title: First Day of School
fandom: Loveless
characters/pairings: vaguely Kio/Soubi
rating: G/teen
warnings: art
summary: Kio gets rewarded for taking care of Soubi.
notes: for my darling beloved on the first day of school. ^_^

He didn't bother to knock anymore. He'd swiped Soubi's key long enough to make a copy a bit ago, and Soubi never questioned how he got into the apartment. Kio swept in just exactly as if he was coming home. "Soubi! I've got groceries. Oh, and school supplies. You do remember that today is the first day of school, right? Soubi!"

Kio sighed. There he was, just like every other day for as long as forever. Sitting in the doorway to the balcony, just staring off into space.

At least he was dressed. Last time, he was in a towel. Actually, now that he thought about it...

Kio went over and kicked Soubi gently. "Sou-chan! School today! Get up!"

Soubi looked up at Kio balefully. "Kio?"

He bit back a sigh, and forced himself to smile. "School, Soubi, school, did you forget?"

"Eh?" Soubi blinked, and looked back out, as if he was waiting for something. "What did you say?"

"School," Kio repeated, rolling his eyes. "Sou-chan, do you even listen to me?"

"Eh?" Soubi shrugged, still staring out into space.

Kio lowered his head. "Ok, look. Here's the deal. I'm going to put away your groceries. I'm going to get us some onigiri. And I'm going to put your stuff together for school. And then we're walking to school together. Are you listening, Sou-chan? School!" He knocked Soubi's head, just to see if there was anyone inside.

"Eh?" Soubi blinked, and looked at Kio, halfheartedly putting his hands up to protect his head. "School? Already?"

"So~o~o~o~ou~chan! You have to listen to me! Listen! I already told you that!" Kio sighed dramatically, and stood up, going to throw the few things he had picked up for Soubi into their proper places. Soubi was a picky eater, really. He liked only fresh food. But Soubi wouldn't eat at all if Kio didn't shove food in his face, not ever since... Well. So Kio got him simple things. Ready made onigiri, soba, miso, ramen... Anything Soubi could throw together in a few minutes, or eat as is. He just wasn't up for taking care of himself yet. "Look, I've got everything together. I even have your schedule here. So get up, and... at least put your hair up. And shower tonight, Sou-chan, your hair is, like, two shades darker than it should be."

"Shower..." Soubi echoed dully, his hand rising up partway to touch his hair.

Kio sighed.

He got both of their supplies together, and a bag of onigiri. At least he could make sure Soubi would eat one meal. Soubi was losing weight like mad, and he didn't have any weight to lose. Soubi was busy putting his hair up, getting his fingers wound up in his hair so he had to start over again. Kio ended up doing even that for him. Kio locked the door behind them, and Kio practically led Soubi by the elbow to his first class.

Kio went to his first class, sighing.

This was getting harder with time.

Kio found Soubi after his last class of the day. Soubi's last class got out at noon, but he was still in the studio at three, listlessly pushing a brush over a perfectly good canvas. Kio sighed.

Well, if Soubi let Kio take him home, Kio could make sure that Soubi would eat again.

"Sou-chan!" Kio bounced into the room, grinning. "How was your first day? You only had a couple of classes, so it can't have been too bad. Mm? Sou-chan?"

Soubi was staring at the canvas, but he wasn't seeing it. He wasn't seeing anything at all. Kio sighed, and sat down next to Soubi, pulling out a sketchbook. He started to scribble along the edge of the paper. He hated to waste a whole page to doodles, but he didn't exactly have much inspiration.

He already had a whole notebook full of Soubi sulking. He was tired of it.

Other students came and went, most coming over to talk to Kio, and glance nervously at Soubi. He told them that Soubi was mourning the loss of a relative, or a loved one, or that he'd had a vasectomy go bad, or that his new depression meds just weren't working, but at least the sexual side effects were more tolerable, depending on his mood.

