title: Exchange
fandom: Gundam Wing
characters/pairings: Wu Fei/Duo
rating: G/Teen
warnings: mild bloodplay
summary: the Warrior keeps his promise to the Monster. sequel to Monster
notes: for the fantabulous miss k1ta's birthday, a follow up to Monster which was also for her.

For three weeks, the warrior Chang Wu Fei would meet the monster in the eucalypts every night. He would sleep through the daylight hours, the grateful villagers more than happy to give him all he required in thanks for his protection.

For three weeks, he dreamed fitfully of brown hair and gorgeous eyes, and that musical voice that set his soul on fire.

For three weeks, he made offerings at the village's shrine, and begged his ancestors to forgive him.

On the night of the new moon, the monster anticipated him.

He was kneeling before the shrine when he heard the voice behind him.

"What sins have you committed to make you bind your fate to these pathetic villagers?"

He did not lift his eyes or turn to face his monster. "Shall we start with the most recent?"

Laughter echoed inside his heart. He hated that the monster was so deep inside of him.

"You are a fool, warrior. Your honor will not be won on this field of battle."

"I will kill you," he vowed.

"Will you?" There was the flutter of fabric as it fell, followed by a swishing noise.

Wu Fei turned to see the monster, bare to his skin, which reflected the candlelight gloriously, his hair cascading around his shoulders.

He swallowed hard.

"Take off your armor, warrior." The voice was sibilant, and hard to deny. Wu Fei clung to his sword, and glared at the beauty before him.

The monster smiled, looking more an angel as he did.

"I will make you a deal, my warrior. You can save this rotten town, and recover your tattered honor, and still make your own peace." The monster grinned, and kneeled before the warrior, extending his arms to rest them on the warrior's shoulders. "I will take your life tonight, and in exchange, I promise to leave this village in peace."

The warrior blinked, and accepted.

The monster grinned, and slowly removed the warrior's armor. He set each piece aside, almost lovingly, making a circle of armor around them, until the warrior was bare. He undid the warrior's hair, and ran his hands through the warrior's silky black strands.

"Your life is mine, now," he reminded in hushed tones.

Wu Fei nodded, solemnly.

The monster grinned, and sank his teeth into Wu Fei's neck.

The blood flowed hot and fast, like his whole life was pouring into the other boy's heart. He could see all his sins, his failures, his weakness, as they slipped past him in a hot, thick stream. At the same time, he felt Duo's hunger, his anger, his hopelessness... and he felt the boy that Duo used to be, before he'd died, and how hard Duo had fought, never giving up, always smiling...

He was on his back, staring up at the ceiling. His fingers were tangled in his love's hair. Duo. The boy was named Duo. He hadn't known that before.

"Did I die?" His voice was strangely soft, like the wind through the willows at night. It never sounded like that before.

"You did, a little," Duo smiled. "You're mine now." He dragged his hand across Wu Fei's newly made skin.

Wu Fei grabbed the hand that was driving him crazy, and grinned up at Duo. "And when can I make you mine?"

Duo winked. "When you can catch me, of course." He ran off into the darkness of the night, and Wu Fei was right behind him.

In the morning, the villagers found the warrior's armor covered in blood, and they mourned for him, building him a shrine intended to ward off evil spirits.

The monster never bothered them again, and so they blessed the warrior's spirit, for containing the monster.