title: Expectations
fandom: Kenshin
characters/pairings: Kenshin/Sano
rating: G/Teen
warnings: sex
summary: Sanosuke gets past Kenshin's defenses.
notes: for twilightsrain, for her request on fic on demand. this is not a pairing i'm really... into, but i figured i could take a whack at it anyway. ^_~

Long, coarse strands of hair like straw at sunset slipped through his fingers. There was a lot he hadn't considered. He never minded diving head on into battle, but he hadn't considered all the differences. There was more at stake, and less. It was confusing, but he didn't have time to think.

Kenshin's body was small, compact. He hadn't expected Kenshin's skin to feel so smooth, so soft. His skin had a glow, really. Sanosuke didn't waste time being tender. This moment was grabbed with two hands, and it would slip through his fingers like sand if he didn't hurry. Kenshin didn't look at him, bit his lip as he pushed inside of Sanosuke. A submission, but he felt no loss. Kenshin was strong. He was like a whip.

Sanosuke grabbed onto Kenshin's hair, and held on for dear life. He hadn't expected Kenshin to be so experienced. He hadn't expected him to be so... easy. He hadn't expected him to be so loud. But then, what would he know?

He hadn't thought about Kenshin's hair, unbound, falling everywhere. He let Kenshin move inside of him, and he kept his fingers in Kenshin's hair.

Kenshin looked him in the eye as he pulled out, and he brushed his lips over Sanosuke's gasping mouth, a first kiss Sanosuke barely felt. He didn't speak as he dressed, but he put his hand on Sanosuke's chest, and let his fingers linger there.

Sanosuke watched Kenshin leave, and he curled up into a ball.

He would be more prepared, the next time.