The student studio had floor to ceiling windows, and it was a sunny day, so they were all taking advantage of the natural light to work by, but it got later and later, the room got quieter and everyone left, and Soubi was still pushing the brush in a circle over the canvas. Sighing, Kio got up, and turned on the lights. He looked down the hall, but it seemed like even the teachers had left. It was just the first day, after all.

He came back to find Soubi blinking owlishly in the artificial light. "Eh? Kio? What time is it?"

Kio smiled sadly. "It's nearly five, Sou-chan. Ready to go home?"

"Mm?" Soubi picked up Kio's sketchbook, and furrowed his brow, looking at the neat border of doodles Kio had made. "Didn't you get any work done?"

Kio plopped down next to Soubi and smiled. "Well, I'm lacking inspiration. Wanna pose nude for me, Soubi?" Kio laughed, getting ready to gather his things together.

Soubi blinked, and nodded. "Pose." He started to strip.

"So-so-so-sou-chan!" Kio turned bright red, and gaped. Soubi was...!

Wait! All he had to do was ask?

"Soubi!" Kio scrambled to get his good sketchpad, and his best pencils and charcoals. "You're shameless, aren't you, Sou-chan?"

Soubi paused in the middle of taking off his pants. "Eh? You wanted me to, right?"

Kio's heart fell a little. Was Soubi so hard up for someone to give him orders, he'd even take orders from Kio? Well, as long as it worked... "Sure. Sorry, I was just kidding. It's all right. It's great! Thank you!"

Soubi continued to undress, until he was naked. "How do you want me?"

Kio was finding it hard to speak, mostly because his tongue had grown to six times its normal size, and his throat was completely dry. Also, he had lost the ability to blink. But Soubi was naked, save the bandages at his neck, and his glasses, and Kio didn't want to see Soubi without the former, and he'd prefer to take the later off himself. "That's fine! Just, you know, relax, that's great! Ah, Sou-chan, here, just..." He leaned forward, and put his hand on Soubi's hip, adjusting Soubi a bit so that he was sitting with his legs just a bit apart. However, once he put his hand on Soubi's skin, it was hard to take his hand off. Soubi's skin was so smooth and beautiful. He was too thin, much too thin, but even still, Soubi was beautiful. Completely beautiful. Kio couldn't resist, just caressing a little there, looking down at Soubi's beautiful cock, thinking of spreading Soubi's legs, and...

"Kio. What are you doing?" Soubi's voice was low, but his gaze was just quizzical.

Kio pulled his hand away, his cheeks flaming. "Ahhh, Sou-chan, nothing, nothing, j-just getting the right position. Ok! Ready? I'm ready! Let's do this!"

At first, his hands were jittery, and his marks were staccato, abbreviated. He bit his lip in frustration, wishing he had a camera, wishing he could force himself to calm down and do a better job.

But, the second sketch he started, he had shifted into a groove. Appreciation for beauty overtook lust, and he formed the lines on the page, shading, tones, texture, until the Soubi on the page was almost as delectable as the Soubi right before him.

Though, nothing was as delectable as the Soubi before him.

"Sou-chan. You've never posed for me before. Why now?" Kio smiled crookedly at Soubi. This felt like recompense, for everything Soubi had put him through since Seimei died. Kio wouldn't mind if that was the case.

Soubi just stared at him blankly. "Why? But it doesn't matter any more." He made a small gesture with his hand over his body.

Kio dropped his sketchpad. He was so furious, so tired of this... Like fucking Seimei had been so wonderful, he made everything worthwhile! He surged forward, and took Soubi's face in his hands, and kissed Soubi, parting Soubi's lips, and slipping his tongue in to taste Soubi.

He pulled away as rapidly as he had come forward, and he started to gather up his things. "It matters, Soubi. Just as much as it ever did. Maybe even more. Now, get dressed. I'll cook tonight." Kio forced himself to smile. "A celebration, for the first day of school."

Soubi watched Kio for a few minutes, and then he nodded, and did as he was told.

Kio sighed, and shoved all his things into his bag. At least he wasn't resisting.