title: fanboy
fandom: Prince of Tennis
characters/pairings: Fuji/Jirou
rating: Teen
warnings: sexual situations
summary: Jirou makes a habit of Fuji
notes: or animethief92, for this request on fic on demand.

Jirou liked everything about the way Fuji played tennis. He liked the way Fuji carried his tennis bag. He wanted one just like Fuji's, but Atobe pointed out that Fuji had a Seigaku tennis bag, and it would probably be bad for a Hyotei player to carry a Seigaku bag.

Atobe was a spoilsport.

Jirou was so nervous on their first "date" and he kept repetitively and unnecessarily referring to it as a date, that Fuji took pity on him, and asked him out again. That night, when Jirou got home, he realized that Fuji had not said a single word about himself, his home life, his family, school, or what he liked.

Jirou didn't even know if Fuji liked the movie they saw.

Fuji never minded when Jirou fell asleep on his bed. He liked to go over, and lie on top of him, and play with Jirou's curls. From both parts of his body. He liked that he could be affectionate with Jirou. He liked that Jirou never knew when he was being affectionate.

Jirou liked that Fuji never taunted him about his sleeping habits.

Jirou developed a rabid fascination with photography at the same time that Fuji declared that he was going to major in it. However, Jirou had no luck with taking pictures. He liked having his picture taken, though.

Fuji liked that.

Fuji cheated on Jirou twice. Actually, seven times. But he only had sex with someone who wasn't Jirou twice. He took it very seriously, in deciding to do it, and in deciding not to tell Jirou. Somehow, he felt like Jirou knew, but it was something they didn't talk about.

Fuji got good at using sex to deflect conversation.

Fuji went to Europe for ten months. He had a chance to see Tezuka while there, and Atobe, and a lot of other people.

He missed Jirou more than he expected. Enough to pay for Jirou to come to Paris.

Fuji liked Sunday mornings. Since neither of them had work, they could sleep in all day. He'd only wake up after Jirou had pulled down the sheets, and started to kiss just over his ass. Just where his tattoo was.

Fuji liked being lazy. But most of all, he liked how, still, Jirou could get excited about a day together, even if they weren't going to do anything.

That was the best thing to wake up to.