find it before his mother heard anything. He opened the phone before he even looked at the caller id, forgetting that it wasn't his phone.


There was a pause. "Soubi?" The voice was rich and deep, and for some reason, it reminded Ritsuka of Seimei, though he didn't sound like Seimei at all.

"No. Soubi... isn't available right now."

He should just hang up. He was about to say something, but then the person on the other end chuckled, and it sent cold shivers over Ritsuka's skin. "Ahhh, I see, this must be Ritsuka, then. Loveless. Isn't that what they called you? I forget. And how is my Soubi-kun?"

Ritsuka's spine went rigid, and he felt his blood freeze. He felt dirty, just from the man's voice. "How do you know Soubi?" Ritsuka asked, accusingly.

The man laughed, silkily. "I made Soubi. Do you like my work? He's beautiful, isn't he? Especially when he's being hurt. Don't you think? Ritsuka?"

Ritsuka wanted to hurtle the phone across the room and smash it against the wall. "Shut up! Pervert! Don't call this number again!"

The man laughed. "Oh, you are precious! But, Ritsuka, no matter what, Soubi will always be mine. I trained him, trained every reaction in that perfect body, and..."

Ritsuka threw the phone at his dresser, and then jumped up and stomped on the phone. He was livid, but the feeling burned away as quickly as it came, and he was left with an aching heel, pieces of a cell phone on the ground, and his mother yelling up to find out if everything was all right.

He paced outside of Soubi's apartment. He wasn't used to having this much money in his pocket, but it was necessary. He'd feel better as soon as Soubi showed up.

He'd asked Yuiko, and she had told him where to go, and how much it would be, about. It was a lot of money, especially since he didn't get an allowance, but he would skip therapy this week, and Yuiko and Yayoi had lent him some more money, so he should be fine.

He paced more. He had no idea when Soubi got home, but he hoped it would be soon. He wanted to see Soubi.

He had just thought the words when Soubi came around the corner. Ritsuka didn't want to appear eager, but he ran over and grabbed Soubi's hand anyway. Soubi beamed as soon as he saw Ritsuka, and it was probably Ritsuka's imagination that Soubi had the appearance of someone for whom a black curtain had been lifted. "C'mon."

Soubi chuckled, and resisted Ritsuka half-heartedly. "Ritsuka. Where are we going?"

Ritsuka set his mouth in a line. "We have to get you a new cell phone, and a new number. Let's go! I have to be home for dinner."

"A new cell phone?" Soubi pondered. "Ritsuka. What happened?"

Ritsuka tugged harder on Soubi's arm. "You get strange people calling on your old number," he muttered.

Soubi stopped dead, and Ritsuka wasn't able to move another step. He glared over his shoulder, but Soubi looked... afraid? "Ritsuka. Who called?"

Ritsuka bit his lip. He didn't actually know, but whoever it was, he shouldn't be calling Soubi. He looked away, his eyes narrowed. "People shouldn't enjoy other people's pain," he muttered.

"Rit...suka..." Ritsuka was about to pull away, because he didn't want to look at Soubi when Soubi's voice sounded like that, but then he was in Soubi's arms, and Soubi was all around him, and he was clinging to Soubi. "No, they shouldn't," Soubi agreed, and Ritsuka knew that emotion that he was hearing in Soubi, because he felt it all the time, but they couldn't talk about that. That would be too hard.

He pulled away from Soubi, and grabbed his arm. "C'mon! Let's go already. I want to make sure you have a phone as soon as possible..."

Soubi took a few long strides, and they were walking side by side, holding hands. Soubi was smiling, but he wasn't always looking at Ritsuka. "All right. Ritsuka."

Ritsuka held his breath, knowing what was coming next.

"I missed you. I won't lie anymore. I promise." He was staring straight ahead, but there was something in his expression...

Ritsuka clung to Soubi's arms, and sighed with relief. "Good."

He hoped Soubi's phone would be ready to use quickly. He didn't want to be cut off again.