title: expecting
fandom: Hunter x Hunter
characters/pairings: Leorio/Kurapika, Senritsu
rating: G/Teen
warnings: slutty nurse outfit, kissing
summary: Kurapika experiences a few firsts...
notes: for trail hunter

He hadn't thought it would go the way it did. At all. For one thing, he thought he'd be the one to initiate it. And... he thought it would be with, well, a girl. He hadn't ever given any thought to when it should happen. He supposed he was a bit old to have a first kiss. So maybe none of it was too surprising.

Maybe he should have seen it coming.

Senritsu had, damn her.

She had been the one to bring the whole situation to his attention, too. Not the kissing situation. The Leorio situation. Specifically, the situation where Leorio's hospital was under siege by a terror group. It coincided with a bit of downtime that Kurapika had intended to use to check out some more leads on trafficking of body parts. He'd nearly been out the door to catch a quick flight when Senritsu stopped him to make him watch the news. He didn't even register it as important, either, until she pointed it out to him. That hospital. That was Leorio's.

They went online. He got on the Hunter's net. Most of the patients and doctors got out, but one doctor stayed behind to protect the patients who couldn't leave. The terrorists were interested in holding the hospital administrator hostage, and taking some experimental drugs that were being tested there. One doctor stayed behind.

Leorio hadn't answered his phone.

Kurapika had sworn and and kicked the table and tossed his phone around some, but in the end, he had his flight changed. And he slipped past the military's defense line. And he infiltrated the hospital. Of course, that just lead to another problem with the whole first time deal. Because he definitely had never considered his first time being in a hospital that smelled of gunpowder and smoke, dressed as a nurse.

Nothing ever went as planned!

He was able to disarm two unfriendlies and secure them without drawing attention, and he found the room where Leorio was protecting the hostages. Unforunately, Leorio had already taken a hit, and was unconscious. The patients were terrified, and everything was out of control. He had no choice but to secure Leorio, do some quick first aid, and then take down the terrorists. In a nurse's uniform. That he rented from a costume shop, so it had a really short skirt.

Nothing ever went as planned, but he could handle it. The only thing was, he let the military in to take care of the hostages, the patients, and the terrorists, and he got back to Leorio. They were... friends, damn it, and friends had each other's backs. He also knew Leorio, and he would insist that the patients get priority from the doctors. He had Leorio secured in an operating room with only emergency power. The entire section of the hospital had been cleared, so they were nearly guaranteed privacy. Not that he was thinking of privacy. Because he wasn't thinking about kissing. Or anything else. Certainly not! He just wanted to tend to his friend's wound. Just a friend!

Leorio's vitals were good, though, and he used his Holy Chain to make sure he was healing. And he was! That was going according to plan. He was working on finding a way to move Leorio so he could get him home, when Leorio came to, which was a good thing.

Leorio woke up groggy and grabbed Kurapika by the waist, turning him over onto the gurney Kurapika had laid Leorio out onto, pinning him down. That was less of a good thing. Kurapika was still very much strong enough to throw him off, so that wasn't a concern at all, but he didn't want to hurt his already injured friend. Friend! Leorio was disoriented, but Kurapika took some immediate comfort in the fact that Leorio clearly recognized him right away. But then.

Renting a nurse's costume from a costume shop... Kurapika should have considered it, especially since he knew how it closed up, but he hadn't really considered it ever being, well, significant. It wasn't like he was planning on this sort of thing coming up! But Leorio was able to just rip the dress open in one fell swoop. He'd apparently dreamed about this type of thing. He apparently dreamed about this type of thing a lot, enough to have all sorts of inane comments at the ready. However, the one thing that neither he nor Leorio expected was... well.

If he'd know someone was going to rip open his cheap-ass hooker costume, he wouldn't have worn the black lacy panties! They were just so comfortable for siege-type situations!

Leorio had apparently not dreamed about black lacy panties. Leorio apparently really liked the idea of black lacy panties; or, given his zeal, perhaps it was the removing of black lacy panties that Leorio really enjoyed.

And so, Kurapika, aged eighteen years, wearing nothing but a cheap slutty nurse costume hanging open, his underwear hanging off his best friend's arm, was kissed for the first time, by said male best friend. And then after that...

Well, Leorio didn't get far before being knocked unconscious. Kurapika put his slutty nurse's costume back together, got his underwear back, and got Leorio delivered to a doctor who was working to get the hospital's patients back in order and safety. Kurapika would have been able, perhaps, to wipe the entire experience from his mind, too.

Except for Senritsu.

He expected her to ask too many questions when he got back. He even expected her to tease him about running off to save Leorio, and he expected her to be all know-it-allish about it. But.

She cocked her head to the side, listening to him.

Sick of everything hospital and Leorio and slutty nurse costume and kiss related, he gruffly asked her, What? What is it?

Oh, she started. It's nothing. He knew that meant it was something, and she was going to be pestering him again. I've noticed it before, but never so strongly... It's just. When you're thinking about Leorio...

Yes, yes, he replied testily, hoping to cut off her teasing. My heart pounds and my respiration increases and I'm clearly a smitten schoolgirl, he mocked.

No, she continued calmly, ignoring him, as she always did when she was being her most annoying. Your heartbeat calms down. Like... it finds its proper rhythm. Like... you might actually be able to be happy at some point in your cursed existence.

He just stared at her, dumbfounded.

She smirked. Of course, we both know you're far too miserable to ever really be happy... she teased. And so he was able to brush her off. But.

He sure as hell wasn't expecting to hear that! Now he had to think about his feelings for Leorio!

He was never watching television again.