title: Feel
fandom: Tales of Symphonia
characters/pairings: Zelos/Lloyd
rating: G/Teen
warnings: sneakyness
summary: Zelos and Lloyd, not at home.
notes: for my darling Bryan. who else?

The house was dead still. He had to creep along the walls to keep the floors from creaking. There was no way to keep the door from groaning as he slipped inside of Lloyd's room. Lloyd was in the window, looking up at the moon.

"I don't want company," Lloyd said, too quickly.

Zelos closed the door behind him. "Sure you do. You just don't want the company of anyone in this house."

Lloyd's brow furrowed cutely. "Zelos... I don't want to be rude..."

"Then don't be," Zelos grinned. "Be nice."

Lloyd sighed, and Zelos had to bit his lip to keep from laughing.

Zelos came to stand next to Lloyd, and he put his hands in Lloyd's hair. "He betrayed them, too."

Lloyd scowled.

"He was jealous of me, didn't you think? Do you think he wants to be the one who is here now, touching you? I want to touch you, Lloyd,"

Lloyd moaned softly, and leaned closer to Zelos. "Do you think he's on our side, Zelos? Do you think he's... is he... a good guy?"

I think he's competition, Zelos thought as he kissed Lloyd roughly, pulling him away from the window, away from the moon. They ended up on the floor, in a tangle. Zelos was laughing softly, but Lloyd was still distracted.


"You know what I think? I think..." Zelos kissed Lloyd again, kissed him hard, put his hands on Lloyd's body. He wanted more tonight. Wanted proof that the next time Kratos came calling, there would be a piece of Lloyd that would still be his. "I think you think too much. I think you need to feel."

Lloyd whimpered. He wriggled. He lifted his hips so Zelos could take off his pants.

"I think you need to let go for a minute. No one can be saving the world every second of every day. You need to remember why you want to save the world." He took Lloyd's cock into his hand, and he put his mouth over Lloyd's. "You need to remember, babe, what it feels like to feel good."

Lloyd groaned, and threw his head back. "Zelos!"

Zelos grinned. "I like it when you scream my name. But let's not wake up the whole damned house, ok?" He covered Lloyd's mouth again, slipping his tongue in, tasting Lloyd's sweetness, his purity, his... passion. Fuck, Lloyd was passionate. Those fingers digging into him, his legs rubbing against him... He pumped Lloyd, faster, harder, alternating speed, using his hand to make Lloyd feel good.

When he came, Zelos drank the come off of Lloyd's bare, smooth chest like a kitten, goaded on by Lloyd's soft whimpers.

He kissed Lloyd again, pretty sure that Lloyd had never tasted himself. "Tell me, Lloyd. Do you think I'm a good guy?"

Lloyd closed his eyes, and turned his face away. "Zelos..."

Zelos kissed Lloyd's eyes, and stood up. He needed some quality time to himself. "I do like the way you say my name, babe."

Liked it even better than the way he said Kratos....