title: Fair Exchange
fandom: Gakuen Heaven
characters/pairings: Niwa/Nakajima
rating: Mature
warnings: sex, light BDSM, Hide
summary: Niwa has a plan, and manages to turn the tables on Nakajima in the process.
notes: for devikun, for this request on fic on demand.

There was a reason that Nakajima Hideaki served as the vice president of the student council, and it had precious little to do with the betterment of the school, or service to the student body. There was a reason, too, that he admired the president, Niwa Tetsuya, and it had precious little to do with his charisma, academic accomplishments, or athletic ability.

Granted, Nakajima knew that Niwa was smart; if he weren't, Nakajima wouldn't waste his time with the slacker. Still, sometimes the student council president could take him by surprise.

It wasn't that Niwa's plan was elaborate; as a matter of fact, it was the sheer simplicity of it that was beautiful. In Niwa's never ending quest to seduce Saionji, or at least get him naked, he'd come up with a good one this time.

The student council was using excess budget (excess was a small exaggeration, but Niwa agreed that embezzling money from clubs that failed to meet expectations was a good way to encourage students) to sponsor a trip for the top four students in every grade to go to a fancy onsen in the mountains. It was announced just at finals time, and it was proving to be a great way to get the student body, used to setting their own pace, to buckle down and study.

However, there was little doubt that Niwa and Nakajima, as well as Saionji, would be going. There was just too large a gap.

The problem, of course, was Saionji's lap dog, and that's where the simplicity of the plan worked out the best for Nakajima.

He continued to work away at his computer, pretending to be diffident to what Niwa was saying. He'd made arrangements with the onsen manager. He could easily work it out so that he could share a bath with Saionji. After that, he would let his natural charisma (which was only effective on Saionji about a third of the time, at best, but Nakajima didn't need to point that out to Niwa, who was well aware) take control, but he needed a little bit of help.

Niwa needing a little bit of help worked out just fine for Nakajima.

"So, you see, it's perfectly simple... naturally, you're a pro at pool, and they'll have a table put in their game room. Saionji will quickly get bored watching you two play, and that will be when I can get him alone in the bath. You get to humiliate that Omi, and I get Kaoru-chan naked. It's perfect, right?" Niwa asked eagerly, leaning forward.

"Don't forget how much he hates to be called that, or your plan will be in vain," Nakajima warned him.

"So you're on board with the plan?" Niwa clasped his hands together in joy.

"With one small addition," Nakajima hedged.

"Eh?" Niwa leaned forward. "What is it?"

Nakajima smiled to himself. Niwa was so receptive. Perfect. "While humiliating that lapdog is always a pleasure, it's not really adequate payment for my services, is it? I mean, he's likely to be more annoying than anything, and the longer I keep him occupied, the better for you, right? So I'll have to spend a great deal of time with someone I despise so you can get rejected by Saionji-kun again."

"Hey, don't count me out so soon. Sometimes, he lets me..." Niwa started, though his shoulders slumped.

"I don't need to hear the details," Nakajima cut him off. He had it recorded on his personal laptop, anyway. Putting those cameras in the areas Niwa spent the most time was a good idea. "However. I do require... a fair exchange, one might say."

"Fair? What's fair?" Niwa asked innocently.

Perfect. "You're getting the use of Saionji's body, in theory. I should get the use of your body, right?" Nakajima looked up at Niwa and smirked.

Niwa narrowed his eyes. "Rock paper scissors. If I win, I'm on top. If you win, you're on top."

So, Niwa had planned for this, too. That was fine. They spent as much time in each other's rooms as their own. Even if Niwa had this silly obsession with Saionji, he was as close to being Nakajima's boyfriend as Nakajima could stand. Though Nakajima vastly preferred to be in control. Rock paper scissors for top, though. That was interesting.

It was Niwa's best trait, really. He was never boring.

"Fine," Nakajima agreed, turning away from the computer to face Niwa. "Let's go."

One, two, three... Nakajima went with paper, because Niwa was the straightforward type to rely on the strength of rock.

Niwa went with scissors.

Nakajima narrowed his eyes. "Best two out of three."

"Nope," Niwa declared gleefully. "That wasn't the deal."

"How did you win?" Nakajima asked, suspicious. Niwa was talented, but he wasn't really that lucky. And Nakajima had seen Niwa playing rock paper scissors before, and he always went for rock. Damn him.

Niwa boomed out laughing. "Well... I may have asked that Omi if he knew anything about your rock paper scissors habits. Turns out, he has something of a database. He said that scissors would have a 70% chance of being effective against you, especially if I used it. He's a funny guy, isn't he?"

"You used that person's data to best me?" Nakajima asked in a low voice. His lips were pressed into a thin line. This was unacceptable. "I'm going to have to punish you..."

"Oh, no, Hide," Niwa purred, leaning down, and pressing his thumb to Nakajima's lips. "No, you made the bargain. You'll live up to it. This time, I get to mete out the punishment. You're so good with handcuffs and paddles and whips. Aren't you ever curious how they would feel against your own skin?"

"You wouldn't," Nakajima countered, but he wasn't at all sure. Niwa was the type who could do anything at any time. And if he had a taste for that sort of thing... it wasn't like Saionji would ever indulge him.

"Are you sure?" Niwa chuckled. He leaned over Nakajima, and opened his drawer. His special drawer. "You're always going on about how beautiful I look bent over a desk, tied up, unable to cry out... When I'm like that, Hide, you know what I'm thinking? I'm thinking..." He leaned forward, forcing Nakajima back, the edge of the desk biting into his spine. "I'm thinking, if I look good, you must look a thousand times better."

