title: family christmas
fandom: Gundam Wing
characters/pairings: Dorothy, Treize
rating: G
warnings: Dorothy
summary: Dorothy and Treize have a heart to heart.
notes: for woodlandelf, for this request on fic on demand.

She stepped back, and admired how it all looked. This was probably the most meager tree in the Khushrenada house, but it was still more resplendent than the one in the downtown of the capitol. The presents scattered around this tree were mainly for her family, and a few other 'cousin' branches that were considered a bit less 'royal' than the main branch.

Still. This was a far better place to be than any other.

She sat down primly on the original Chippendale chair. The lights on the tree twinkled peacefully, a gentle reminder of a gentler time.

The gentler times in her life, however, seemed to be all in books. Rather than longing, like a good girl, to be saved by some prince, she wished instead that she could be the prince, and save someone else.

Someone... like the noble man who just snuck into the room, thinking she hadn't heard him.

"It's late," he said softly.

She turned gracefully, and smiled at her cousin. He was so beautiful, aristocratic... vicious. Everything a nobleman should be. "That's a relative term. On L3, children are already making their way to stockings, or to trees, to open presents."

"We are not on L3," he reminded her with a twinkle in his eye.

"World leaders need more sleep than princesses," she archly informed him.

He just chuckled.

"What is it that you want for Christmas, Treize-sama? It's too late for me to get it for you, and it's probably not something I can get, but..." He walked around, sitting himself down artfully on the couch.

He was perfectly lovely.

"What do I want? I want what every little boy wants, of course. I want world peace." He smiled benignly at her, even though she knew he was being perfectly serious.

She snorted in a ladylike manner. "Well, that's something you can get for yourself, in theory. I'll tell you what I want. You still have a little bit of time to get it." She smiled at him mischievously. "I want that sexy Lightning Count that works under you. Do you think you can get him gift wrapped in time?" She batted her eyelashes playfully.

He grinned. "Sorry. He's busy. You know, working under me and all. You'll have to make do with something else."

"So selfish!" she sighed heavily, standing up. "Well, I suppose I will have to make do with dreams of my handsome prince charms-my-skirt-off." She winked at him as he shook his head at her.

But he was amused.

"Goodnight, Treize-sama. Sweet dreams," she saucily wished, leaning down to kiss his cheek.

"Goodnight, Doro-chan. I hope you like coal," he teased.

"Anything to keep me warm at night," she breezily replied, skipping off to bed.