title: Fire
fandom: X-Men
characters/pairings: Chamber/Gambit
rating: G/Teen
warnings: underaged drinking, Gamit's accent, touching
summary: Chamber is lost, and Gambit finds him.
notes: sexy and talented cyn, her ficlet on demand. rare pairings, i asked for. this is definitely rare!
ok, MASSIVE disclaimers here... i haven't read a marvel comic that wasn't written by Neil Gaiman in... at least seven years. the last i saw Chamber, Chris Bachalo was still drawing him. so, let's step neatly over to an AU universe, shall we? Chamber is still disfigured, don't know if they've changed that, but just in case, he is. have no idea what continuity to call this, so let's just put it in a 'mutants are in trouble' land, and save ourselves the time and agony of trying to figure it out. and, i completely suck at accents. >_< i tried to keep it from reading like a cliche, but i think it just came out all wrong.
still wanna read it? heh.
apologies to cyn for mucking this up. i swear to god, there was a decent idea in here... i didn't even properly do the smut for her...

The door nearly swung off its hinges as he pulled it open. He'd forgotten what cheap and dirty places like this were like. He didn't even bother to stop and think about what it meant that he was no longer accustomed to plywood doors.

There was a boy at the bar, wrapped up in black leather and a turtleneck that actually covered half his face.

He didn't move in right away. He waited to see if the boy would catch on to him.

The boy held his glass cupped in his hand, and the way he raised it to his face helped to mask the fact that he didn't actually have a mouth. How he was drinking at all was something of a mystery, but it wasn't what he was here to discover. The way the kid's shoulders were slumped, and his eyes were on the bar, he knew he wasn't going to have any trouble.

He sat down two spaces down from the kid, and tapped the bar to get the bartender's attention. Out of habit, and just in case, he pulled out an ace of spades, and toyed with it.

Jonothon wasn't looking over at him, but he knew that the kid had to know he was here. He was distinctive.

"You old enough for t'at stuff, boy?" In another place, he might have been coming on to the kid. Hell, he might later on. First, he had to get him. He was pretty sure he'd be able to take him in a fight, but there was no reason for it to come to that.

The boy's back stiffened. He tried not to speak a lot. His words were always clipped, his phrasing precise. He paused before speaking, considering his words carefully. No wonder, because when they came, they always left the listener feeling hollowed out. ~Not your concern.~

"See, I am concerned, because t'e young today, t'ey got no respect for t'em's t'at came befor'em. Know what I mean?" He winked at the bartender as he lifted his glass. Piss-poor ale, and that was being kind to it, but it would do well enough for cover.

The kid just glared at him from the corner of his eye.

Remy leaned over, like he was stretching out. "Why'd you t'ink I come here tonight? Happenstance? 'Taint no Cerebro no more, petit. Stay in place long enough, folks'll notice you, no matter how clever you are."

Jonothon's eyes darted around the dingy bar, looking from one droopy-eyed patron to the other quickly.

Remy hid his smile. Gotcha. "Drink up, petit, t'en follow me."

~Not your "petit."~

Remy just laughed. Kid had the fire in him, that was for sure. Couldn't help but love that. "Drink up, t'en follow. We'll sort the rest later."

He swallowed down the piss-ass beer as quickly as he could while still appearing to just be enjoying it. He stood up slowly, before Jonothon, and counted out his bills carefully. He walked to the door with his hands in his pockets, dragging his boots. He didn't watch to see if the kid was following him. He was pleased, of course, to see that the kid took to instruction, but he wasn't going to give anything away, to the kid, or to the people watching.

He led the kid to his car. Black, stylish, and in a lot better shape than it looked. He scratched the hairs on his chin and grinned. Perfect for him he figured. If the kid noticed that he opened the door without keys, he didn't show it. Remy started it with a quick spark, not enough of a flare to feel like he'd really let it out, but enough to get the job done. Been a while since he'd mixed it up with anyone, and he could feel the spark inside him, coiling. He lusted for the release.

~People will think you hired me.~

There was a sullenness in the boy's expression, and all things considered, Remy had to say, it was promising. "So? What you doing in a place like t'is anyway?"

Jonothon turned to look out the window. ~Far from home.~

Remy nodded. The further away, the better, of course. Couldn't argue with that. "You dropped out. People been lookin' for you. People on both side of t'e line. Figuring on pickin' a side, cher?"

The kid just stared out the window. ~Not your "cher", either.~

Remy shook his head, and got on the highway out of town. "Boy, you dun know if you're coming or going, do ya?"

Jonothon turned to glare at him.

"What happened, cher? Falling out with t'e ot'er kids? Did li'l Timmy take his ball and run home?"

~What would you know about anything?~

Remy smiled, and stretched out in the seat. "Know enough to remember which side's got t'e butter, cher."

Jonothon seethed.

"Where did you wanna go, cher?"

There was a long pause. ~You came to get me. Don't you know where we're going?~

"Came to get you outta the woods, cher. You still gotta pick the destination."

Jonothon considered. ~I'm tired.~

Remy nodded. "Let me get some miles behind us, cher. You go to sleep."

Jonothon just watched him.

Remy laughed. "Trust Gambit, cher. If'n I meant you harm, you'd be harmed. Sleep."

It was a quiet drive through the night. Remy stole a glance here and there at his companion. It wasn't an easy age, under the best of circumstances. He barely remembered his own teen years, except enough to wonder how he'd survived them.

The kid would be all right.

Remy dropped the kid on the bedspread, shaking his head. "Told ya not ta mix it up wit' t'em. Fool."

Jonothon rolled over, clutching his belly. ~They deserved it.~

"They may have deserved it, cher, but t'em deserving it got's little to do wit' you being creamed." He wet a towel, and brought it in, running it over Jonothon's exposed flesh.

Jonothon stared up at him, his eyes seething with emotion. A week or two on the road with no destination and only Remy for company had done a lot to untie some of the kid's inhibitions. ~Not a fag.~

"No," Remy agreed, lifting off Jonothon's shirt. "Dun have to be."

Jonothon let Remy undress him, his expression inscrutable as always because it was half missing. Remy loved to tempt the fire. He'd just as soon wrestle the kid as anything else, as long as they could mix it up. That fire was hot enough to burn the flesh off his bones, just how he liked it.

~This isn't what I want.~ There was more to the tone of his 'voice' than his words, but Remy ignored it all. He wasn't going to become a therapist anytime in the near future.

"I spent t'e better part of my best years wit' a woman I couldn't touch. I know what you want, cher. 'Sokay." He stood up to undress, tossing the towel in the direction of the bathroom. Kid would have more scraps tomorrow, he expected, and the bruises looked damn sexy, after all.

Jonothon lifted his hips so Remy could remove his pants, watching Remy carefully the whole time. ~Why?~

Remy genuinely smiled. "Ask why 'til the end of time, cher, 'taint never gonna get an answer. Best to just ride wit' it, and have some fun."

Jonothon's eyes sparked, and Remy felt the spark inside of him tighten. There was no kissing, but they weren't really in it for the flowers and candy anyway.

Anything at all to keep the fires stoked.