Nakajima had to admit... Niwa's voice was damned sexy just there. Fuck him. So, this was the game he wanted to play. All right. "Well. Let's see what you're capable of, then?"

Niwa's answer to that was to cover his mouth with a brutal kiss, pressing him back painfully. He took Nakajima's hands and pinned them down to the desk. It was brutal and passionate, and painful enough to be interesting.

Never a dull moment, right...

Niwa turned him over quickly, using his strength, and before he knew it, he was handcuffed. Damn it. "You forgot to take off my jacket, shirt, and tie," he sighed, as if directing a child.

Niwa just laughed, though. "No. I'm in charge. Now, watch your tongue or I'll gag you." Niwa's voice was low and dangerous, and Nakajima would die before he admitted that it was arousing. Niwa fumbled with his belt while biting at Nakajima's earlobe. Nakajima bit his lip to keep from crying out. He wouldn't give Niwa the pleasure, the bastard. His pants fell to his ankles, and Niwa was caressing his cock and balls. "Oh, come on. Not even a little whimper to let me know how good it is?"

"Maybe... when it's good..." Nakajima gasped out.

Niwa's booming laughter was irritating. "You're not very good at being submissive. I don't mind that about you, of course. I like the way you are. But for now..." He reached down into the drawer, and pulled out the gag. Nakajima parted his lips for the device, clamping his jaw down on the bit. He was grateful for it, actually. It meant that he couldn't do something embarrassing like call out for Niwa or make noises like a whore for him. "That's good," Niwa purred, stroking Nakajima's flank. "Very good."

Something ice cold touched his anus, and Nakajima bit down hard. Of course the bastard would use the ice gel. Nakajima narrowed his eyes, and worked on relaxing his body. Niwa's big hand came around his cock, stroking hard, and Nakajima pushed back with his hips.

He'd make sure he remembered everything that Niwa did, and return it all to him, ten times over.

Niwa pushed his face down into the desk, and shoved something cold, hard, and long into Nakajima's ass. He chuckled deeply. "I remember the time you used this on me. I remember that well. You said it was good, it was beautiful, sticking out of me. And then... you... do you remember, Hide? I learned from you, babe. So I hope you remember."

Nakajima remembered, and damn it, he hope that Niwa didn't really remember... but he went back to the drawer, and pulled out the paddle. He slapped it in his palm, stepping back to look at Nakajima. Nakajima glared at Niwa over his shoulder.

Smug bastard, he'd learn never to try this again...

Niwa was surprisingly good with the paddle, hitting precisely and fast, leaving a bright, burning, searing pain in his wake. The strike created pressure around the buttplug, and despite his composure, Nakajima couldn't help groaning hard, drooling on his gag.

Fucking Niwa...

"My god, it is beautiful. All pink like that. It looks rounder, too. Here, let's try..." He struck the other cheek, just as he had the first. "A man could get addicted to this. I can see why you have such hobbies." The strikes came fast and unpredictably, without rhythm. Niwa was doing it on purpose, but it was more skillful than Nakajima would have given him credit for. Bastard was a fast learner. Just when Nakajima felt breathless, like he might drown in the sensation, Niwa's hand came to stroke his bottom.

The heat of the hand on his damaged bottom, everything about it, it was all so sensitive...

"I can't hold back, Hide. I've never wanted anyone or anything like this before. Feel." He pushed his hips forward, and his cock, hard as a steel rod, pushed between his legs, bumping into his balls. He moaned so loud even the gag couldn't choke it off. Fuck. His body was shaking, needy, desperate for that cock. For Niwa.

Fucking asshole that he was.

Niwa pulled out the plug fast, and his fingers, slick and hot, pushed in instead. After the searing pain, this massaging, probing pleasure was like a shock. He wasn't wasting time, either. Niwa pushed into Nakajima fast and hard, shoving his waist into the table, and he was almost grateful for that pain, as it allowed him to keep from begging, keep from crying out for more.

It was fast and hard and sloppy, and Niwa's hand came around Nakajima's throat, for purchase or for a weak threat, it didn't matter. It was just another pain. Another sensation. It was just.

A little too much.

Nakajima came all over his keyboard, squeezing down hard. Niwa only was able to thrust in a few more times before he, too, came hard, wrapping his arms around Nakajima's chest.

For a few moments, he just held on, rocking weakly against Nakajima, until, finally, he kissed Nakajima's neck.

Fucking bastard had to be so good at everything he did...

He pulled out, and undid Nakajima's gag. He leaned back, and groaned loudly. Nakajima just glared at him, until the brute laughed, and said, "All right, all right," and he undid the handcuffs. Nakajima turned around, unconcerned with his partially nudity, or the fluid spilling down his legs, or anything but the lingering kiss of discomfort on his wrists.

"Hide. Do you have any idea how sexy you are?" Niwa asked, purring.

Nakajima gave Niwa a withering look. "Of course I do."

"Right now, you're sexier than Kaoru-chan could ever hope to be." Suddenly, Niwa swept him up in his arms and kissed him, deep and hard, pushing his tongue in to dance with Nakajima's.

Nakajima pushed him off, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. "Smug bastard. Like I didn't know that. Stop trying to romance me; you know it won't work."

Laughing, Niwa rubbed the back of his neck. "I know, I know. You have to make it so hard, don't you?"

Nakajima turned, and made a face at his now useless keyboard. Maybe he'd switch it with that dog's in the Treasury office.

"Be anything but dull, right?"