title: Favorite Mistake
fandom: Cardcaptor Sakura/xxxHolic
characters/pairings: Clow, Yue, Yuuko
rating: G
warnings: none
summary: Yuuko has cocoa with Clow, then Yue.
notes: for the lovely, beautiful Anria, who gave me the chance to give this bunny legs with this request on fic on demand. squee!

His feet did not actually touch the ground when he walked, which was just as well, because there was no way one could imagine putting shoes on such lovely feet. Yuuko idly tapped her foot against the wrought iron table leg, purposefully annoying their waiter. His brow furrowed slightly as he cast an irritated glare at her foot, but he didn't miss a beat as he set the table carefully. On his silver tray, there were two china mugs of the finest hot chocolate magic could brew, a small plate of delicately designed cookies of various forms of chocolate, and a small Waterford decanter of chocolate liqueur, and two small Waterford after dinner glasses.

She smiled brightly at the overly distracted Clow. "You are trying to get into my good graces," she teased.

"Better in them than out of them," he replied mildly, smiling at Yue. Yuuko narrowed her eyes and watched them carefully, lifting the china cup to her lips so the thick chocolate treat could just touch the tip of her tongue. "Thank you, Yue."

"Is there anything else I can do for you, Master?" Yue asked, a small note of desperation coloring his words. He was searching his Master's expression and body language for the slightest hint of approval or benediction.

Clow waved his hand dismissively to where the other guardian beast was playing with the cards. "Oh, I wish you would do something about them."

Yue set his mouth to a firm line. "As you wish, Master."

Yuuko watched Yue set off, and she sipped her hot chocolate. "You made a mis~take," she sung softly, chuckling at her humor.

"Oh?" Clow raised his eyebrow in amused disbelief. It wasn't that he believed that he was incapable of being wrong, but he certainly believed that no one else was capable of ferreting out his errors.

This was a rare day for Yuuko. She lifted a cookie with a filigree of chocolate drizzled on top. "He was the last one, wasn't he?" Her eyes were on Yue, floating just above the ground, his voluminous cloaks artfully dragging just on the tips of the blades of grass. The cards were all too eager to please the tall Moon guardian, though the Sun guardian seemed much less inclined to be cooperative. "Tell me about him."

"He was the last," Clow agreed, a bit surprised that Yuuko could tell, but unwilling to show it. "What is there to tell? I became... aware that Keroberos wasn't up to the challenge of taming the cards himself. Balance was required. That is all."

"Mm," she purred, sipping the hot chocolate. It was positively divine. There were some things that were a blend of reality and magic that defied the capacity of either to delight, and no one could blend it like Clow could. "And how did you make him?"

"Are you asking for a recipe?" Clow asked, still amused, as was his wont. Sometimes, Yuuko wondered if Clow considered himself to be like a father to all lesser creatures - always wiser, always distant, always disciplining. "What are you getting at?"

"I'm just curious. And illustrating a point. I know I cannot reproduce him. So just tell me." She winked at Clow, and swallowed a piece of cookie. She wished she knew how to affect this man. She desired to see some human side to him that would make him less superior.

"Fine," he sighed, indulgent. "He was to be made from the Moon. So. I went out to the lake on the night of the full moon, and I gathered the moonlight off the surface of the lake, and formed him." He shrugged, as if he had just described the simplest thing in the universe to accomplish.

She grinned. "And. What were you thinking of as you formed him?"

The question so genuinely puzzled him, he didn't even mind showing her his confusion. "What do you mean? I was thinking of the perfect guardian for the cards, of course."

"Perfect." She tasted the word, letting it fill her mouth like the hot chocolate. She turned her gaze to Yue, his shimmering length of smooth, silky hair, never out of place, his pristine clothes, always exactly arranged, his long, delicate limbs that still were capable of great power... "He looks quite perfect to me. Were you surprised that he came out as a 'he,' rather than a she?"

"I don't know what you are implying, dear, but my cards and my guardians are my legacy; they are more closely related to me than a child would be," he reproached.

She felt victorious. "He is perfect, Clow. He is exactly what you wanted him to be. And he is closer to you than a child. You should have realized what your heart was seeking before you set out on that lake."

"No," he corrected, his brow furrowed. "No, that was part of my plan, too. It's just..." He smiled, in that oh so infuriating way he did that reminded her too much of her own smile. "My plans are bit more... complex than they may seem."

She shook her head, and opened the decanter.

He appeared in her house without warning, which technically should not have been possible, but it was the night of the full moon, so whatever he might be capable of, he was, tonight.

She was, however, prepared. She snapped her fingers, and had Watanuki prepare hot chocolate, even though she knew he would disdain her offering.

He still did not touch the floor as he walked, nor did he deign to sit at the table with her.

"You have questions," she stated, getting to the point.

"Question," he corrected, though he did manage to refrain from rolling his eyes.

She smiled warmly, pushing a cup of hot chocolate toward Yue that he would not drink. Watanuki was no Clow, but he could make you forget you had ever tasted something like Clow made for a while. "Ah, but you already accepted your new master, did you not?"

Yue raised an eyebrow at her, and looked at the cup of hot chocolate as if he was sure it was about to attack. "You know?"

"The legacy of Clow cannot be passed down without ripples being formed," she shrugged. "The little mistress is going to be something else again. She won you over, after all."

"Did he make a mistake?" Yue asked, but he did not look at her.

She sighed. She had hoped that he would ask the right question. "Are you familiar with the legend of Pygmalion? Shaw did a very good play about it. They made a musical out of it, but they missed the point."

"I'm aware of the logical constraints," Yue sighed. "But I was made for him."

"You were made for his successor," she amended, sighing. "Though I agree, he was short-sighted. He failed to understand the... unpredictable nature of the heart."

"He left me alone," Yue stated. His voice was level and calm, no sadness implied, which only spoke for the sorrow he habitually carried.

She reached out and touched his hand, something she had wanted to do since she had first met him. "That's not entirely true, is it?"

He looked at her hand, an invader into his space. "It is."

"What about the boy? His magic flows through you," she chuckled, pulling away. He was startled, and it was a beautiful thing to see. She'd like to meet this successor of Clow, the boy. He must be something special indeed, to ruffle Yue's perfect feathers.

"He is for the false me," Yue replied, blandly.

"False? Is it really false? Is he not a part of you?" she asked, innocently, as if she did not know.

"He is... my suit of armor. I am inside of him, but he does not conform to me." Yue was quite certain of himself, accepting no room for error.

Yuuko sipped the hot chocolate slowly. "That might be your problem. Conforming. Perhaps you spend so much time conforming to what Clow wanted you to be, you need a 'false' form just so that you can be who you want to be. Regardless, it doesn't matter. Clow is no longer your master. That cute little girl is your mistress now. You will have to conform to what she wants. Can you do that?" She watched him closely. He looked troubled. "And are you going to ask me what you really wanted to know?"

"No," he sighs. "Because I already know why he did not wish to see me. Having it confirmed will provide neither comfort nor assurance." He drifted away from her, the long trail of his hair just barely above the floorboards.

She savored her hot chocolate. "Come back any time, Moon guardian. I'll entertain you whenever you like." She smiled into her cup. She could imagine his expression. "And bring your cute little mistress sometime. I'd like to meet her."

"I'm sure you would," Yue replied coldly. He put his hand on the glass, and pushed it open, even though it should not be able to move.

He disappeared into the moonlight, leaving Yuuko to smile after him.

Clow made such interesting things. She missed him.

She would have to look up that brat in England, perhaps, after all.