title: falling/all your fault
fandom: Loveless
characters/pairings: Kio/Soubi
rating: Teen
warnings: implied violence, some suggestiveness
summary: Kio and Soubi, over time...
notes: for tsunade, for her request on fic on demand.

"You're going to have to share studio space," she smiled, slightly apologetic. Kio just shrugged. Not like he expected to get his own space so soon. And he was friendly.

"Ah, it looks like your partner is already here," she stood aside, so Kio could step inside the tiny closet that was to pass as a studio. Already, another young man, all long, lean legs and arms, neck, and beautiful hair was smoking and staring out the window. Their entrance didn't stir him in the least. His face was formed by porcelain, it seemed, etched and glazed in an expression of defeated longing.

Kio's heart thudded.

"This is... ah, Agatsuma Soubi? Is that right? You two will be sharing this space. Good luck!" She left.

"Ah, hello... Agatsuma-san. Do you mind if I call you Soubi? I'm not very formal..." Kio laughed, and scratched the back of his head to hide his nervousness.

Soubi slowly turned, but even when he was facing Kio, it didn't seem like he was looking at him. He smiled, but Kio had no idea at what. "Call me what you like."

"Oh..." Kio's heart fluttered.

He was in love, from the sound of Soubi's voice.


"Soubi? What's wrong?" Kio sat up immediately, grabbing his glasses off the nightstand.

"Kio... come help me?" Soubi was gasping.

"Soubi? Soubi, where are you?" Kio jumped out of bed, and scrambled to get dressed.

"Kio... at home... but... I need help..."

"I'm on my way!"

He ran all the way to Soubi's, and dashed up the stairs. Soubi's door was left open, and Soubi was on the ground, bloodied, bruised, nearly dead...

"Soubi!" Kio fell to his knees, and turned Soubi over. He was still breathing, and he was... smiling...

"Kio. Help me to bed?" he rasped.

"Sou~chan!" Kio bit his lip. He picked Soubi up as best he could, but Soubi was too heavy. He half dragged Soubi over until he could heft Soubi onto his back. He carried him back to the bed, and took off his shoes, and his jacket. "So~o~ou~ch~an! What happened to you?!"

"I'll be fine, Kio," Soubi sighed, but his breathing was labored. "Just need to rest."

"Sou-chan, you need a hospital!"

"No," Soubi insisted, and closed his eyes.

"Sou~chan, why do you keep smiling like that!?" Kio bit his hand. He didn't know what to do. He couldn't really do nothing, could he?

"Seimei... was pleased... he kissed me, Kio." Soubi smiled, and turned over to sleep.


Kio took a deep breath, and put his key into the door. "Sou-chan! Guess what! I've brought loads of sake and we're going to ring in the New Year!"

Soubi was sitting on the balcony, the door wide open, just staring up at the sky, shirtless.

"So-Sou-chan!" Kio cried, and sighed. It felt colder in Soubi's apartment than it was outside, and Soubi was ignoring him. Sighing, he grabbed Soubi under his arms and pulled him inside, and closed the door to the balcony. "Sou-chan, you idiot, you want to kill yourself?"

"I'm not allowed to die yet," Soubi replied mechanically, but he wasn't looking at Kio, or replying to him at all.

Kio sighed. "Sou-chan, you are too much work."

Soubi curled up into a ball, and hid his face from Kio.

Shaking his head, Kio grabbed a blanket and threw it over Soubi, and then put on a kettle.

He couldn't believe he was actually mourning Seimei's death.

Those kids were already sound asleep, thank god. And Soubi was still happy, thanks to Ritsuka. Kio couldn't even be jealous. Well, there was no point, since he had his hand up Soubi's shirt. And Soubi wasn't complaining, either.

It had been a good day.



Kio reached out, and took off Soubi's glasses. "Are you really in love with that boy?"

"Kio," Soubi warned. "What do you think?"

Kio kissed Soubi's smooth, perfect belly. He pushed Soubi's shirt up farther. "I think he's awfully young, you pervert."

"Kio, I'm not a pervert."

Kio laughed. "Maybe, maybe not. I don't mind if you are." Kio wiggled his eyebrow at Soubi, and pulled his shirt up more, urging Soubi to help him get it off.

Soubi leaned up to help Kio. "Kio. I think you're the pervert."

Kio took a kiss from Soubi. "But, Sou-chan, that's your fault. You're the one who makes me a pervert."

Soubi chuckled, and Kio could feel it right in his groin.

Definitely Soubi's fault.